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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lucas Gets it Wrong!

Shawn basks in the heat of the summer to the soundtrack of Claire. Mimi says it seems that whenever the temperature is above 90 the air conditioner breaks. Shawn goes over to help and Mimi makes a call for help. Belle says the baby needs her father. Err... Shawn asks the baby if she needs her father. Oh if they only knew.... amazing how Shawn comforts Claire. Belle is upset that Philip wanted her to have an abortion because it is Shawn's baby. Patrick comes over and asks what is wrong - just the usual. Obviously Shawn is good at calming Claire down because he is her mother. She can't tell the truth but she isn't being totally honest. Patrick says this is their mother's logic - quickly dismissed. Belle tells Shawn there has to be some good reason he came over other than his comforting Claire.

She thinks she knows why he feels close to Claire - Belle and Patrick are outside listening. Oh, eavesdroppers! Why won't you learn to stop your nasty habits? Shawn and Belle go over their history. She says everything is going to change now. Yes and no - he is still married to Mimi. Mimi and Patrick come in to see what is taking him so long - he is setting up a fan, apparently. Patrick offers to help with this. Belle suddenly bends over in pain. She says she will be okay but then bends over once again. Hospital time! Belle is worried that they are losing the baby. Shawn must have learned how to get a nurse's attention from Lucas circa the Great Honeymoon Fire. Mimi tells Patrick, meanwhile, that she shouldn't have lied to Shawn but she doesn't know what to do.

In the hospital Lexie tends to Jack. He's not looking good. Jack decides to have an out of body experience like Annie does in Annie Hall. At least they got the diagnosis right, he says - and now it's time to check out the adventure on this time. Abby goes to tell Jack he can't die and out of body Jack looks on. Lexie tells Jennifer and Frankie it is really going to be over soon. Jennifer can't understand why G-d would bring him home only to take him away again. Jack is really dying, Jennifer tells Frankie. Frankie gives Jennifer a letter from Jack. Abby cries and tells Jack he can't leave her as she needs him so much, as does Jack Jr. - who else would teach him to make Devereaux burgers? He has fought so hard to come back and she knows he can win this too as he is strong and he loves them - and she loves him so much. Out of body Jack tells the bed that he does love her so much. Frankie says the letter was Jack's final request.

The letter is long and sentimental and yet makes Jennifer laugh. How he wanted to be a good journalist but made his peace with not becoming one. He is making a lasting impact through the family they have created. She has made him a better person and he will live on in her spirit forever until they reunite - or until the DOOL writers manage to write him back in. Out of body Jack remembers promising to dance at her wedding and imagining it and suddenly is filled with a desire to live no matter what. Further in the note, Jack wishes Frankie all the best with Jennifer. Abby meanwhile has a lovely conversation with G-d - He can surely save Jack. Memories of Jack coming back from the dead over and over again. Meanwhile the heart rate monitor indicates that Jack's clock is no longer ticking. The heart monitor makes a disco like sound as well. Out of body Jack gets back in body and squeezes Abby's hand which she takes as a sign. The heart monitor makes more annoying noises and indicates Jack is gone. A crash cart team comes in and asks Abby to leave. Outside, Abby is devastated and Jennifer reminds her they have to be strong. No need to be strong quite yet, team Devereaux! Lexie comes out to say the drug may be working because his fever has broken. Huge hug in the Jack room.

Lucas says they should open the envelope. Austin says he will open it but Sami won't let him - it is for her. She opens the envelope and reads the note and then tells them that she can't tell them what it says. They ask why she can't read it as it affects them all. She says she has been planning a surprise but Austin caught her off guard with the ring - and she would be happy to include Carrie and Lucas. She can't explain further or it wouldn't be a surprise - though EJ encourages to tell as well. He promised to keep a secret. Austin says he can't wait to find out what it is. Sami leaves to get wine and Lucas follows to say he has his eye on her - so why won't she tell him what is really going on? She asks why he is so suspicious. He apologizes - he cares about her. She says she already told him who wrote the note and he doesn't need to go and check again. EJ comes and tells her she is on borrowed time. She says the note was addressed to her and she handled it.

This time she handled it - next time, what? Meanwhile, Austin tells Carrie says they have to talk about the fact that she is not married. She says she can't go back regardless - though he reminds her that she brought it up. He says she never would have married Lucas if she knew she wasn't pregnant. Carrie says she is Mrs. Roberts though Austin says she could be Mrs. Reed. She says he is engaged - but engagements can be broken. Oh, but she doesn't want her sister's heart broken. Sami reads the note which is a reiteration of what she did in less than colorful language. Lucas meanwhile has seemingly figured things out. It must have been a burglar! Sami quickly agrees. Carrie meanwhile says she wants to call it a night and take a bath. Austin wants to clean up on the roof and Sami thanks him for being the best boyfriend ever. After heading for the roof EJ encourages her to tell them once and for all. He gives her an (austin) peck on the cheek and says she'll think about it. Meanwhile Carrie somehow sneaks up to the roof and greets Austin who is quite happy to see her. Passionate snogging ensues - freeze frame on aforementioned snogging

Posted by Gordon on August 2, 2006 2:02 PM
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