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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Look At That File!

EJ asks why Sami thinks he is sabotaging the wedding day. She mentions the kiss and what he said about Lucas. "After everything I've done these last few weeks to help" he says, surely she must realize he would not do such a thing. EJ gives over his license and registration and the officer turns out to be a huge fan so he waves the ticket in exchange for an autograph. More good news - after the officer leaves the car turns out to be dead. Surely he must be kidding, Sami says. The main problem is that he doesn't know much about engines - he just drives the cars. Just kidding. She tries to call people but reaches noone. A cab company tells her there is a forty-five minute wait. Oddly as she loses her temper the phone company hangs up on her and she throws the phone down - and EJ gets no service on his phone. This is a sign she is not to be married, she says. Perhaps this is the universe's way of keeping her from the altar, suggests EJ. Last night she was on top of the world, he points out. Moreover, he will be there and all she needs to focus on is marrying the man she loves. He asks for her help fixing the engine. While they are working on the engine Sami suggests they play 20 questions. She asks what EJ stands for - Edgar? Good guess. She decides she will call him Eddie. After warning her not to let her hands off the radiator cap she still manages to take her hands off and there is a bit of an explosion. Releasing the steam gave her a bit of a burn and Sami worries she won't be able to get married looking like this. Good thing he has aloe in the glove compartment (glove box? must be a demographic thing) and as they ask what else could go wrong a thunderstorm starts right up. Next time, don't ask!

Hope thanks Bo for his promise to always be there for him. He says he means to stand by it. Hope asks about the similar promise he made to Chelsea. He can't abide by this promise as she clearly doesn't respect him or anyone he loves - she will have to earn his trust. He doesn't even think this is possible.

Chelsea is on the phone with Abby and tells her that she left the file right where it would be found. Billie comes by to remind her about the wedding - she's not going, Chelsea says. It's probably going to get all sorts of messed up in any case. She doesn't want to go anywhere until she knows Shawn is okay.

Mimi blames herself for what happened. No, says Philip, this was surely his fault. They bicker a little and Mimi goes to pray that Shawn will be alright.

Shawn starts to get up a little and sees the file by his side. He grasps for it but has the aim of a blindfolded drunken gorilla. Doctor Berman comes in to ask if he can hear him. He asks what's going on and the Doctor grills him with some simple questions about his identity to see if he has any brain damage, presumably. He says he was born April 6 but doesn't mention the year (Who wants to admit to SORAS?) The doctor warns him that 5 drinks is considered binge drinking and what he drank was outrageous. He is lucky to be alive. Lexie lectures him as well on the dangers of alcoholism. Why does Lexie not notice the file? He's lucky there was no brain damage. Surely he should be able to go home later that day if all goes well. Lexie goes to the waiting area just as Shawn seems to finally notices the file. Lexie tells everyone there's no need for concern about brain damage.

Philip wants to go and tell Mimi the good news and she is still getting her prayer on. She promises that she will tell him the truth about Claire's paternity if he will only be okay. She says she should be punished for lying about Claire and Philip walks in - surely she can explain, she says. He doesn't know what she is talking about and says he just came to say that Shawn is okay - great relief on her part.

Chelsea tells Billie she just wants to see how Shawn is doing and doesn't want to upset him. Bo and Hope go to see Shawn and he wakes up to promise them he won't ever do anything like this again. Shawn asks why Bo let Chelsea in - and doesn't want to hear anything from him. If they lost him it wouldn't have been a big deal as he would have still had his daughter. Hope tells Shawn that Bo kicked her out. Bo explained the e-mail problem and how he told her she was out of his life until she could prove she was a decent person. Shawn asks if this means they are getting back together. Bo explains that he has to prove that he didn't steal the evidence and Hope says if he can they will talk. They should just be thankful their son is okay, she says. Bo admits that he has made mistakes as they all have and says he will spend the rest of his life making it up to them. They go and tell Belle she can go in. Hope thanks Bo for what he said. Bo says he is hoping for a second chance. Surely he has a wedding to go. Isn't she coming with him? After they go back and forth she agrees to go but only for his parents, not for him. She is glad Sami's wedding will be a happy day for the whole family. Back in the room, Shawn has the hangover of all hangovers. Belle pours Shawn some water and finally - finally the file is noticed. Shawn asks what it is. He couldn't have been bothered to look at it this whole time. She says it's a file with Claire's name written right on it. Perhaps it's an early draft of The Hobbit.

Posted by Gordon on August 23, 2006 6:47 PM
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