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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Let's Complain About How Guilty We Are!

Patch walks on by the evil policewoman to k-nock k-nock (his words) on Bo's door. Kayla pointed him this way. Bo explains what he is doing - proving his own innocence. Patch asks for Bo's help - he too is trying to save his marriage. Patch needs help, chiefly, in figuring out who erased his memory - Stefano? He will help Bo if Bo helps him somehow get his memory back. Bo is worried that if Patch gets his memory back, he wouldn't be so keen on working with Bo - and may want to kill him. Bo was the reason he has the patch to begin with. He reminds him about when they were in the merchant marine and they both fell in love with the same woman and got into a drunken fight. Flashback to the fight. Patch already knew the whole story thanks to Kayla and he has already forgiven him - they are brothers, to the point that they even do a secret handshake. Don't you want friends like this? Patch suggests Chelsea should be the prime suspect. No, says Bo, it must be someone with inside connections. The mother? No, says Bo, but he suddenly thinks of someone. He thanks Patch for this lead. Bo gets on the phone and asks to bring in Kate Roberts for questioning - he thanks Patch as he leaves.

Philip wants to know what's going on. They all mumble various things. Philip and Shawn both go for various... things and leaves Mimi to tell Belle that Bonnie read the journal too and though she may be out to steal her husband does not mean it would work. They bicker back and forth and Mimi says Belle is trying to break up two mariages. The bottom line, Mimi says, is that she is married to Shawn and Belle has lost. Yes, however, she is pregnant with his baby. They go on and on back and forth about Mimi not losing Shawn. I would write the same sentence two hundred times but you can just imagine the same thing being said in that many ways over and over again in your own mind.

Shawn offers Philip a ride and he blows him off saying he doesn't need to be friendly because his wife is pregnant with Shawn's child. Shawn insists he is just being there for him. Shawn says Philip has the right to be jealous and Philip asks how he will deal with his raising Shawn's child with Belle. Philip starts wondering if the egg switching could possibly not have been an accident. He thinks - gasp - someone did it on purpose. Philip may not know who did it but - uh oh - the Gloved Hand is there.

Lucas drove off to take the parental consent form to Will for football camp. So often he has talked about loving football. As they all head to bed Carrie tells Austin they made a mistake and what would happen if EJ tells Sami or Lucas? Austin assures Carrie that EJ won't talk. She doesn't want to end her marriage but they agree to meet on the roof. Carrie goes for her room and Austin says he has a phone call to make. EJ meanwhile tells Sami that she is in danger of losing Austin to Carrie. Surely the information will come out sooner or later about what she did. Yet Sami insists Austin is meant to be with her. Noone will take Austin from her. EJ says she is her own worst enemy. On the roof, Austin says they didn't make a mistake. They can't get away from the inevitable which is them together. Carrie points out that she cheated on him as well and now she has broken her marriage vows. Her relationship is a lie, he says. Regardless, he cannot go back on his proposal to Sami. Sami is getting more profound one-liners from EJ. "A tree that owns its own earth is the one that cannot be unearthed." He probably found that in a fortune cookie. Sami gets the letter out with gloves and says they should take it to the police, though EJ says it may be dangerous to track the note giver. Meanwhile, Carrie argues they clearly are not in a perfect world and therefore cannot be together - so Austin asks for something to remember her by, and they snog. Carrie whinges some more about how they shouldn't be doing this.

Sami and EJ go to Uncle Bo's office and ask for a DNA test - no crime, but can he just trust her? Bo is amused by this. He thinks perhaps she is hiding something - as though she committed some crime - and we freeze frame on Bo. It looks like the freeze framing this episode came courtesy of the Sci Fi channel via the 70s.

Posted by Gordon on August 8, 2006 2:09 PM
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