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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Let The Whining Begin

Chelsea whinges that she needs Billie's help. She has to be a file clerk, oh no! To think she might have had to be in prison for running over her brother! Now she has to do paperwork. Big frowny faces. Chelsea says she could not be paid enough to work in a hospital and she would rather be in prison. Billie says she will end up there if she doesn't go to the hospital - so naturally she wants to go and enjoy the rest of 'her freedom'.

Stephanie just happens to be 'in the neighborhood' of the garage and offers help. He says thanks but that's okay. She asks if he is worried about the competition helping. He says no, he has the turbocharger - yet it is not yet 'ready for prime time' - yet he won't show her. They have a little rough and tumble. She says that she has a way of getting what she wants. They have a near kiss moment and Max says he will not show her the plans so they wrestle again for the plans and end up face to face an inch away from each other. She suddenly says she was just joking about the plans and Chelsea strolls in to ask if she is interrupting anything. No, Stephanie was here to help with the car. Stephanies says he and Chelsea should go enjoy the day - she can't as she has community service. She wanted to walk dogs or be a big sister - but of course they give you the opposite of what you want to do. Max says she is lucky that she only has community service - doing filing at the hospital. Stephanie used to be a candy striper - oh of course, says Chelsea. Chelsea continues to whinge about the 200 hours and EJ comes in to say that Max is right. EJ in fact came to see Stephanie - with a proposal. He tells her about the new opportunity and wants to sponsor her - Chelsea is a little overhappy for her. Stephanie wants to think about it but EJ says he will take her to the training facilities - she agrees. She tells Max she will talk to him later and leaves. Chelsea is needless to say super happy.

Patrick comes to Hope's house where she histrionically thanks G-d that he is there. She comes in and apologizes for going over the top but she has been having a hard time with the divorce proceedings - she talked with Frankie and she doesn't need Bo's consent or cooperation to end the marriage. She says the marriage has been over for awhile - and she is sure of it. She can't forgive him for stealing the evidence and there is no point in dragging it on any longer - it is time to focus on taking care of herself and the baby. She thought she and Bo would be together forever but she is at peace with the thought that this is the only choice she can make - and she has to plan for the future. He hopes it will include him - of course it will. He wants to say something - he wants to be a part of her life not just as the baby's father but ultimately, together with her. Uhm, uhm, yeah, he just meant he wants to spend time together. She would like that too, apparently - really. Enough for a good snog, in fact. She is overwhelmed by it (and makes an "I just vomited in my mouth face) and he apologizes - he just wanted to run something by her - should he become a cop? She thinks he should do it it. (How much more like her husband does she want him to be?). They blather to one another about how happy they are that Patrick is to be in the baby's life and they embrace - just in time for Bo to just about break the door off its hinges.

Bo is in dire need of black liquid from the pub - coffee, you'd think it were. He has to crack the case somehow - but meanwhile he could sure use a bowl of chowder. Patch comes in to inquire to the investigation and he says not much is going on. Bo says that he will do everything he can to get his memory back and asks about Kayla - and look who's at the door! As it turns out everyone wants Chowder. Caroline says that Patch used to love the chowder. A dart game is suggested and Caroline tells them about how they used to play darts. Kayla says their games were highly heated and curiously both lay claim to beating the other. (Memory is still not back for Patch yet.) Bo insinuates Patch cheated once and fake-sneezes 'cheater' and they agree to a match - Patch says he will keep his eye on the board. Patch manages a bulls-eye - with no depth perception, no less. Billie comes in and (re?)-introduces herself to Patch. She has heard so much about Patch that she practically. knows him. They suggest teaming up - girls versus boys? Couples? Patch says he can trace a body with darts and puts Kayla against the wall to prove it. She trusts him with her life but perhaps this is too far. He says, "Don't worry, Sweetness - I never miss." Everyone has the same thought except for Patch who suddenly wonders what he did to cause this silence. Ding dong - you called her something that you used to call her back in 'the day'. A strange man comes in and asks for Bo - and he serves him with divorce papers. Bo grits his teeth and tears the papers into two point five quadrillion pieces - plus or minus a few. Billie is shocked that Hope is still going through with the divorce. She is so shocked that she takes her chowder and leaves - "I'll be around," says Patch. Patch says he wants to get his life back and Kayla says she knows it will happen because he called her 'Sweetness.'

Austin and Sami are on the phone with people planning their wedding. Both EJ and Kate come in to have their own reactions to the news ranging from the happy to the shocked disbelief. You can guess who had which reaction. Austin says he doesn't expect Kate's blessing and if she can't manage to get herself together she need not come. Kate ultimately says she will be there - but why are they moving the wedding up - is there an 'emergency'? Why wait, says Austin. Kate says it takes so long to plan a wedding. Clearly not they say as they have practically done it all. EJ is invited and he offers to help - asks if they have music for the reception. He knows the lead singer of Blue October - that will be his present to them. "No real present?" Sami jokes. Which brings up what he really wanted to talk to them about. He was thinking they should go bigger with the business and the three of them should go into business as equal partners. What they should do is build a racecar and sponsor a driver on national tour. Who will be the driver, EJ? He says he would rather work behind the scenes but he has someone in mind - someone Kate already knows, he tells her. Sami is excited about getting rich and Austin says much hard work is to be done. Everything is set for the wedding and Austin says in 24 hours they will be married. Sami is so happy that it is happening, and the Gloved Hand makes a creepy appearance - and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 14, 2006 2:17 PM
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"He knows the lead singer of Blue October - that will be his present to them."
They should get Blue October, the greatest band in the world!

-- Posted by: Sean G at August 19, 2006 6:53 AM

That would kick ass if they got them on there! I dont watch that show but i sure would if I knew Blue October was makin an appearance!!!!!! ;)

-- Posted by: Mandi at August 19, 2006 10:42 PM

I'm a huge Blue October fan and had I known that they were going to be mentioned on the show, I would have watched. If you actually got the band on the show then HELL YES i would watch. I'd even skip work. Normally, I dont watch soaps though.

-- Posted by: Ginger at August 20, 2006 12:13 PM


-- Posted by: MISTY at August 24, 2006 2:45 PM

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