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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: It's Time to Move On

Back in Cincinatti Patch does what any good man would do after slow motion running - he goes back to the bar to have another beer and argument with Della. Della tells him that he and Kayla are so different and she would make him drink fruity drinks, not beer - and would never clean his dirty clothes like she would - he should forget about her. Now he is back where he belongs, playing billiards. He's not so sure. What more could he possibly want than friends and his girl Della? He should forget about the past, particularly his alleged wife. Patch yells at her not to broach this subject but Della continues - he probably left because he was afraid of rejection - so he rejected her instead. He says that he just wanted to make sure she was okay. He then tells her all about how he thinks someone staged his death, as he was once an undercover government agent. Perhaps the government erased his memory, Stella suggests. All he is worried about is what happens when 'they' find out who he is. He needs to find out what happened to him. Why drag up his old life, she asks. He is concerned that whoever erased his memory has a lot of power and may be after him again. The Gloved Hand makes another appearance. Cincinatti must be pretty close to Salem.

Kayla is back in Salem with Stephanie at the pub. She tells Stephanie all about her exciting adventures but Stephanie is clearly still thinking about Max. Stephanie says she realized they can never be together. Never has such a different meaning in DOOL. Kayla offers to help but Stephanie suddenly gets harsh - why the sudden want to help? She says Kayla hasn't even noticed she has grown up, and wonders why they never visited Salem so she could learn more about her. Kayla tells her she was so upset when Patch died, and she was trying to protect her from big, scary Salem. Moreover, in the present, her father doesn't even want to remember who he is. Stephanie can't believe this happened - they seem so happy. Kayla says everything changed when they were in Cincinatti - he has a whole other life without her and she doesn't know how to let go of someone she loves. Stephanie reminds her that she has her, and for so long she has wanted to be close to her mother like they are now - it's too bad it had to be because of this. Kayla asks about the mystery guy. She saw him earlier and all was well until his girlfriend showed up. She compares herself to the girlfriend and of course Stephanie comes up Aces. Kayla asks if he knows that she likes him - no, not really. Perhaps he has the problem. Yes, says Stephanie - he sees only the best in people. She doesn't want to tell him and be disappointed. Perhaps Kayla should tell Patch the truth as well.

Sami can't believe that Carrie isn't pregnant. She says, "What do you mean? Carrie has to be pregnant!" She immediately apologizes and says she's sorry for the loss, and inquires as to the miscarriage - and soon finds out there was no pregnancy to begin with. Surely she will come home from the honeymoon pregnant, she suggests - to a crowd of ashen faces. Something's not right, she surmises. As Sami goes to get drinks the ever sensitive EJ offers to love - but Carrie says he doesn't have to. She says that Lexie told her that she can't have children. Sami's whispered response is a bit predictible. Sami and EJ go to get wine and he takes this opportunity to ask when she is going to tell Austin the truth. Never, she says. She will have to find another way to stop the note writer. Lucas asks for a heating pad - the Gloved Hand chase had him twist his knee. Austin shows her the note. It was probably left by the person that Lucas chased. Lucas says they should open it.

Things have gotten worse for Jack, apparently - so Lexie tells Jennifer. Though Jack is conscious now he wanted her to have some alone time with Frankie. His high fever means that he has reached the final stage of his illness, whichever illness it happens to be that he has. Jack and Jennifer bicker about whether his time has come and she says that he deserves a full life. He says he is glad that his brother brought him back and he is happy for the time they have had, and both Jennifer and Abby, who comes in, beg him to stop. He says things are out of his hands and the new medicine isn't working - death can't be beaten. He tells them to move on and to give JJ a kiss for him - but there is Maggie at the door with JJ in arms. Jack takes this opportunity to tell the cereal eating JJ some things. He says that adventure is a good thing. As he appears weak, Maggie goes to get Lexie. Jack starts giving all sorts of weird advice to Frankie as though this were yesteryear and they were wild and crazy guys. He starts slurring his words. Jennifer tells him to keep talking - and we freeze frame on her.

Posted by Gordon on August 1, 2006 2:19 PM
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