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Days of Our Lives: Goodbye, Shelle?

Great kiss, John and Marlena. It's a shame that kisses aren't what are going to change Marlena's mind. The seperation has nothing to do with her. She's just not sure what "Home" means. She and Patch have something in common. They bicker a bit and he says if she really needs to find herself without him then he will just get a room at the inn. He calls said inn and says he is to be staying indefinitely. Marlena goes for her office and gives it a good tour. Roman comes to visit - "Good to be back, huh?" Marlena tells him all about the seminar and how she wants to make a self empowerment group for women. He says this is a great idea and then tells her all about the Carrie and Lucas false pregnancy, and how in his opinion she shouldn't have married Lucas. She mentions Belle. He says surely her parents will help her. Roman notices her absence as it were and he asks what is wrong - she says she and John are seperating. They're in love but she needs space - hopefully on a temporary basis. She has a whole new outlook, which is part of the new her. Meanwhile, John grabs his bag and gets out. I wish I lived in such a minimal manner as soap opera characters do - just pack up everything in one bag and leave.

Jack wants to take JJ out to the park - bad idea, says Jennifer. Frankie comes knock knocking on the door with a bouquet of flowers - and of course, Jack gets to see it all. Jack tells Frankie that he really appreciates everything - well his health is all that's important. As Frankie goes off to make a sandwich for himself Jack tells Jennifer that should he pass away, Frankie will be a great husband. She says he should be thinking more positively - when he is better they will take JJ to the Aquarium. They reminisce about the last time they went to the aquarium as Frankie overhears. Apparently everyone involved was embarassed, including the seal. Frankie gets a message on his phone to go and see Max at the garage. Jack finally agrees to eat the sandwich since he will be getting pie afterwards. Abby joins them and he takes a triumphant chomp out of the sandwich.

Abby surprises Max by asking him for a job. He loudly expells air. He's not sure if this is the place she should be working despite an impressive resume. She says she can really help out. Doesn't she want to spend time with her father? Things will soon be back to normal on that front - ie with her natural parents back together. He says perhaps things won't work out and she says she will have to see if that happens. Meanwhile, she is officially hired! She starts by fixing her appointment book - and says that EJ stopped by earlier. She offers to reschedule his appointment. Frankie comes into the garage so Max can tell him that he hired Abby - great idea. Max asks how things are going. Jennifer doesn't want to lose Jack and he doesn't want to lose Jennifer.

Belle tells Shawn that seeing her Mother and Father back made her realize that she can't be with him just because she's having his baby. He says perhaps they don't really have to say goodbye. Perhaps they should be having this conversation without Mimi listening. He says their goodbye should be to their past, not each other. Surely if they can convince Mimi and Philip of this fact then things will work out. Hopefully Mimi can forgive her. They talk about 'ye olde times' and how Mimi has in a way always loved him. How Mimi said she had never been kissed when they were in Paris and so he kissed her. Belle says she had to just move on - so she has to face reality now and gives him a small jewelry bag. Where did it come from, asks Shawn. Back in the apartment building Mimi sees Philip and tells him that she's talking to a lawyer - she wants to see the children are protected... from them. (Eh?) Shawn, meanwhile, is wondering where she got the claddagh ring he gave her a long time ago. He had gotten it back from him but she took it when he was with Jan. She thinks he should give it to Mimi. Back with Mimi, she says she doesn't want Shawn hanging around Belle at all. Philip says it's sad this has to be this way. He wants to sue Doctor Jaynes but then again he is also wondering if someone is doing this to them on purpose. Shawn is glad they had this talk. Belle says she knows they can be nothing more than friends. She says goodbye and leaves. He walks after her and then stops - and a freeze frame of his looking up at the ceiling.

Posted by Gordon on August 11, 2006 2:39 PM
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I like this blog for the DOOL story in advance. It's the snarkiest site on the web:

-- Posted by: Marci Wyatt at August 13, 2006 8:09 AM

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