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Days of Our Lives: Digitally-Enhanced Gloved Hand Voice

There's nothing like complimenting another man's wife - particularly when there's a good possibility that the man will overhear and get a little jealous. So we have here with Roman, Marlena, and of course, John. She tells John that she's feeling better already and John says hopefully this means he can move back. No pressure, says Roman. No ulterior motives, the viewers think to themselves.

Caroline and Shawn Senior tell Hope they are glad she is there. She tells Caroline not to read into it too much. Later, Hope points out how awkward that was to Bo. He says they just want them to be together. Bo goes to tend to investigation matters and Hope stays to talk with Jennifer about life with two men.

Chelsea has to make excuses as to why she would ask why Philip and Belle are still together. Good one, Chelsea. She asks if everything went okay at the hospital and they mention some paperwork problem. Philip soon tells Belle that he didn't explain because he doesn't want his mother to find about it. He says he would be willing to bet his whole trust fund that the person responsible for the document ultimately is the same person who switched the embryos. Depending on how you look at it he really lost that bet.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie arrive. Kayla says it surely must be weird for him to be surrounded by people who know him when he doesn't know them. "Free food, right?" he asks. He and I have that in common. Stephanie finds Max and disagree as to the ultimate winner of the Salem Grand Prix. They agree to a no-money bet. There has to be a genderless way to say "Gentleman's Bet", I just don't know it. He excuses himself to talk with Chelsea but she isn't really all with him. He asks if she is upset about the paternity secret and whether she told the people actually involved who the father was. Not directly. She wants to find out why nothing really happened.

Bo tells Patch and John that there might yet be hope for his marriage. Patch says he has some good information that may be of help - if they promise not to arrest him for it. They agree and he says that a friend of his found out by hacking into Eve's bank account that she made a large cash deposit the day after the surveillance disk went missing. He pulls out what is probably a blank piece of paper to illustrate. Now they just have to figure out where the money came from. Kayla catches up with Bo and Patch and says my favourite line of the whole episode - "You look like two cats that swallowed canaries."

At the hospital, Lexie tells Tek they could be in a world of trouble, and not just because of their little affair which more or less ruined her marriage. She explains the file and how perhaps the person who is messing things around there also made the call to her. She explains the phone call and says it wasn't really a man or a woman. It must have been HAL. No, but it was an oddly mechanical voice that said if the information came out about Sami, Abe and Theo would be hurt.

Despite Kate's hoping it wouldn't happen, Sami finally arrives at the church. Sure, she saw Austin now but she has already had a lifetime worth of bad luck, right? Apologies from EJ for the tardiness. As Sami is getting her hair done up Marlena asks if she really wants to marry Austin - perhaps these impediments are her subconscious mind getting in the way. No, she says, these were real physical obstacles she didn't put there. Kate tells EJ that even if Sami and Austin wed, he surely won't be out of the picture. As Sami manages to get a minute to herself to check herself out in the mirror the phone rings and it's mechanical voice, threatening to tell all if she marries Austin. Not good. Also perhaps it is just my ear but it has a definite man sound to it. I realize mechanical voices can be altered to sound manly but it does sound like a man. Perhaps it is Madonna, wearing that mask from Dick Tracey. Roman senses that something is bothering her. He asks her if she wants to marry Austin or not and we freeze frame on a crying Sami.

Posted by Gordon on August 28, 2006 2:00 PM
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