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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Could This Really Be Goodbye?

Fans of Marlena and John, rejoice! They're back. John missed Marlena a lot while she was at her seminars and she says she learned a lot. Belle comes to visit and fills them in on all the exciting details of what happened. Marlena is overwhelmed by how such a strange thing could have happened. Belle tells them that Philip believes it wasn't an accident. She tells them about her theory that the baby means she and Shawn are to be together. Marlena says it cannot be a sign because Shawn is still married - and she and Philip need to move on, together. She needs to focus on working on her marriage and so Belle thanks them and says she knows what to do - and leaves. Marlena feels bad for Belle. John worries her advice may have more to do with them than about Belle's situation - Marlena affirms this is the case. She is worried that she relied too much on John and has to now stand firm - and so she thinks they should seperate. They go back and forth on this and he asks if she won't change her mind for sure - so he kisses her.

Abby drops by the garage to visit Shawn - to tell him about Jack getting better and to ask for an office job. He has to consult with Max and then luck of luck, Mimi comes in to visit. She sits and reads about EJ in a magazine - and oh, he happens to walk in (finally! he is capable of not wearing a suit) to look for Max or Shawn - but they are unavailable. Good opportunity to get to know one another, he says. He tells her a lovely story about nearly winning the Monte Carlo but ran out of gas and despite pushing the car across the finish line he lost by a technicality. He then offers her a job but she says she is trying to get work with Shawn and Max - and he says the offer will still stand.

Sami gets flustered looking for some papers and she hints that perhaps it has something to do with Lucas and Carrie living there. Why did he invite them to move in without consulting her? She would have said yes but still... of course, Lucas and Carrie overhear and say they are moving out. Of course, EJ is listening in now. Austin says it won't be necessary for them to move out. They go back and forth over possible solutions and EJ steps in with an idea he thinks all will be keen on. He offers to help with the renovation - so Lucas and Carrie agree. Sami wonders if Austin is sad that Carrie and Lucas will soon not be there - longstare... Of course not, he ultimately says. He gets more time with her! He thinks they should get married as soon as possible.

EJ looks over the flat and says he can have them back in by tonight. Lucas as usual goes off to do something (Anything so they can have alone time, right DOOL writers?) and Carrie asks why he is doing this. He says that he's their friend and he wants to help. Carrie goes to meet the contractor and EJ gets Lucas to himself, wondering about his relationship with Austin. They are close of course but things are a little rough because of their history with Sami. Speaking of Sami, she is excited about planning the wedding and they decide to tell Lucas and Carrie and barely miss EJ, who has gone to the garage.

Shawn wants to tell Mimi something but she interrupts him with a hot snog. He says that he's working on the patent but he's really sorry about what happened in the hospital and he is committed to her. Yes, but is there love? Yes, he states quite forcibly. She's afraid he loves Belle more - and what will he do the next time she throws herself at him? He gives off excuses and says that he would do anything for her to be more secure about their relationship. Mimi says this is hard since Belle is pregnant with his child. She says she wants a court to make custody arrangements, well in advance. Shawn agrees and says he will talk to Mickey about this. They have to set up ground rules - rules which apparently Belle wants to have some say in creating because she walks in and asks what is going on. Mimi says nothing matters really because she doesn't trust Belle. She can rest assure that nothing will happen with Shawn again because she is there to say goodbye. Mimi says this is rubbish and she will never say goodbye. She wants a little one on one time with Shawn. Mimi goes outside to listen in. Belle tells Shawn this was a difficult but necessary decision. Shawn asks if this really is goodbye forever - Bellestare - and a freeze frame here - with a lightning storm, no less!!!

Posted by Gordon on August 10, 2006 2:41 PM
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