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Days of Our Lives: A Spike Lee Joint

Hope is a little blue looking at old family photos. Bo and Caroline come ringing at the door. She just wants to talk - to ask a favor. Er... would she go to the wedding with Bo? Hope outright refuses. Family means more to Sami than Hope realizes, Caroline says. Would she please do this as a favor, Caroline asks - and takes off, feeling uncomfortable. Hope says he shouldn't have done this and they argue once more about the trial and he reminds her that Chelsea changed the e-mails. He vows to have it out with Chelsea. He tells hope he will prove his innocence and fix things with them.

Belle leaves a message for Philip - he is not answering and neither is Shawn. We all remember the last time Philip got upset. Thank G-d we the audience are trusted to remember as there is no flashback. Belle says Mimi and Philip are being ridiculous. Mimi is just concerned about her husband and Philip. Things could get bad if they are together. They have an argument, believe it or not, over which of the husbands loves whom. It's a good thing that the paternity of Claire is quite clear. They argue a lot more and eventually get tired of waiting so they both leave to find their husbands. Mimi comes across Hope at the docks, where she tells Hope that she is looking for Shawn. Hope was here to say goodbye to Bo and their past - but she is sure that everything will work out with Shawn, Belle, and Philip. Hope says that the boundaries she is proposing are good. Belle, meanwhile, tries to find Philip at the garage - Abby tells her neither of them were there. Abby tells Belle that Claire is really adorable. Claire keeps she and Philip together, Belle says.

Shawn and Philip are bickering - paternity rights, visitation all have to be figured out this evening, says Philip. Shawn just wants to drink a lot. Philip says he and Mimi should move far away from Salem - perhaps to Port Charles. Shawn responds by having more to drink - so Philip joins in. Philip challenges him to a drinking competition. Really smart. Philip will get a custody agreement but Shawn says he will not go by it. Philip puts on the radio and by odd coincidence it is the song Shawn and Belle danced to. They get increasingly drunk and giggly and stumble around. They have a drunken argument over who has it better. Shawn says Philip has everything a man could want. Yes, says Philip, except for his left leg. They get drunker and the barmaid says she is going to call them a cab. Back at their apartment Mimi comes looking for Shawn and he and Philip come in stumbling singing the ending refrain of the bottles of beer song. Philip takes off as best as a very drunk man can and Shawn asks for a little kiss. In the time that it takes Mimi to yell at him he manages to pass out. Not even a nap - really unconscious, Mimi determines as she yells at him to wake up.

Abby comes to see Chelsea. She tells Abby that she happened upon a certain DNA test - and describes the Shawn / Belle situation in a totally roundabout way without mentioning names. She won't go into detail but to say that the woman happens to be in love with the biological father of the baby. Abby says she should tell them as it would be the right thing. The right thing about what, Billie asks as she comes in. They are talking about community service. After Billie leaves Abby once again tells her to do the right thing. The doorbell rings - it's the incredibly angry Bo to see Chelsea. He tells Billie everything that happened with the e-mails. When Chelsea comes out to see what the commotion is about Bo lays into her - verbally, of course. He yells at her, "You took my son from me, you had to take my wife too?" Billie joins in - Chelsea had promised to change. Bo says she belongs in jail and she doesn't think about anybody but herself. He says that he lied to protect her and forgave her over and over again - and until she can prove that she is a decent person he wants nothing to do with her. Chelsea takes the mature route and leaves in a huff (not a minute and a huff) and goes to the garage where she has a fit about Bo disowning her and he will never forgive her. As Belle comes out of the toilet with Claire Chelsea says this is her chance to do the right thing and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on August 18, 2006 2:12 PM
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The fake drunk scenes were cringe-worthy (although I did laugh at Phillip's "I don't have a leg" line). Guh.

Where's Tony when you need him?

-- Posted by: mac at August 21, 2006 5:24 PM

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