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Days of Our Lives: To Tell the Truth

It's a mixed bag of emotions between Carrie, Sami, Lucas, and Austin. Lucas and Austin seperately have managed to think that the person they are not with either wants to be with them or doesn't want them to be with the person they are actually with. Austin wonders if Carrie doesn't still have some feelings for him, whereas Lucas thinks that Sami doesn't want him to marry Carrie. Austin also asks if she would still be marrying Lucas if she weren't pregnant.

Lucas had come over to stay (to avoid bad luck that comes by seeing the bride the day of the wedding) but joked that he was moving. Oh, Lucas. You are comical. To think that only moments ago, Sami was daydreaming about her wedding and imagined you there as the bridegroom. Carrie reminds Austin that they were engaged pre-pregnancy but Austin is still not sold. Well that's what you get when you talk to yourself and wonder to yourself if you love the person you're engaged to. Sami meanwhile wonders if they would have gotten back together had Austin and Carrie not made their appearances. Lucas tells Sami that she and Austin have a good thing, so long as she doesn't do anything to mess things up. After Lucas leaves, Sami decides to pretend he is still there and says that she has already messed things up - not just for she and Austin - but for him and Carrie. Sami leaves a message for Lexie which Lucas partially overhears. She tells him it is a hairdresser.

Phillip really knows how to stay positive, saying all the ways he can't get his wife pregnant. Belle reminds him he did a fine job the first time - Mimi thinks to herself yes, only it was Shawn who did it the first time. Shawn reminds Mimi that unlike his parents, they really are 'til death do us part. Dr. Jaynes approaches Phillip and Belle and when Belle asks if there is any news he takes off his glasses. He tells them he feels confident about Phillip's sperm.

Dr. Jaynes goes to an assistant and asks if they are ready for the IVF. The assistant replies that they are and Dr. Jaynes oddly tells him that they should make sure to keep Brady with Brady and Kiriakis with Kiriakis. As the assistant tells the doctor that they've never yet had a mixup, the gloved hand looks on from behind a curtain and we flash back to said gloved hand switching the lids of the petri dishes. GLoved hand sure does like making a triumphant fist. Probably because it's hard to portray emotions with just a gloved hand. The assistant assures the doctor that he will triple check the labels. The

Bo tells Hope that her pregnancy is a gift from Zack. He is absolutely certain of the baby being his. Hope, meanwhile, is being a bit dour, thinking that neither of them will be able to look at each other the same way. Hope cites the way that Chelsea came between them - and if Patrick would be the father, would he still want to work things out? Shawn not so kindly tells Bo that no matter whose baby it is, he wants Bo to stay out of Hope's life. Bo tells him he has no voice in this matter, and would he really want a loser like Patrick to be the father? After Hope asks Bo to give them a chance to talk Billie tries to reassure him that he is just speaking out of anger. He is consumed with the fear that the child will not be his but Billie reminds him that Hope is the woman that he loves. A nurse comes into Hope's room and says they need to talk. Bo comes in to hear the news - and it turns out the only ultrasound machine in the whole entire hospital is not working. Actually it's just the only machine available to them. Bonnie, who likes to drink out of a mobile phone flask, tells Billie it would be good for the baby to be Patrick's for then Billie will be able to be with Bo. Bo, alone with Billie after hearing the not so great news tells her that the baby has to be his, that they will end up together, and that he will do whatever it takes to stop Patrick.

Billie asks Patrick what he would do if he were the father. Bonnie the optimist already starts congratulating Patrick. She may as well also assume it is going to be a boy and start making calls to hire a mohel. Patrick the realist reminds her it may be Bo's baby. Shawn the oblivious suddenly realizes that his mother is pregnant. Bonnie pulls Patrick and Mimi aside and tells them that they are surely going to hit the Horton jackpot, and their losing streak will be over. Patrick says that it has nothing to do with hitting a jackpot. Mimi meanwhile is worried that Shawn will find out that Belle's child is in fact his but Bonnie assures her that it will not happen. Bonnie also inapropriately tells Patrick that the Lockharts are known to be 'one-shot wonders'.

Austin tells Carrie that she is the great love of his life and once upon a time it was reciprocal. Flashback to yesteryear, where they used to look at shooting stars and make New Year's vows to each other - and sometimes just make out, and remind each other that they still love each other and should take things further (and should therefore make out.) Carrie says this is all true but they are marrying the people they are marrying. Austin tells her it is not too late to change her mind - when you walk down the life "it's for life, man." She should tell them both how she honestly feels about Austin. Carrie flashes back to Lexie telling her that she and Austin cannot have children together due to bad genetic markers - "from a medical viewpoint, he is the last person to have a child with". Austin finally tells her that he needs to know the truth about why they can't be together, and that she owes him that much. Carrie agrees - freeze frame on Carrie with tiny little Lucas and Austin in the corners.

Posted by Gordon on July 3, 2006 2:15 PM
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