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Days of Our Lives: Things Heat Up with Lucas and Carrie

The results are in and the doctor knows the identity of the man who is Hope's baby's father. The doctor asks Bo to leave and then Hope asks who the father is. Bo tells Patrick that before they find out who the father is, there is something he needs to know. Bo emphatically states that the baby is his. Moreover, he is not going to give her up, even if the baby is not his. Hope tells the doctor that according to the chart, she knows who the baby is. THat was a great bit of information there, Hope. Patrick points out that if Hope wants to be with him there is nothing Bo can do about it. They are asked to come into the room and Bo asks who the father is - it's Patrick.

Austin and Sami are quite tired after a long night - and Austin gets a text message about the account. Oddly, the phone rings as though he is getting a phone call. Sami takes the opportunity of Austin walking away to look at the note and tell the note that the truth is going to come out. Sadly, the note is not the only one who heard her - EJ comes out from behind her to ask what truth she is referring to. He points out the fact that she was talking to herself - so people inside the show notice it's weird, too. He won't leave until she explains what she said. He is not like Austin - he is completely her friend and she can trust him. She says she owes it to Austin to tell him first. EJ says this is okay but if she wants an objective third party, she can tell him anything. Perhaps if she can't tell him there is somebody else? Between the two of them they can't come up with anyone so she eventually relents and shows him the note on the condition that he not judge her or tell anyone. She debates about giving him the note but finally gives it to him asking him (pleading one might say) not to hate her.

Billie runs into Austin - almost literally - as she is out for a job. She suspects that Austin still loves Carrie. Billie asks how Carrie could marry Lucas if she loved Austin, and whether any clues were given to why she chose Lucas. Austin asks if it is so hard to believe that Sami made a fresh start - Billie says it really is. Austin asks what is going on with her love life. After going back and forth about the Bo and Hope situation Billie tells Austin she doesn't want to be anyone's second choice. Austin suddenly realizes he knows the perfect person for her. Billie tells her she isn't interested in staying in the dating pool but out of curiousity asks who it is - it's EJ Wells. She isn't interested as he is too young for her. He says that women live longer so they could theoretically die at the same time, but she wants to live longer - especially if he is wealthy. She says that if the opportunity is there she will consider it and runs off.

Carrie is starving - it is apparently like clockwork. Pregnancy hunger? She decides to have a good talk to herself - but suddenly passes out. Lucas comes in bringing a tray of food and is shocked to find her passed out. She quickly comes to and fends off the idea of going to the hospital. It must have been hunger. Lucas presents her with a silver baby rattle - well, at least it's not a silver spoon. They fall asleep after being together and - you know how they always say you should put out candles before going to sleep? It's to avoid setting the apartment on fire as they do here. The fire rages and presumably there is no smoke detector because well, that would be the pragmatic and usually the legally enforced thing to do.

Phillip and Belle are enjoying tea and relaxing. Belle points out that things are working out so well when suddenly the phone rings - it's the hospital, of course. Nurse Betty informs tells him they might have a slight problem and that they need to come back as soon as possible. Phillip explains the situation but doesn't know what the problem is as he didn't ask.

Doctor Jaynes is with Mimi and Shawn and tells them about the possible mixup with the embryo transfer. Mimi can't believe that such a thing would happen. Nobody can understand how it happened. Mimi asks whose baby the surrogate is carrying if not hers and she is answered as Belle walks in. Phillip is outraged and tells Doctor Jaynes that when his father finds out about this error he will surely be out of a job. Doctor Jaynes explains that they are going to do some genetic testing to find out if a mistake was made. In the lab, the two lab workers realize that there is a bigger problem than originally thought.

Shawn tries to reassure everyone by saying that Doctor Jaynes is probably being extra cautious. Phillip one-ups him by adding a few extras when he says that his father's funding should make Doctor Jaynes extra extra extra cautious. Mimi goes off to get some air and is really angry that there is a possibility that the eggs were switched and it is all her fault. Shawn tells her it has nothing to do with the abortion she had but she is not convinced.

The assistants come to the Doctor and show him that the right women got the right eggs (which seems impossible giving the lid switching) but there was something wrong with the genetic markups of the sperm. The Doctor comes out and tells them that the eggs are implanted with the wrong sperm and Phillip flips out again. As they yell and Mimi and Belle look at one another in confusion, the Gloved Hand also looks on and we have a rather unusual freeze frame.

Posted by Gordon on July 14, 2006 2:03 PM
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i've been working all week and haven't had the chance to watch at ALL, but i've been reading your updates. this whole egg switch thing is SOOOOO crazy. if everything had worked out the way the switch ACTUALLY happened, it would look something like this:

Belle's container contains Mimi's egg -> to be fertilized by Phillip's sperm -> to be implanted in Belle = Belle carries Mimi and Phillip's child.

Mimi's container contains Belle's egg -> to be fertilized by Shawn's sperm -> to be implanted in Mimi = Mimi carries Belle and Shawn's child.

BUT.....everything is all screwy! i'm assuming all of these flashbacks are being used to confuse the viewer and make the whole deal even MORE illogical.

BAH! i'm off to catch thurs. and fri.'s episodes on soapnet.

-- Posted by: adair at July 16, 2006 9:03 PM

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