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Days of Our Lives: The Wedding Reception of The Year

The surrogate mother is on the way, but Dr. Jaynes comes out with some bad news. As it turns out it's a delay of transfer due to the holiday. In the lab, a nurse prepares the transfer while the Gloved Hand looks on from behind a curtain. Mimi is panicked because the surrogate is not yet there. Phillip comes out with more bad news - the surrogate was in a car accident. Shawn asks Mimi to be strong. Good news - the car accident was minor and she came via bus. They go in for the procedure, where Belle and Phillip are already waiting - as is the Gloved Hand.

Lucas, kissing Carrie, tells her he is the luckiest man in the world. Out of nowhere a telegram arrives from Mike Horton for Carrie. Though some may point out that Western Union no longer carries telegrams as of January this year there are telegram services still available, technically - particularly if you live in Salem. It's a congratulatory telegram. After some intense snogging they rejoin the party and Austin congratulates them - Lucas points out that he is next. Maggie gives the newlywed couple their proper introduction and as they dance, Austin remembers dancing with her.

Patch would love to see more of Stephanie - perhaps it will bring his memory back? He is trying not to forget but he is already forgetting things that happened the day before. Patch reminds her that he doesn't remember anything before waking up in the dingy motel room. Kayla has an "Oh my G-d" moment. It's because she realizes it must have been Stefano that erased Patch's memory. He asks about Stefano. She explains their history, and says that the DiMeras have a thing with the Brady family. Her theory is that Stefano wanted to keep Kayla apart from Stephen by erasing his memory. She has a new idea for bringing back the memory.

Kate is angry at the olives in her martini. Roman asks her to just leave Sami alone. Good on you, Roman! She is shocked that he would think she hasn't changed but Sami has. Roman reiterates that she should leave Sami alone. Kate admits she would love to break up Austin and Sami but she is giving up. Roman asks if this means she is 'off the case' and she says that she is but she just doesn't understand why they are even together. Kate says she has never seen Lucas so happy, and Roman points out it reminds him of another happy couple - them. Kate says she has put that all in the past. Roman points out that the woman that he fell in love with was a sweet and considerate woman - and was she still there? EJ comes over and asks what she has against Sami but Kate insists she wants to end the evening on a positive note and so she doesn't want to talk about Sami and Austin. What was in that martini?

Caroline and Alice raise a glass to another Horton-Brady wedding. It would be nice if Bo and Hope could work things out.

Bo is there as well but is miserable about the thoughts of Patrick being the one who impregnated Hope. You can just imagine his thoughts when he sees Hope and Patrick at the door. Bo promises he won't overreact at all. Hope, predicting the worst, asks Patrick to leave. Bo asks to speak to Hope alone, so Patrick goes to discuss matters with Billie while Hope asks if he will really be there for her even if Patrick is the father. Yes, he will - even if he is not the father. She leaves to be comforted by Patrick, and he remains to tell Billie that he doesn't know what Hope is thinking anymore. Billie and Bo dance, and Hope decides to leave - with Bo watching her, of course.

Abby tells Chelsea she should really give Max another chance. Good thing he's sulking at the door. Chelsea says she doesn't want to be exclusive with Max. When Abby leaves, Chelsea and Max quibble but Max makes it clear he is in love with her. Chelsea thinks she is the 'consolation prize' as he is only with her because Stephanie left. He insists he came there to see her. As they dance she tells him that he is really a great guy but she's not ready for a commitment.

EJ asks if Sami and Austin are planning a long engagement - quite the contrary. He thinks they shouldn't rush into getting married. This is the case because he feels as their new client he should have top priority. If they don't focus properly then Titan will surely beat them to the punch. Austin agrees that they will devote all of their energy to him until the launch. As Austin goes to get drinks, Sami asks EJ why he is determined to postpone the wedding. EJ insists it has nothing to do with postponing the wedding but it is all business. He also mentions that his entering into business with them had nothing to do with Kate or Austin. Hint. Austin comes back and apologizes for all the business talk and dances with Sami. Lucas and Carrie come over and they trade partners - what? Dancing partners, obviously.

Kayla and Patch go into a more private room and Patch asks what she has in mind. "So far, talking - I was hoping we could change that." Patch has no objections.

Posted by Gordon on July 11, 2006 2:46 PM
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