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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Second Switching

Lucas and Carrie are in love and it shows as they begin their lives together as a married couple. Lucas says he knows she didn't want to go to a hotel so he did some decorating to make it more personable - she thinks it's perfect. Acts of intimacy follow, at least twice.

The maitre'd asks Sami if she should call 911 then or later - because someone always seems to get hospitalized whenever she is around. Max enters the club as well and gets a phone call from Stephanie, who tells him she will be there soon. Chelsea comes in and asks if she is late and insists that she is not following him but is meeting up with Sami - hard for him to believe, naturally. Sami can't believe that Lucas and Carrie are married now, and now she is already thinking about their own wedding. She thinks that their wedding should have a little more 'je ne sais quoi' - "whatever that means." Coincidentally, Sami, it's 'i don't know what.' She thinks that for their wedding, less is not more, more is more. Focusing on the business will let them have more time to plan the wedding. Discussing bridesmaids, Austin suggests Stephanie - Sami says she doesn't want to be upstaged by a beautiful red headed teenager. Deciding she knows whom she will ask, Sami leaves and EJ approaches to talk with Austin about Sami. After insisting to Max that she doesn't care whom he is meeting, she mentions that he seemingly got over her fast. Max shoots down this theory by mentioning she is the one who turned him down, not the other way around.

Sami pulls Chelsea aside and tells her she has a proposition. The Hand slips a note into an envelope and EJ apologizes to Austin for being so demanding and hinting at them to postpone the wedding. Austin tells him that it could be a blessing in disguise as they need to take care of things, though they recognize that when Sami wants something, she wants it now. Austin asks EJ how he would feel about Sami being in charge of his account full time. Sami tells Chelsea that they have a lot in common, and that she could help her get her boyfriend back. How does Sami know Chelsea lost her boyfriend? Stephanie is giving Max a nice big hug, and they talk about getting a drink. Chelsea agrees to be a bridesmaid and then pushes a waiter, spilling his drink onto Stephanie. As Sami goes to get another glass of wine (red), the bartender hands off the note to Angela (aforementioned maitre'd) who gives it to Sami, telling her she must have a secret admirer - who apparently has very poor handwriting. When Stephanie returns from the toilet, she oddly has ink on her hands, which apparently can come out with club soda. EJ tells Austin that if they don't get married soon someone might jump in. Sami reads the note and wants to know where it came from - the look on her face says everything.

While Shawn and Mimi fret over the surrogate's arrival, the nurse assures Belle that she shouldn't be worried that the egg may not be hers because they take a number of safeguards and there is no room for error. The hand creeps and has - it's #6 - flashback to the lid switches. The doctor tells Belle to lay back and relax and count to ten - and it will all be over. Belle nails the numbers, not even missing one of them. Belle's dish is taken back to the lab by the nurse, who suddenly gets a page. After she leaves the hand returns and makes another switch. After we find out that the surrogate had already arrived and the implantation went well, we see a nurse called Ronda (Rhonda?) comes into the room with the petri dishes and notices that they are obviously in the wrong trays and calls a nurse in. Phillip surprises Belle with Isabella's amethyst ring. Back in the lab, Rhonda points out the switch and the nurse gets quite worried. Phillip asks how Mimi and Shawn are doing and they say they are quite well. The nurse says there is no way she mixed up the dishes and they both express worry that the eggs are in the wrong women.

Kayla and Patch continue making out when suddenlyl he stops everything and says it's not right. "You're my husband," she says, "and I love you." He insists he doesn't remember anything but the making out soon resumes. It isn't long before he stops it again explaining that he can't continue as long as he doesn't know who he is. He tells her that if and when they are intimate he should remember who she is and their relationship. He doesn't remember her now, but he wants to believe that he will remember everything some day. She tells him she doesn't think she could bear losing him again. He says he feels connected to her and Stephanie, and he won't go anywhere, and will fight for them so long as Kayla doesn't give up on him.

Jennifer tells Frankie she knows she has to accept that Jack is dying but as Frankie goes to answer the door she tells Jack that she really can't bring herself to let go. Frankie lets Lexie in and as Lexie goes upstairs, Frankie starts hitting random keys on the computer keyboard and amazingly finds something he thinks can be the cure to what's ailing Jack. Jennifer asks Lexie how Jack is - he's dying, and she needs to come to terms with it. Lexie further tells her that Jack can probably hear everything that is going on, so Jennifer goes over to him and begs him to please hang on. Lexie embraces her from behind. Back at the computer, Frankie recognizes that what his random typing brought about works it would well be worth dialing random numbers on the phone as well. Abby comes in as she got the message and is worried. Jennifer tells her that Jack is dying now and they need to accept it, and pray. Frankie is on the phone with Hank about a clinical trial which might in theory handle Jack's problem - but it is closed. Frankie convinces him to open the trial to Jack and hands the phone off to Lexie to discuss the matter further. Abby asks Jennifer what she would think of her marriage to Frankie were Jack to live - but Jennifer can't even think about that. Speaking of Frankie, Lexie tells him he is the most selfless man she knows. She tells him that if it works, he must realize what will happen. Jennifer comes down and asks what is going on and Frankie tells her about the clinical trial - but there are no guarantees it will work. Jennifer is just happy that there is hope he will survive and we freeze frame on their embrace.

Posted by Gordon on July 12, 2006 2:33 PM
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