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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Fires Rage On

In case you missed it on Friday, Hope announces that Patrick is the father. Both Patrick and Hope are stunned. Bo says that tests can be not entirely positive, and that he doesn't accept this. Hope tells Patrick she needs to talk to Bo alone. Bo says this is a little more difficult than he thought - Hope reminds him it is not too different than finding out that Billie was pregnant with his child. Bo goes over various family trees and tells her that they can surely make it. Outside on the phone, Patrick leaves a message for Bonnie, telling her she is a grandmother but not to start buying baby clothing just yet. Naturally Billie must overhear. Hope tells Bo she wants Patrick to be part of the baby's life. She's not ready to pick up where they left off. He brings up Zack again which does not go over so well. She asks him to leave so she can get dressed and that she needs time away from him. He says he will never stop loving her.

Billie tells Patrick that Bo will be devastated. From behind, Bo basically says " say the least." Patrick leaves. Bo says that Patrick being the father will make him fight even more for her. He apologizes and says he didn't mean to hurt her. She says that he need not apologize and this is really all her fault - Chelsea came as a result of her. He thinks Patrick won't let him see the baby. He further thinks that somewhere, Zack must be angry with him for letting the family fall apart. Billie argues that surely if Zack could forgive Chelsea, he could forgive Bo as well. She thinks he deserves his family back - so what is he to do?

In the hospital, Lexie sits by Jack's side and tells him to hang in there. Outside, Frankie is trying to comfort Jennifer and offers coffee. Jennifer feels that this has to work. Lexie tells Jack he has to stay strong and let the medicine work. Jennifer asks her if he is improving and Lexie says right now it is too soon to tell but he certainly isn't rejecting the drug which is a good thing. Frankie reminds her that the majority of the cases have had success. It's funny how everyone dances around actually naming a real illness. Hope goes to visit Jennifer and give her a big hug. She also tells her the big Patrick pregnancy news. Lexie meanwhile tells Frankie that he is really selfless. Jennifer asks Hope what she is going to do. She doesn't know if Patrick being a father is a sign that she and Bo are not to be together. Hope leaves and goes to Patrick, while Jennifer goes back to Jack. They have a lot to think about - like Frankie gazing at Jennifer being with Jack. Jennifer tells Jack that she can't live without him, as he squeezes her hand in response to requests for any sign. Frankie listens and is a bit blue it seems. Hope tells Patrick that he can have as much of a role as he wants. He says he wants to ultimately take them to the island. She says she knows that Patrick will be a great father, and they hug - and you know who is glaring at this all.

Doctor Jaynes reminds us of what has happened : Belle has Shawn's sperm and the surrogate has Phillip's. Phillip nearly explodes, telling the doctor that he is going to sue, the hospital will lose all of its funding, and that he will cause a meteor to land on the doctor when he least expects it. (Okay, maybe not the last part.) The doctor says he is very sorry but they do have to find a course of action which nobody at this point can think of. Phillip gets right on the phone with a lawyer to say that he has to bury the doctor. He doesn't understand how Belle is so calm. (Perhaps she somehow realizes this isn't the first time she has carried a Shawn baby?) Shawn tells Mimi it is going to work out fine but she super-apologizes once again and blames herself for the whole mess. Mimi is worried that Belle being pregnant with Shawn's baby is G-d way of putting them together. Phillip thinks that Belle wants the baby to be Shawn's. Belle tells Phillip that it's not the baby's fault that all of this happened. Phillip tells her he loves her and goes to talk to Shawn - who is reminding Mimi that they have sacred vows, and that they will work it out. She says their children will be freaks. Clearly this is as bad as getting impregnated by a tentacle creature. Shawn goes to call Mickey and Phillip approaches her and tells her, in case she didn't know, that they were having a baby together. Mimi points out that they haven't even kissed. He says they should get out of there and start walking out only to see Belle staring star-struck at Shawn.

Sami wants to show EJ the note - so long as he doesn't hate her after he reads the note. He reads the note and tells her he isn't going to judge her, but he needs to know if it is true. Sami denies the note but clearly everyone in Salem hates her. EJ points out the giant hole in her logic - if the note is not true then why did she force him to swear not to hate her? He needs to know if she forced Lexie to do something. She doesn't want to say, which says everything. They go back and forth until EJ suggests going to the police - but she is against that, even being the daughter of the police commander. EJ says perhaps she should come clean - but that doesn't seem to be an option. Sami is worried the truth will come out when she is at the altar with Austin. The first thing to do is to burn the note. Sami makes a funny Harry Potter reference - what if a million notes come into the apartment just like that. EJ tells her that he will find out who did it and make them stop - like a true friend. The fire alarm goes off and they suspect something is wrong.

The fire rages on in the Lucas / Carrie love suite, and they are oblivious to it. Austin, walking outside, spots the fire and says, totally nonplussed, "Oh no. Fire." I know I'd be that calm. Austin rushes into the apartment and gets up Lucas and Carrie them they need to get out. Austin carries Carrie out. (How convenient!) Lucas follows but has to pass out before he can make it. EJ and Sami join Austin out in the hall. Did anyone call 911? Sami realizes Lucas isn't out there so she rushes into their apartment and sees Lucas on the ground. Austin administers mouth to mouth and Carrie starts coughing. EJ says that he has called 911 and rushes into the apartment, telling Sami to get out. She doesn't want to so he gets Lucas up on his shoulder and they start to rush out when something falls. They get Lucas out and a paramedic tells them they need to get out because the building will surely all go soon. As EJ watches, Austin tells Carrie and Sami tells Lucas, "Stay with me." Sami adds, "I love you." Is it hysterical talk or is she revealing her true feelings? Either way, Austin noticed.

Back in the Phillip / Belle flat, Phillip lays down the law. He says that since it is yet early on and everything is completely mixed up the only pragmatic thing to do would be to terminate both pregnancies. "Absolutely not!" Belle yells. Shawn says there is no way he is going to let that happen. You can just imagine what Mimi is thinking. Freeze Frame on Phillip.

Posted by Gordon on July 17, 2006 1:40 PM
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