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Days of Our Lives: The Baby Problems Begin

In Showtime's "Queer as Folk," the music that commonly played at clubs was reffered to as the "Thumpa Thumpa." Today's episode opens up with lots of "Thumpa Thumpa," with Stephanie apologizing to Max for the way they met. She won't admit liability but he is the one who lost control. Enter Abby with the good news about Jack - and where is Chelsea? She is out on the dance floor 'having fun.' Chelsea approaches and is told the great news. Max suggests going to the cafe down the street but this idea is shot down. Stephanie is asked to dance by Chelsea's dance partner and Chelsea tells Max off as Abby stands at a distance and watches. Max leaves but is surprised by a set of hands. He is surprised to find out it was Stephanie - and she is disappointed by his surprise. They flirt (just a little) and just before a good healthy snog she challenges him to a test drive - to see how good he is, of course.

Chelsea is confident that Max will not go anywhere - until Abby points out he's not even there - and neither is Stephanie. Abby says Stephanie could easily steal Max - only it's not stealing if you voluntarily give it up. Max stops the kissing because he still has his mind on Chelsea. Stephanie hopes they can still be friends and wishes Chelsea would realize what she has and not to lose her. Perhaps she has made this realization as she comes out after Stephanie leaves to apologize and get some kissing of her own. Please note this is Days of Our Lives you are watching, not Big Love - Max will be sticking to one woman at a time. Of course Stephanie has to walk out of the club just in time to see this.

At the hospital, Bo and Hope prepare for the ultrasound. Bo and Patrick, and then Bo and Shawn quibble over the identity of the baby and the amount of love Bo has to offer. Shawn of course brings up Zack and then Mimi's miscarriage - and why didn't Bo ever call? Shawn misses having a father he can count on. The procedure is ready to begin so Bo and Patrick go in. Meanwhile, Caroline comes along to offer support but is surprised to hear Shawn wants Patrick to be the father. Bo, on the other hand, thinks the baby is a gift - for their future. Shawn tells Caroline that the worst thing that could happen would be his parents getting back together. Sadly the ultrasound doesn't provide enough information to give the identity of the father - but a blood test might. There's just going to have to be a wait. After Bo and Patrick come out and are surprised to see Caroline, Shawn pulls Patrick aside and thanks him for being there for some of the hardest days of Hope's life. Patrick congratulates Shawn on the successful implantation. Shawn goes to tell Hope the good news. Bo, meanwhile, is upset that even Caroline seems to be siding with Patrick, a criminal who is tearing their family apart. If the baby is not his he is afraid he will lose Hope - this time, more permanently. Hope gives her belly a good rubbing and tells it that she will love it no matter who the father is. Bo comes in, with doctor in tow, with good news - they have the test results.

Bonnie, ever the important hospital volunteer, is still trying to find out how soon they will be hitting the "Horton Jackpot". Mimi takes offense saying it isn't about the money and not only do they not know if the fertilization will work out, they don't know if Patrick is the father yet. Not only that but she has a bad feeling about it. The nurses are still quibbling about how the petri dishes could have been mixed up as they are - and what if the eggs are in the wrong people? Mimi takes another sip of air from a coffee cup. We know how the eggs got switched. Bonnie accuses Mimi of being a pessimist. The nurses, probably feeling guilty, want to go to tell Doctor Jaynes. Well, at least Betty does. Mimi and Bonnie hear a loud clanging noise - what was that? It was the nurse dropping something. The nurse consults with the doctor who tells her that all will need to be told. The Gloved Hand looks on. No fist pumping today.

Bonnie tells Mimi she needs to stop being so negative. Shawn agrees. Doctor Jaynes, on the other hand, does not. He tells her he has some bad news - and we freeze frame on Mimi.

Posted by Gordon on July 13, 2006 2:00 PM
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OK...I have deligently been watching and seen all 6, count them 6, flashbacks of the infamous petri dish switch but I am still a little fuzzy on exactly what has happened. Did Mimi's egg get fertilized with Shawn's sperm and then implanted in Belle or did Mimi's egg get fertilized with Phillip's sperm and then implanted? Totally confusing! Help me please!!!!!

Also, what happened to Cassie (Brady) DiMera after she got off the island? Could she be gloved hand? any thoughts?

-- Posted by: amanda at July 14, 2006 1:59 PM


-- Posted by: amanda at July 14, 2006 3:23 PM

Day’s needs to get rid of the following characters: MIMI, PHILLIP, CHELSEY, BILLIE, PATRICK, BONNIE, & KATE… Plus Jennifer needs to leave the show with Frankie… Jack has cried wolf, wayyyyyyyy too many times….

Day’s please stop dragging out storylines…. It’s time for the truth to come out and go onto another story pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Comment by Debra — July 27, 2006 @ 6:42 pm

-- Posted by: Debra at July 27, 2006 6:48 PM

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