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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: That's Not What I Meant

Austin is wondering what's bothering Sami. She says she has to tell him something and he's not going to like it. His phone rings. He doesn't screen, we do not zoom in on the answering machine. (I love Rent.) He tells her they will talk at dinner. He has a surprise for her. EJ comes knocking at the door with the bad news - but everything will be okay, he assures her. He asks if she has been honest with Austin and she says she hasn't yet and he tells her to go and find him now and tell him. After coming back from visiting and briefly talking to Austin about all the wrong things she tells EJ that she hasn't told Austin yet but that she would and this would probably be their last dinner together.

Lucas is annoyed at the contractor - are they supposed to live out of suitcases for three months? Carrie is upset that the baby book is ruined. He tells her not to worry as they will get a new book. She brings up Sami rescuing him and would he rather have the baby with her? Shockingly he says yes. Honesty in a relationship. Wow. She understands. She can't believe that not that long ago she was a super career woman. Carrie can't believe she's not even showing yet. Carrie feels bad about everything but Lucas apologizes for causing the fire. He tells her they will soon be in Italy and when they return all will be new and pretty. They kiss, only she imagines Austin. She doesn't have to as he turns up at the door. He thinks of kissing her. THat's something he and Carrie have in common. He asks if he can borrow some CDs. He then asks about the apartment and Lucas says that they will stay in a hotel until the apartment is ready. Austin invites them to stay with he and Sami, and he actually came over to invite them for a special dinner with he and Sami. She comes in just in time to tell him he can't do that. Of course, she says, she didn't mean it 'like that'. She only meant that given what they went through she couldn't imagine they'd want to go out to dinner. Lucas tells Austin they are glad that they can stay with Sami and Austin. Sami wants to tell Austin again but he asks her to tell him at dinner. After Sami leaves Lucas asks what is wrong as it seems something is off with her body language.

Stephanie tells Max to stop blaming himself for what happened - he didn't give Phillip permission to take the car. The important thing was that Phillip got out of the car. Remember when Shawn told Belle he loved her yesterday? He tells her again just in case you missed it. Actually it was probably just a reshowing. He tries to clarify to gurney Phillip and Mimi but Mimi says she knows exactly what he meant. She runs off and he chases after her just in time for the car to explode. As the firemen put out the fire Shawn asks if Mimi is okay. Physically? Check. Otherwise? Yeah, she totally heard what he said.

Belle gives Phillip lessons on what is appropriate when driving a racecar and what is not. He tells her he would sooner die than see her with 'him' - Shawn. Phillip is rushed into the hospital. After examining him she says she thinks his lungs are not collapsed but there is probably fluid in his lungs. He is breathing way too loudly. Lexie asks why he would do something so outrageously stupid. He says it's because Belle is pregnant with Shawn's baby. Outside, Mimi tells Shawn he is obviously going to be with Belle when the baby is born and Shawn promises it isn't going to be the case - Belle got to be in the listening audience as he says this. Mimi tells him to not make promises he can't keep. Phillip starts complaining about the whole mixup and how Shawn told Belle that he loves her. Lexie says he should remember that they have a baby together. (Not really.) She also says that it was a hospital error and he shouldn't blame Belle or Shawn. He should talk with them and find some sort of agreement. Shawn tells Mimi that they have to work out how to figure things out - which baby will be raised by whom, etc. Belle steps out. Shawn asks what Phillip was thinking. She thinks it's because Phillip was really upset that she is having a baby with him. Lexie tells Phillip that she needs to keep him for observation, and that he needs to rest and relax. Mimi compares the crash to Shawn crashing his motorcycle. It's not something he's proud of. Mimi leaves but manages to hear Belle tell Shawn that there's nothing she wants more than to have his baby. Has nobody learned to have private conversations in private?

Lexie looks over some reports and is shocked. She calls Carrie and tells her she has the test results and would they please come straight away? She agrees and tells Lucas, who asks if she knew what it was about. Funny how nobody asks what things are about on the phone. It's just about the test results, she says.

Chelsea gets a phone call from Abby. She tells her that she needs help getting rid of someone, as it were. Guess whom? When they meet up Chelsea tells Abby about what happened - including turning off Max's phone when Stephanie called. She says she doesn't want Stephanie making moves on "her man." Therefore, she is going to need some help.

EJ tries to comfort Max and tells him it's just part of the job. He says if he needs anything he will help him. Stephanie senses he is upset and tells him it's okay to be upset. In the garage Stephanie gives a bad diagnosis. He is incredibly angry about Phillip taking the car as he did. She says if one of them had to go she was glad it was the car. He wonders why she is going out of her way to help. Chelsea walks in and answers : "Could it be because my cousin has a thing for you?" Stephanie thinks that Chelsea is jealous. She points out that because of her pettiness, Max couldn't come out sooner and salvage more of the car. Chelsea accuses Stephanie of stalking them. She was staring at them from outside the pub. He says it's irrelevant and she shouldn't have blocked the car. He tells her to get out as he has to fix the car. Chelsea asks Abby why she didn't say anything. Abby says it's because what Chelsea said was horrible. Abby doesn't understand why she is acting so horribly, and what happened to the girl that swore she was going to turn her life around. Chelsea says she thinks she has lost Max for good (this time). Abby contradicts him but to no avail. He obviously threw her out because he was working. Chelsea says when he is done with Max, he will not even remember 'her' name. Max asks Stephanie why she is so quiet. She has her, has her, has her head in the game. She understands why Chelsea is jealous. Is something going on besides work? Hard to tell.

EJ tells Sami the next note might go straight to Austin and she needs to do something. Speaking of Austin, he comes in to invite him to dinner. Sami asks to talk to him once more and he says they will talk on the rooftop later - now his phone is beeping. After Austin leaves Sami points out how hard it is to talk to Austin and EJ tells her she has to pin him down and just tell him. Whatever happens he will be there for her.

She thanks him and says that if she is to only have one best friend she is glad it is him - so they hug and are still being Gloved Hand stalked, and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on July 21, 2006 2:09 PM
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