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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Take It To The Max

A slight rewind into yesterday - Phillip lays down the law, Belle and Shawn tell him they refuse to go forward with any plan that includes an abortion for either woman. Shawn believes abortion is only okay in certain extreme cases and this is not one of them. He points out that he lost his little brother because "some girl" was selfish. He again asks that they not go through with it. Mimi storms out, followed by Shawn. Phillip asks why Belle has been so quiet - to not upset him. He is upset by the fact that she wants to keep the baby. He tells her that he has only been friendly with Shawn for her sake, but he would not tolerate her having his baby. Too late, dude.

Shawn apologizes for the abortion talk and Mimi reminds him that because of it, she has to use a surrogate to have a baby which isn't really entirely theirs. Shawn says it seems like a cosmic joke. Mimi says that though she can't have the surrogate abort, she feels that everything is falling apart. Shawn insists that they will work it out. Belle tells Phillip that if his mother had told Vivian to abort he wouldn't be there now. Phillip appreciates this but he points out all the different ways in which this situation requires at least the possibility of abortion - he thinks it is the only option. Mimi tells Shawn he is worried that Belle is going to come between them with this baby. Shawn says she should have faith in him. Belle makes a similar statement. Phillip accuses her of not being unhappy to be having Shawn's baby. She says she is just trying to make the best of the situation, and he will also have to do this. As Phillip huffs and puffs, Belle rubs her belly.

Jennifer thinks the fact that Jack squeezed her hand means he must be getting better. She tells him how much she needs him and Frankie looks on. She only finally notices Frankie when Lexie comes in. Lexie says the hand squeezing is a good sign. Going outside, Frankie says they need to talk. Jennifer says she is sorry. Frankie asks if she is sorry that she said what she said, or if she is sorry he heard. He asks if what she really wants is another chance with Jack. Jack, incidentally, is now calling out for Jennifer. Jennifer and Frankie quibble. She doesn't know what she will do if he recovers. Jack calls for her again and again but it is just Lexie there. Jennifer tells Frankie she wouldn't have been able to get through all of this without him and the time is not there to make any decisions. That would be way too much like real life. Lexie calls for Jennifer to come in.

Kayla tells Stephanie she needs some time to talk with her. She tells Stephanie to please consider giving up racing. She responds that she loves racing. Kayla tells her it is too dangerous. Stephanie says it is just as dangerous to go to Darfur and help children there. Patch comes in and gives her a great big hug, prompting Stephanie to say that she has been waiting her whole life to do that. Kayla tells her she is risking it by racing and would she want to not be able to see her father again? Stephanie invites Patch to see her the next time she races, and shouldn't she be able to do what she wants with her life? Patch tells her he is a little afraid of her racing cars. Stephanie says that it is obviously in her genes to race - Patch had to be a cop, and Kayla had to be a doctor, and she obviously has to race. He says that though he doesn't remember who this mystery Steve Johnson is, the guy sitting there talking feels very lucky to have them there. She should therefore have her career - but does she have anyone special? She asks if it's possible to love someone before you know them. He says she shouldn't be talking about love but after being pushed he says with love anything is possible. She tells them all about the person (we know it's Max) and they tell her she is really a bold person. Stephanie having left (something to do), Kayla and Patch debate who the mystery man could be.

At the beach, Max and Chelsea share fast food. Max insinuates something more may be coming. Max asks Chelsea why she keeps pushing him away. He asks why it is okay for her to date other men but not for him to date other women. She asks if she is dating Stephanie. He says he is not and stops her from leaving - they kiss. Apparently the kiss leads to other things because he asks if she is really ready, and she says she is and please stop talking. She must think she's on a different tv show. Max tells her she cares about her and wants more than just sex. Ah, but as luck would have it neither of them are carrying a condom. Max says this is a sign that they shouldn't do anything. Fingers crossed behind her back, Chelsea says she only wants to be with him. Stephanie hits the 'walking in at the wrong time' lottery again and sees them.

At the hospital, Austin, Lucas, and Sami help rush Carrie in. Lucas explains the whole situation and he is most concerned with Carrie's pregnancy. EJ and Austin try to calm Lucas down. EJ says that the measure of a man is in his response and that he did very well - he shouldn't blame himself for all this. The doctor tells them Carrie is suffering from smoke inhalation and she needs to be kept overnight. Sami has an 'ellipsis' moment. By her side, Lucas tells the sleeping Carrie to sleep.

Lucas asks to be alone with Sami. She asks what she did wrong - no, it's what she did right. She went into the burning apartment to save his life. He feels bad for all the times he thought she was selfish. She says she cares about him and always has. It means a lot to him. Austin asks EJ to give Sami a ride. EJ asks if Austin is okay, and further probes that he seemed a little over-happy that Carrie was okay. A cheek kiss from Austin and Sami and EJ are off. Lucas tells Austin that he doesn't need to stay if he doesn't want to but Austin wants to stay and be there for them. Lucas goes to get 'better coffee' and Austin sits by Carrie's side and tells her that since she can't hear him anyhow, he might as well tell her that he feels he can't lose her. Even if they stay only friends that would be okay. He hopes that somehow she will come back to him. He doesn't understand why she chose Lucas but he respects it. He recognizes he probably shouldn't be saying this but it's okay since she can't hear him. He says he will always loves her and gives her a kiss on the forehead, and leaves. Surprise! She opens her eyes and says "Austin..."

Back at the apartment, EJ tells Sami that the silver lining is that Will was not there. He compliments her bravery and she says it was no big thing. Another note slips under the door and after Sami reads it and says that the note writer is trying to ruin her relationship, EJ goes out to try to catch the note leaver. EJ comes back and says he didn't find anyone, and Sami is devastated. She doesn't know what to do. He holds her.

Lucas goes to check in on Carrie. She says she is glad that she and the baby are okay. He tells her he loves her and they embrace, and Austin walks in and sees them - freeze frame on Carrie looking less than sure of herself.

Posted by Gordon on July 18, 2006 6:13 PM
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