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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Stop Suffocating Me!

Minds are reeling. Max's mind, anyhow. Who would do something like this - write "Whore!" on a locker of someone who in fact has not ever been with a man in that warm and intimate way. Stephanie says, "You have to ask?" Max realizes it was Chelsea and he apologizes to Stephanie and they hug. Outside, Abby chides Chelsea for writing on the locker and tells her to wipe it off before she is caught. As they return to undo the deed they see the hug, and Chelsea angrily swears Stephanie will be sorry for messing with her. Abby tells Chelsea she told her this would happen if she played games with Max. Chelsea starts ranting about how she is always saying she is sorry and says she is sorry for everything and how she imagines Hope would rather she had died instead of Zack. She asks, "If I admit you're right will you stop lecturing me?" Yes, says Abby. Inside Stephanie tells Max not to apologize for Chelsea.

Chelsea steps in and says she is the one who should be apologizing. What she did was stupid and immature and inappropriate. She was getting back at him for leaving the bar. He didn't think Stephanie asks if she thinks she is moving in on Max and Chelsea admits she does think this. Stephanie says they are just friends, that's all. Okay, says Chelsea. Chelsea asks if she is forgiven for the lipstick and Stephanie says she is going to leave them alone. Chelsea then asks Max if he forgives her. "Nope." Zing! Outside, Stephanie reassures Abby that she didn't beat Chelsea up but why are they friends. We go through the whole she is good underneath but look what happened to her so obviously she must be a monster. "The two of us found out our dads aren't dead and we aren't running around writing horrible things." Abby says she told Chelsea not to do it. Inside, Max asks for one good reason to forgive him and tells Chelsea she is being a baby, and she needs to understand that while Stephanie is cool, Chelsea is the one he asked to be his girlfriend and she needs to cut it out and trust in his love. She asks if he loves her after everything and he says he does - so they kiss. The exit and he tells Stephanie he's giving Chelsea a ride. She just needs some hand holding, he says. After they leave Abby tells Stephanie that usually Chelsea digs herself in so deep she can't get out. Stephanie hopes Chelsea doesn't hurt Max too much. She predicts the relationship won't work.

Sami tells EJ that she really is wicked. Not like the play, EJ. She says she barely scratched the surface of what she did - keeping people apart that would be together without her interferance. EJ says despite what she thinks she will never be alone. She says she wants to love a person completely - as she feels for Austin. Is she sure? Yes. Every man other than Austin is a substitute. EJ presses and Sami asks her to stop asking questions. EJ asks her to practice on him but she doesn't want to lose EJ, too. He says that she needs to confide in him and to start with the beginning. She tells him how Austin once wanted to only be platonic and then how Austin took over Highstyle - and that Sami didn't tell Austin that Carrie was the president. Sami continues to explain and gets to the present. Everything revealed, including the genetic marker lie, Sami says that now he surely hates her now. He says that he doesn't hate her and is a bit in awe of her. She wishes everyone could be so understanding. They reason that Austin can't go back to Carrie.

Austin finds the note under the door addressed to Sami. The Gloved Hand lurks outside only this time Lucas gets a glimpse and after yelling at GH gives chase - but fails to catch Gloved Hand. Austin comes out and asks what is going on and Lucas explains - they surmise the hand must have put the note under the door. Lucas wants to open the note but Austin says it's private. Lucas goes to get water for the aspirin and Carrie takes the opportunity to tell Austin they can't say anything. Austin says that she loves him and they both know that. Lucas comes back with the water and Carrie takes the aspirin. She is really upset about not being able to have children. Lucas says they should adopt - perhaps this is a blessing. More time to get to know one another. Lucas goes to talk to a super about the run-in with Gloved Hand. Austin says all will be okay and Carrie cries that she can't hurt Lucas - so she hugs Austin, only to have Lucas walk in. He is there to tell Carrie that things will work out so long as they have love. Carrie sighs, wondering how she can break Lucas' heart. Lucas meanwhile tells Austin that he is so happy that he is there for them. He is so upset seeing Carrie in this state. If only he could figure out what state they were in. As Sami and EJ come in Austin says, "It's terrible for you finding out Carrie isn't pregnant with your child."

Kayla can't seem to get into her car so she calls Caroline and cries that she doesn't want to lose Patch again. Once is bad enough. Inside, Patch gets a beer. Della tells him she can't believe he fell for the act but he says it is all real - he really has a daughter, etc. Della cares not and says that was the past but now he is with her - just as they both like it. Kayla explains everything that happened at the bar and how everything is ruined now. Caroline thinks the connection is there but Kayla disagrees. She may as well just go to Africa because he just doesn't want to remember his past. Patch, meanwhile, pushes Della away and says he's not in a partying mood - take it or leave it. She will take it anytime, though he is being so depressing. Surely there are a lot of men who would like to be in his cowboy boots. He pushes her - he's not in the mood. Della says, "Damnit. She got to you, didn't she?" Children by a pond feed ducks with Wonder Bread and mint leaves dance around in water. Actually, that's just a couple of commercials.

Kayla says Patch doesn't remember her and Caroline suggests showing him a way to remember her - Kayla refuses to lose him again. Inside, Patch says this wasn't supposed to happen this way. He was just trying to help his brother but Kayla was there and suddenly things happened. He just doesn't remember anything. Della says this is a sign they are now to be together - so she puts 'their' song on the jukebox and pulls Patch up for a dance. Of course Kayla walks in and sees them kiss. He pulls away and sits at the bar with his drink. Della wants to know what he's doing there and he says he's not in the mood - the kiss surely seemed like being in the mood. Something has changed, he says, and he doesn't know what is going on. "Damn you!" Della yells, and accuses him of thinking of 'that woman'. He yells back that she doesn't know what he is thinking about. She goes in for a kiss but he pushes her off and says he can't even breathe. He leaves the bar only to see Kayla making arrangements to get on the next flight to Salem - so he runs after her in slow motion, as she drives off - freeze frame on out of breath Steve.

Posted by Gordon on July 31, 2006 2:08 PM
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