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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Secrets Come Out But Not Really

A woman walks into a non-descript bar somewhere. No, this is not just any woman - it's a woman who's about to cause some big problems, and this is not just some bar somewhere - it is a bar in Cincinnati, Ohio (the subtitle tells us) and the Gloved Hand manages to be here for stalking fun. The woman approaches Patch and asks him where he has been - and then gives him a big kiss. Kayla pulls her off and asks who she is. This should seem familiar if you watched yesterday. The woman says she is his wife, and who is Kayla? Uhm, she is his wife. Kayla asks Patch how he can be married to another woman. Patch introduces Della - not really his wife. He then tells Della all about his life as Steve Johnson and Della flips out - the perfect life, changing diapers. Della tells Kayla to stay out of their lives and she walks away. Della chastizes Steve - Nick for not calling. He asks for a minute to talk to Kayla. He sits her down and apologizes for not explaining, but she didn't exactly ask. Kayla asks how serious this thing is with Della.

Patch says that things aren't what they used to be and he has been with a few people in the past. She says he's not that different than how he was before he was lost. They used to go to the Cheatin' Heart. He thinks he's not the right person for her. This dive bar is the right place for him - Kayla disagrees. He says she's beautiful and a good person but until he can remember her she's only his wife on paper. Kayla wonders why he didn't mention any of this until they got here - was he playing her? Was he just weighing his options to see what was right? No - he just doesn't feel the same connection that she feels. Kayla thought his heart was in Salem. Della comes over to invite him to dance but he declines. She asks if he can even remember making love to her - she doesn't think so. Yet he surely remembers them being together - this is their life now, and she is not giving up on him - and will be waiting for him at the bar. Patch starts thinking he shouldn't have brought them there. Durr. He is worried he is no good for her and what if the DiMerras come after her and Stephanie because of him? He is sounding like a family man, all protective. Patch is worried that if he can't remember her as his wife, how can he be a husband?

At club Thumpa Thumpa (not its real name) Max pulls Chelsea away from the horde of men she is dancing with and wants to know who they are. They are just friends. Of course they are. He wants to go outside but she doesn't want to. She says that she wasn't doing anything wrong - what was she supposed to do while he fixed the car, read Auto Mechanic? All she was doing was dancing with some friends - like he was hanging out with a friend. Max says he is sick of all this and storms out - Stephanie follows. Why? Because she's an intelligent, attractive person who can spot a good opportunity like this a kilometer away. Stephanie asks where he is going - going as far away from there as possible. He doesn't understand how she could behave like this after everything he was through with his car. Stephanie says she doesn't understand racing and perhaps he wasn't meant to be with him. Chelsea dances with more sweaty guys and then sits down to have a heart to heart with Abby. Abby accuses her of being like Sami. Chelsea says she is never going to be like Sami - enough wedding dresses in the closet to open a bridal shop. Abby says sure - since noone will ask her. Chelsea says she will be with Max. Max says maybe people like them will never settle down. Stephanie disagrees. She takes after her father - wild and reckless youth, and settling down later - he is married. Max asks if she thinks this can happen to them. She says she knows it will, and stares lovingly at him. Max says she needs to find someone who will appreciate her courage, beauty, and intelligence - he won't get that sort of relationship with Chelsea. She stares off in the distance. Abby tells Chelsea she won't learn until she loses Max.

Shawn tells Belle it is all going to be okay. Belle is worried Shawn hates him but he doesn't. She is worried that she keeps going back and forth about her commitment to her marriage. She just wants to make up her mind - hugs all around. Good time for Philip to walk out and see this. "Thanks for being here to take care of my wife." He's thrilled about how she reacts to his almost dying. Not quite how Lexie handled thinking Abe was dead but, it's up there. Philip is of course angry but Belle tells him that she is a mess. Shawn says they have to talk about custody which shouldn't be too difficult as they live across the hall from each other. Philip says this is a little too convenient.

Mimi tells everyone that before they make any decisions she has to say something which is of great importance. She tells them that Shawn is Claire's father and explains how it all happened, the blood transfusion match, etc. Shawn pulls her aside to ask how she could know this and she tells him that she overheard the nurses discussing the blood test. Everyone gets upset and Shawn tells Mimi he will get an annulment, then tells Philip that clearly the mixup was fate and he takes Belle and go off together. Philip tells Mimi he is going to sue for custody. Things get super blurry and pop! Oh, it was just Mimi imagining what might happen. She says the four of them have had a complicated history, and fighting is not going to solve anything. Shawn hopes they will stay friends, and that the children will have four parents, and the children will be friends as well. He thinks they can do it but they have to be in it together. Band-aid head Philip stares. Shawn says they are committed to their marriages and that Belle has always been there for him - he shouldn't turn his back on her now. Philip says he will not abandon them.

Carrie thinks she's crazy for thinking she was pregnant and can't stand the fact that she probably won't get pregnant. She asks Lucas if he still wants to be with her - she rushed the wedding. Lucas asks if she regrets marrying him. She says she is sad but doesn't at all regret marrying him. She suggests going up on the roof to celebrate with Sami and Austin.

Sami can't stop looking at her ring. They decide they need more champagne and both men actually say it with correct french pronunciation. Austin notices Sami taking her ring off and tells her to put it back on - and she says the truth is that she doesn't deserve it. Austin tells her not to be so concerned with the cost, that she is worth it. She doesn't want to wear the ring until she can tell him the truth - which, at this point, is how much it means to have him in her life. Austin says, "I don't ever want to hurt you, Samantha." He tells her the ring is hers and he wants her to wear it. He realizes that he forgot the dessert wine and goes downstairs. The exchange that follows is identical to nearly every other one in which he says that she needs to tell him before someone else (Gloved Hand) does.

Austin comes back with Carrie and Lucas in tow. He says they missed the main event which was the engagement ring giving. Carrie loves the ring. Lucas asks if she is happy. Sami asks, " I still supposed to be in love with you?" He says he knows something is going on. Austin takes this moment to ask about the baby. Austin toasts the baby. They clink glasses. Aside, Carrie says she didn't want to ruin their evening. Lucas says that's what makes her so great. Austin raises a glass to Sami - may they one day have a baby like Carrie and Lucas. Clink clink. EJ leans over and whispers, "Now would be a good time." Sami says she has something to say which could change all of their lives forever. Knowing this show you realize that means she is probably going to say something totally insignificant, like that NASCAR should switch to Biodiesel. No - she is going to apologize for everything she has done, and how different everything is now. Lucas says they all know everything she has done. Well, not quite, Lucas. She feels lucky to be with Austin - she wants him to be proud of her and he says he is proud of her. Sami says she wants to be a good role model for Lucas and Carrie's baby and is so excited for Carrie. Carrie excuses herself and takes off. Err.... "Was it something I said?" Lucas follows. Austin goes to check on Carrie, and EJ congratulates her on her speech. "The litany of crimes you've alluded to... and this secret of yours is the worst thing you've ever done?" He says she needs to tell him the truth right now.

Lucas tries to comfort Carrie - there's a baby out there. She says, "Stop it, Lucas, no! I made a huge mistake." Austin stares in shock - and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on July 27, 2006 2:06 PM
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ppppppplease get rid of the babys tell everone everthing, this is so boreing. tell Austin what happen with him and Carrie, so boreing I HATE TO SEE SAMI, MAKE ME SICK.I TURN IT WHEN I SEE NOTHING CHANGED. OSCAR SCHULZE

-- Posted by: oscar schulze at July 28, 2006 6:36 PM

i want belle to get back with shawn.Mimi is very annoying and needs to fall in love with phillip.carrie needs to stay with lucas and let sammie stay with austin.Hope needs to get back with beau.kate needs to go to jail for being a bitch.........

-- Posted by: maria at August 8, 2006 11:30 PM

i hate this, mimi is horrible she dosnt deserve sean

-- Posted by: TIna at August 17, 2006 9:35 PM

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