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Days of Our Lives: Phillip Gives an Ultimatum

Phillip burns himself while pouring a cup of coffee. "Want some coffee." he tells the counter. Belle just happens to be there. She tells him she can't have coffee because she's pregnant. He reminds her that Doctor Bader said she could have up to two cups a day. How big are these cups? He sarcastically remarks, "We wouldn't want to do anything to hurt Shawn's baby..." She says she wouldn't want to put any baby at risk. He says that she drank coffee every morning and she retorts that she didn't know she was pregnant. He says that having Clare cemented everything and now this baby is going to ruin everything. He throws his cup. He says it's not the same that the surrogate is pregnant because he has never been in love with Mimi whereas she has not stopped being in love with Shawn. She says she loves him and wants to be with him. He tells her he understands that she is pro life but that clearly she is only insisting on continuing the pregnancy because it is with Shawn. He gives her an ultimatum - choose to be with him and Clare, or to be with Shawn. Angry Phillip takes out his anger in a race car. He gets something in his eye and swerves, unexpectedly.

The nurse who recently panicked about the mixup is now calm again and asks Mimi how she is doing. Not too well. She has a report on the status of the pregnancies and they are both going well... all things considered. She apologizes for the mixup. Shawn tells Mimi that it's not her fault and that their baby is doing fine. No, she says, hers and Phillip's baby is fine. Shawn goes to talk to Hope. Patrick approaches Mimi and asks what is wrong. She says she's going to lose Shawn because of the pregnancies. Shawn meanwhile tells Hope the news. Hope thinks perhaps he is partially happy this happened. He denies it but she insists that she is right. Mimi tells Patrick she thinks this is happening because she had the abortion, or because she is a Lockhart. He tells her that Hope's baby is his. She is happy for him - now he can marry her and they can live happily ever after. He isn't so sure - he isn't going to pressure her in any way though he will be there for the baby.

Shawn tells Hope that in some ways he does wish he were with Belle but he loves Mimi and is married to her. Hope asks with whom his future is - Mimi, or with Belle and his baby. (And, really, his other baby with her - but we are the select few who know about this.) He asks if she knows who the father is - it's Patrick. He thinks perhaps this is a sign that it's okay to ask for a divorce from Bo. She says that what is happening to Mimi and him are analagous. He says he isn't going to break his vows and neither is Belle. She says that when two people are to be together nothing will keep them apart. He asks if she is referring to him and Mimi, or him and Belle. They go back and forth but Hope asks how he felt in his heart when he heard that Belle was having his baby - he was happy but this is all wrong. Shawn leaves and finds Belle outside. She says that she thinks her marriage is over. She explains the argument they just had and Shawn asks if she would have terminated it given the imagined scenario, and she dodges the question and tells him about the ultimatum but that having his baby feels right. Oh, Mimi had to be there in the corner to see that. Patrick brings in a stuffed stork for Hope. She says that she and the baby need him, and thank G-d he is in their life.

Lucas comes by Carrie's bed and she says "Austin..." He asks if she was dreaming about him - clearly she must have since he saved their lives. He suggests they go to a five star hotel. She is worried about the apartment and he says that it's just about time they got some new stuff for the apartment. The insurance will cover it. They can extend their honeymoon and by the time they come back the apartment will be ready to go. Given the laundry list of changes he suggests for the apartment it seems like it is going to be at least a three month vacation. He says that everything is going to be perfect and he loves her. Back at the apartment, Carrie complains that the smell will never get out of their clothes but he says that they will get all new vacation clothing. Austin swings by thinking the fireman left the door open and Lucas (curiously still wearing scrubs) thanks him for saving them. Lucas gets a phone call and walks away and Carrie tells Austin they need to talk. Lucas has to leave to discuss the remodeling - still doesn't change clothing. She tells him she heard him the previous night in the hospital - everything he said.

Austin had gone out for a run, shirtless of course. He asks Sami what is wrong. She says she cannot stop thinking about the previous evening and all of the things that could have gone rong. He tickles her and goes for a shower. EJ comes knocking at the door, wearing a lovely rugby shirt. She tells him that someone is trying to destroy her relationship with Austin. (DOesn't he already know about all this?) He says that given the nature of the note she should go to the police. The writer of the note is clearly enjoying torturing Sami and she needs to go to the authorities. She refuses. She says that if her father, the police commander, knew what she did then he would never forgive her.

In the shower, Austin finds himself face to face with Carrie. He is shocked that she has appeared naked in the shower. Not shocked enough to share a moment of intimacy, though. He tells her that Sami is his futre and she is his past. Oh, it turns out to be just him imagining what he would tell her.

EJ tells her that the only way to take away the note giver's power is to tell Austin the truth. She says she can't tell him just in time for him to overhear and ask what she can't tell him. She says she was planning a romantic dinner and that she didn't want him to know. He says it's the though that counts and she can go ahead with it, and leaves. EJ is surprised at how quickly and convincingly she came up with the story - she says it has been years of practice. He says that she needs to tell him what happened because if he finds out from anyone else it will be worse. Telling him will prove that she has changed and she should trust in their love. Sami says she has to tell Austin the truth, and hopefully he will forgive her. EJ says he would forgive her, and it doesn't matter what it was because risking everything to tell the truth will show her love. He says that doing this will take the note giver's power away. They hug and Gloved Hand stalks... and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on July 19, 2006 2:39 PM
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