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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Messing with Max

Stephanie and Max work on the car. He is convinced it is impossible. She makes a list of the seemingly impssible and makes it sound simple. He doesn't know why she's helping him, anyhow. She says she doesn't see him as competition and loves a good challenge anyhow. Stephanie compares racecars to relationships - sometimes they're more trouble than they are worth. Max says she clearly must be referring to Chelsea - and once Stephanie looks behind all the walls of defense that Chelsea has put up she will appreciate what a great person she is. Clearly Chelsea is just jealous of Stephanie. Max admits that she isn't the first person to not understand what he sees in Chelsea. Stephanie says she knows what it is - he has an eye for cute girls and has broken hearts "from Indianapolis to Daytona." Clearly there must be more to her than meets the eye. She must be a transformer. He says that he loves her and wants to marry her someday. ouch. Stephanie says that she too once had someone special in her life. Ouch part two - only he doesn't know it. Max gets a text message from Chelsea inviting him to Dune - so he invites Stephanie to come along. She is reluctant but he insists.

Chelsea meets up with Abby. Chelsea comforts him saying he is a survivor, and should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Abby goes to say goodbye to her mother and Chelsea thinks about ways to get rid of "Mrs. Goodwrench" - and finds an article in a magazine which she thinks is the way.

Frankie is watching over Jennifer and Jack, and Abby comes in to offer support. Frankie tells Lexie he wishes there were something he could do. Lexie thinks there is. Jennifer encourages Abby to go back to her friend - she has spent plenty of time with her father. Alone, Jennifer pleads with Jack - why isn't the medicine working? She nods off and Frankie tells her it's time for a break. Jennifer wants to know where they are to go and Frankie says she will see. As they leave Jack looks at them. Jack tells Maggie, who has come to visit, not to bother getting Jennifer because she should have been on her honeymoon with Frankie. Frankie, meanwhile, is alone with Jennifer and tells her that he loves her. Jennifer thanks Frankie for everything he has done for them. She is worried the medicine won't work and he will be waiting forever. He says he knew she loved Jack when they got married, and it's going to be okay - and they kiss. Back in Jack's room Maggie shows him photos but withdraws when she gets to a photo of Jennifer and Frankie. He insists she show him and comments on how happy they look - and that is what he wanted for her. Jennifer tells Frankie that they really do need to be kissing - and so continue doing so.

Abby meets up with Chelsea again and they go to Dune where Chelsea decides to make Max jealous by hooking up with some guy. Abby tells her it's a terrible idea. Chelsea goes on and on about how she is super jealous of Stephanie and clearly the article she has shows that this will make Max jealous. Abby points out the article also says it will bring in the possibility of losing the person. Chelsea decides to send a text message to Max telling him to come over. She gets a message back saying he is coming. She says when he gets there she will be prepared - and goes over to the some guy. Just as she starts flirting with him Abby pulls her away and tells her to stop trying to self-destruct. Abby says she shouldn't be flirting with strangers so Chelsea gets his name - it's Dax. Unlike in Friends, Dax is nothing like Max (just as Steve is nothing like Sleeve) and Dax asks if she can tie a cherry stem with his tongue. He shows off by doing it himself and she is so impressed that they kiss - and Max and Stephanie walk in to see this. Stephanie shakes her head as though to say, will she never learn?

Austin is preparing a dinner on the roof with Maggie's help. She says if she doesn't like it there's something wrong with her. Carrie calls and tells him they can't make it for dinner but perhaps will be able to be there for dessert. She's sure the baby is fine.

Sami is worried about dinner - will Austin ever forgive her if he finds out the truth? EJ says that if he can't forgive her, he doesn't deserve her. Austin tells her that if she doesn't come forward with what she did then she is likely to lose Austin to Carrie. "Oh my..." Austin says, walking in. We are left for a moment thinking he heard. "...just when I thought you couldn't get more beautiful... you look amazing." Whew. He thinks they're never going to forget tonight - she agrees. EJ asks if they want to be alone. He says no but the surprise is ready. Sami says she is ready for the big surprise but first she needs to tell him something about Carrie. He says that he knows all about it and explains the whole phone call. EJ offers once more to leave them alone and Austin turns him down once more. EJ leaves to get champagne - though Austin says it is all covered, EJ insists. Sami tells Austin she has to tell him something and it can't wait. He says he knows but he has to take her to the rooftop. Sami is overwhelmed by how impressive the rooftop is. Austin explains that Maggie helped. EJ joins them on the room and Austin realizes that he forgot something downstairs. EJ and Sami continue to go back and forth over the issue of whether Austin will forgive her. EJ tells Sami that Austin will never go back to Carrie - can't she see what he has done for her? Downstairs, Austin finds the ring he has selected - for Sami of course. On his way back upstairs he looks at a photo of Carrie. Nice move.

At Lexie's office Lexie tells them she is really sorry. Carrie asks if there is something wrong with the baby. Lexie says she doesn't know how to say, but there is no baby. Was it a miscarriage? No, she was never pregnant. Lucas says she took a pregnancy test. Well, it was a home pregnancy test and therefore a false positive. Her lack of menstruation could have come from what could be referred to as hysterical pregnancy. Oh, and is she hysterical now. Lucas insists they can try again. Actually, Lexie says, there is something else to discuss. After she had her appendectomy there was residual scar tissue. Lexie says there's less than 1% chance that they will have a child. Lucas tells Carrie that the important thing is that they have each other. Lexie comes in and is curious as to why Carrie says this changes everything. She had been having second thoughts about marrying Lucas and this pushed her to marry him.

EJ offers to leave when Austin comes back but she says she needs his moral support. Austin comes back and apologizing for taking so long - he needed to put dinner in the oven and find... the ring. He realizes that he has already proposed but he wants to make it official - so he proposes with ring. Sami says, crying, she would love to but she can't. Freeze frame on a shocked Austin.

Posted by Gordon on July 24, 2006 2:00 PM
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