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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lucas and Carrie Exchange Vows

Kayla tells Patch that she was hoping they could spend more time talking. Kayla says she is partially disappointed he doesn't yet remember but also sad for him. She thinks if he sees Stephanie somehow his memory will return. He picks her a red rose. She smiles and says he used to bring her flowers all the time.

Abby confides in Chelsea that she is worried about her father. Suddenly, they spot the mystery woman and Max - and wonder who she is. Chelsea says she doesn't care if she might lose him to her.

Max is also wondering who she is - she says it's fun to keep him guessing. Keeps us guessing too. EJ, our dear British friend whom we haven't seen in ages, sees her as well - and wonders out loud what she is doing there. EJ, would you like to use some hypnotic tapes so you and everone else who is guilty of doing so in Salem will stop talking to yourselves? Max asks what side she will be sitting on - she says it will be the Brady side. Max wants to know what she knows about him and she proceeds to tell most of his early life story which she read on the Max Brady fan club web site. They decide to go and check out the wedding and run into Kayla and Patch. Kayla calls out to her - Stephanie! Probably because it's Stephanie Johnson, her daughter. Kayla takes this time to reintroduce her to her father. Stephanie is shocked. Kayla says something happened to Patch but they can't figure out what it is but that he doesn't have his memory. He apologizes but he only has known himself as Nick Stockton and he is sincerely sorry. Stephanie says the important thing is that he is there and they hug, Patch telling her he's happy to have his daughter. Sadly it's not bringing back memories. They discuss Stephanie's wild and dangerous streak and how she races cars and Patch says he feels an overprotective streak. Stephen is worried that he scared her off just then but Kayla assures him everything will be okay.

Max asks Stephanie why she was so secretive and she says she thought he rather enjoyed it. Out of nowhere EJ approaches and Stephanie naturally recognizes his voice as a fellow racing car driver. EJ pays her great compliments and Max thanks him for the heads up.

When Chelsea overhears Max say that Stephanie is his niece she is chuffed. Abby reminds her that she is technically his niece as well - but as Chelsea says, not by blood. Chelsea tells Abby it is obvious she is not jealous because she will just go in there and claim first dibbs.

The ceremony commences. Sami thinks to herself, "As soon as Lucas and Carrie are married, Austin will be mine." Kate thinks to herself, "Come on, Lexie - it's not too late." Key word being think. Maybe they won't be needing those tapes. Alice Horton looks like she is about to say something but then decides not to. Carrie out of nowhere starts feeling strange. Sami and Austin smile at one another. Kate decides to tell Lexie they need, need to talk. Sami of course is worried. Kate tells Lexie she needs to tell the truth that caused Carrie to choose Lucas. Lexie says it's not Kate's call but Kate says au contraire, it is. They flashback to the phonecall which has been preventing Lexie to say anything but it is clearly for naught as moments later the priest asks if anyone has anything to say and Kate says that Lexie does.

Lucas says, "Please tell me you're not trying to ruin my wedding - again." Kate tells him that Lexie will explain. Her explanation consists of telling them she wants to wish them all of the happiness that they deserve in life and they should be together all they days of their lives. I know that's what I have been waiting since Wednesday to hear. Lucas takes the opportunity to impress on Carrie the importance of the vows they are about to take.

The priest then asks Lucas if he will accept children from G-d as is apparently done in the wedding ceremony. Carrie flashes back to Lexie telling her that she can't have children with Austin, then Lucas telling her everything will be fine. Carrie says she will try to be a good stepmother and Will reciprocates in his dorky way. Off in the corner Kate continues to pry Lexie for the truth. The priest knows the name of the show. They exchange their vows and after the priest tells them all that what G-d has brought together man should not divide they light the candle together. Kate seems to think this doesn't apply to her. She vows to Lexie that the truth will come out. Meanwhile, Carrie and Lucas exchange their own customized rings, vows, and flashbacks. They are introduced as a now married couple. Sami embraces Austin and tells him they are next. Off in a corner, Lexie tells some flowers who are coincidentally named Sami that they don't know how close they came to losing Austin.

The four prospective parents are paged by the hospital and meanwhile, the Gloved Hand looks on. At the hospital they discuss all of their worries and the gloved hand clasps its fellow hand in great expectation and you're not going to believe it - it's the FIFTH time we see the petri cover switching flashback.

Kate is full of rage and is determined that Sami is absolutely going to self-destruct somehow and she and Austin will not wed. She looks on with contempt as Sami and Austin embrace and we freeze frame in multiple colours. I normally don't mention the previews but I have to say I am excited that Kayla mentions that it could only have been Stefano DiMerra that wiped out Stephen's memory like that.

Posted by Gordon on July 10, 2006 2:04 PM
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Max Brady still has feelings for Abby are Girlfriend Chelsea is going to Jail for rest of her Life.
should you Abby that you Love her.
you should break up with Chelsea Brady.
Chelsea killed her brother Zack
she is going to pay for what's she's done.

-- Posted by: Nicole at September 10, 2006 11:22 AM

i think max has got hots 4 stephanie not abby as she is starting chasing after ej

-- Posted by: christina at May 25, 2009 2:58 AM

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