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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: July the 4th Be With You!

Kayla and Patch stroll around Salem, Kayla rattling off family names and explaining lineages, which only confuses him. She assures him all will be okay when - or if - he gets his memory back. Kayla thinks today will be the day. She takes him to a pier - explaining it should have significance to him. He says he remembers what she said about their wedding. Long flashback of them exchanging vows - ah, yesteryear. She then tells him the reason they are there is because this is where they were their first Fourth of July with Stephanie. Flashback to then - a lovely night. Suddenly, Patch says "I got the baby to stop crying" and Kayla is overjoyed, saying "You remembered!" Sadly the case is that he just guessed. She suggests that even though she is all grown up now, perhaps seeing Stephanie would make him remember. He hopes that Stephanie doesn't resent him for being missing all these years. Because he really just decided to fake his death and then forget about it.

Jack tells Jennifer today is a day she should get out and not fuss over him. Frankie intervenes and says they should all go out. Jennifer is concerned that it's not going to be good for Jack. Jack says it should just be them being that it should have been their honeymoon - but Frankie interrupts and says that it should be all of them. Jack suggests they call their outing "Death Takes a Holiday". As they leave, Jack says they have to live for today. He must have loved Rent. He says she should remember the good times - so she does, in a long series of flashbacks. Abby and Frankie come back into the room and they discuss their plans. Jack and Abby go to get ready and so obviously, Jennifer has to kiss and embrace Frankie just long enough for Jack to get a good long look at them.

Jennifer, Frankie, Abby and Jack run into Kayla and Patch. Jack assures Patch that he's going to be just fine and it is all Lexie certified. Jennifer is sad that this is really going to be their last Fourth of July together. This time, for real. Jennifer assures Kayla that eventually Steve will remember everything. JJ has a baby bite of a not so baby burger.

Chelsea is determined that she wants to be single - she wants to celebrate her independence. Max interrupts and offers to join in on the celebration. By this he means he wants to be 'official' with her when they go to the wedding - officially dating. All he wants is commitment. All she wants is a kiss from him and for him to pay the bill. Conflict! At a DJ booth, Chelsea asks if requests are taken. The DJ asks, "What's your pleasure?" Her "whoreid" response? "You." They start dancing ten times dirtier than Patrick Swayze ever did. Max sees them and feels burned. After watching more than his fair share he pulls them apart. The DJ is nonplussed and says he didn't know she had a boyfriend. When Chelsea says she just wants to have fun he storms off, telling her he's done with her. Abby tells her that she just blew it.

Max is so angry about what happened that he, race car driving in anger while thinking about what Chelsea said, has a little car problem. This is why it's better to do your angry race car driving in an arcade, where all it will cost you is a few quarters. As it turns out it was only a little damage to his car - but who did the damage? It's a mysterious racing girl. That should be its own television show - mysterious racing girl. Nobody knows who she is and she goes places too quickly to be identified. She poo poos his angry rhetoric and says, "Sorry - you were in my way." What a non-apology that was.

Carrie tells Austin she's going to tell him the truth. About what? Flashback to Lexie telling her that children born to her and Austin would have a great chance of having deadly birth defects. Carrie tells Austin she's going to tell him why she can't be with him. The truth, she says, is because Austin should be with Sami. Funny, that's not what that flashback was about. Alone now, Austin decides to get out the anger and show off his abs of steel on the roof by beating up a large helpless bag. He can just hear Carrie telling him he needs to move on, and then he imagines his own wedding, kissing a woman we don't get to see the identity of. Maybe it's the Gloved Hand.

Sami finds Lexie and demands that she explain why she didn't tell the truth about Sami. Lexie wants to walk away but Sami insists. Flashback to Gloved Man phone call. Lexie tells her she should be happy things are the way they are. As they continue to go back and forth Kate comes out of nowhere and declares "So... the two of you are hiding something." That's why I find private places to talk when it comes to crucial pieces of information like that. Sami asks how long she has been standing there. Kate says it was long enough to hear that she had more to hear. Lexie and Sami defend their case further. Sami storms off, leaving Lexie to tell Kate to talk to Sami if she wants to talk to someone. After Kate leaves, Carrie approaches and tells Lexie she is confused because she can't stop thinking about when she was told she couldn't have a baby with Austin. She thanks Lexie that she wishes she could tell someone else but obviously she can't tell Austin because he wouldn't accept the medical prognosis and she can't tell Lucas because he would think she only went with him because Austin had the genetic problem. Maybe it's because that is why you went with him.

Kate follows Sami and tells her that she's going to find out the truth and when she does, Austin will leave her. Speaking of Austin, he comes out and tells her off - they're going to be together and have a wonderful family, and there's not a thing Kate can do to stop them from doing so.

Sami and Austin arrive for the fireworks - everything is perfect! Even the kiss they share is perfect. Behind some patriotic baloons, Kate thinks to herself - it really moves me that people in Salem are starting to think without moving their lips and saying their thoughts at the same time - when she finds out Sami's secret, she will be ruined.

Lexie assures Carrie that everything is going to be okay, and we have the flashback of the now infamous Gloved Hand mobile phone conversation. That makes twice for this episode. Feeling assured, Carrie walks off. Lexie feels a pang of guilt and asks the nearby desk how she can be letting Carrie marry Lucas when she belongs with Austin. Oh well. So much for everyone learning to not think out loud. We're making progress, at least.

Posted by Gordon on July 4, 2006 9:56 PM
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What is with Patch wearing the scarf/bandanna tied around his neck at the fireworks show? Who asked for the pirate look? Let's leave that to Johnny Depp!

And does anyone kind of miss John and Marlena? Where did they go?

-- Posted by: amanda at July 5, 2006 2:29 PM

I thought the exact same thing about the "thinking out loud" deal! It's really sad though that the dog figured out, but the people can't seem to...

I miss John & Marlena too! When is their sabatical going to be over?!

I also miss Nicole... how long can a business trip take?

And could the gloved person be Jan? It looks like a mighty feminine hand! Plus, she's just queer enough to do the crazy woo hoo move with her hand!! Or it could be Bart... he's pretty queer that way too!! And I love the idea that was posted a few days ago about Jan returning in tow with Tony and Bart!! Quite the summer that would make indeed!!

And finally, I LOVE the new writer!! Things are finally starting to move along again!!

-- Posted by: Denise at July 5, 2006 3:16 PM

i'm guessing that Gloved Hand is nutty-as-a-fruitcake jan.
i suggested as a joke a while back that jan is totally pissed at lexie because she left her laying in the hospital in a coma months ago and just totally forgot about her. but now it seems that it might possibly be true. plus she hates the whole belle/shawn/philip/mimi clan.

-- Posted by: adair at July 6, 2006 10:23 PM

kate gulp,,girl in race car [patch ]daughter, just tell the truth, [bell ]baby needs it real daddy,please dont keep this going though another one, stop this sick stuff with [jack] let him get ok and send all the others away.we need new things and put [bo] with [hope]billie mom and daughter send them on their way. oscar

-- Posted by: oscar at July 7, 2006 8:40 AM

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