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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Irina Davidescu Special

Today's DOOL fodder is dedicated to my grandmother on my father's side who is now in the hospital battling pneumonia and is not doing well. I fear the worst.

Bo runs into Billie and asks what she is doing there - she is visiting Jack, who may not be responding too well to the medications. He, meanwhile, is there to pick up prenatals for Hope. They're not together (quite yet) but he thought he'd do her a favor. Bo looks away when she asks if he is giving up on her. He says that he hasn't given up on her but he can see how things are never going to be the same, what with what happened with Zack and Chelsea, and her having Patrick's baby. He doesn't think she wants him but Billie disagrees. She says Hope would be crazy to turn her back on him. Billie says that she will do anything to help get Hope back.

Hope is with Patrick, who just fixed the kitchen sink. No charge to her, of course. At some point, he says, they have to discuss the baby. She goes to make tea but he wants her to stay and talk. The only thing she is clear about is that Patrick will be involved in the baby's life. Other than that, she doesn't know what she wants. Patrick gets a phone call from Mimi who tells him she needs him. He tells her to think about it and that they will talk later. Bo shows up at the door - he reminds her that he used to live there and has come with vitamins in hand. She thanks him. He pleads for them to have another chance at being together. He says he will do anything if she does this. She wants what she doesn't have and can't have again, which is to see Zack. Bo says he would give his life to bring Zack back if that were possible. "You can't rewrite history," she says. They go back and forth about his supporting Chelsea. Bo says that he has loved and needed only one woman and it has always been her. He is ready to be the best husband he can be to her and the best father he can be to the baby regardless of the fact that it's not his baby. Yes, he has always hated Patrick but they can move forward and create the best family they can. She says she needs to do what's right and that means having Patrick in the baby's life. Hope says that the bottom line is that she just doesn't trust him. If he can prove that he didn't tamper with the evidence at the trial then she will be willing to work on rebuilding the marriage.

Patrick says Mimi needs to calm down and that it's not a big deal. Mimi reminds him that Belle is having Shawn's baby, not her. She may as well pack up her bags and leave. She wants to rip Belle's face off - Belle said she was happy having Shawn's baby. She can't believe that Shawn still loves Belle - and he has the best reason to be with Belle, whether he loves Mimi or not.

Carrie goes on about how selfish she is, and how many lives she has affected when she can't even get pregnant. Lexie says there is a small chance of her getting pregnant - yes, but a very small chance. Carrie says the relationship is surely over now - but Lexie denies any possibility of this saying that their relationship is real. Carrie almost wishes she had married Austin as she could be not having a family with him just as easily as with Lucas. Carrie says her love for Austin is so different than that of Lucas. She feels like the worst person in the world. Lexie says it isn't her fault and she is just confused. It's almost like she is going to tell Carrie and she gets a ringing text message. It says DON'T DO IT! Lexie uses the "Salem Cell" phone company. It looks remarkably as though someone put a label on the phone. The text message could not look any more fake. Carrie asks her what is wrong as she hands over the phone. Outside, the Gloved Hand snaps shut the phone. Lexie explains that she and a nurse are using a buddy system to give up caffeine. Carrie asks what she was going to tell her and Lexie says that she doesn't feel she should be getting involved in Carrie's personal business. She says she should give Lucas a good chance and if after a year she feels the same, she should see a counselor. If that doesn't work, she should perhaps see a lawyer. Alas, if only Abe would give her a chance to work things out. Carrie says that she may not love Lucas as much as she loves Austin but she owes it to Lucas to work on their marriage.

Sami tells Austin the ring is perfect - the one she wanted - but she can't accept it. She accepted the proposal but can't take the ring - it's too expensive. She never thought he'd actually get it for her. She asks why he even loves her. He doesn't want to embarass EJ. She brings up the company and not spending so much on the ring and he poo poos this as well. He gets on his knee and reproposes and she accepts, and they kiss - with EJ watching of course. Austin goes to get some food from downstairs and Sami tells EJ she feels like a coward. EJ says he understand how this is the case - however, she needs to tell him before somebody else does. EJ compliments the ring. Sami runs over her last few couple of times at the altar and how she is like a joke in the town. Yet - you know what they say about threes. He says sure, bad luck runs in three. No, she says, three times is a charm. She asks to unpostpone the wedding so that the blackmailer won't mess things up. EJ can't believe this. She says that if someone else tells him she can make an excuse and blame the person. Once they are married it will be different.

She asks him to swear on his mother's life not to tell. Austin checks up on the cooking and tells the kitchen his progress. He licks a fingerful of Lucerne whipped cream and thinks of Carrie. Don't you see the connection? Oh yes, he once had whipped cream lips and she snogged him. Billie catches him having this happy memory and accuses him of doing exactly what he is doing. He denies this and having googly eyes at all. She says she is not trying to cause trouble. He says indeed he was thinking of her since the whole problem with the fire happened (Billie didn't know) and he was just worried about her. She says she was worried about him. He says that everything is going well and he even has a beautiful woman to marry. She thinks it's a bad idea to marry Sami when he loves someone else. Austin wants to drop the subject. Carrie chose to be with Lucas, not him. He doesn't want to have this conversation forever. She says that Bo obviously moved on when he thought that Hope was dead and that obviously didn't work out. She says he shouldn't marry Sami out of rebound. He invites her up to the roof for dinner - EJ will be there - and Billie says she is not interested in him and wants to take her time finding someone.

On the roof, Sami once again asks EJ to promise not to tell. He asks what she would do if he did tell. She says, "Believe me, you don't want to find out." He says if he were a real friend to her, he would go and tell Austin the truth but she can have her way. Sami goes to the door and points to two sets of initials : CB+AR and LR heart CB. Her initials are all carved over town, unlike Sami's. Sami spent her whole life in her sister's shadow. She lost her mother but then she came back at fifteen (and so she is stuck perhaps at this age - she couldn't have been happier for a few months.) This is when she met Austin, who makes her feel safe and secure and loved, which is all that she wants. EJ is glad she explained - and this is why she can't tell him the truth. EJ says she needs to tell the truth so they can start their marriage with a clean slate. He says if it doesn't work out there will be a long line of men waiting to take her out.

Patrick says he understands the situation because his is similar. Mimi says it is not really because Belle has the perfect reason to get together with Shawn now - especially since they already share a child together. Oops. Patrick asks what she means by this. Oh yeah. She admits that Shawn is Claire's father in this lovely place we call reality. Freeze frame on Mimi.

Posted by Gordon on July 25, 2006 2:11 PM
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