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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Gloved Hand In Everyone's Business

Patrick wants Mimi to Claire-ify - er, clarify. Shawn is Claire's father? Yes. When they find out they will want to be together. Patrick wants to know how it's possible that they had a child and don't even know it. Mimi tells him that there was a night in which they had to keep warm and used body heat to facilitate this. They suffered smoke inhalation and when they were rescued they were completely naked and though they had no memory of it they must have had sex because when Claire got sick later, blood tests proved that Shawn matched and that Phillip did not. Bonnie apparently did some research and found out that this was conclusively true - Shawn was the father. They go back and forth about Shawn's love for Belle and whether she should come forward with the truth. She tells Patrick that Father Jansen told her he wouldn't marry them unless she told the truth and she was going to but since she didn't, according to the church they aren't even married. Not good. Mimi tells Patrick she hopes he will get his happy ending with Hope. Patrick says that it is not too late and she can fix it. He says she has to take the chance that he will leave if she tells the truth.

Belle finds Shawn - he is still there? Of course he is. She tells him she has dreamed of such a thing happening to them and now they can be together - it's as though it was meant to be. He says he can't dream of putting Mimi through a divorce. Shawn says that he doesn't want to split them up but Belle insists that they are meant to be together as proved by the baby. Belle bemoans her situation and Shawn says she can learn to love Phillip but Belle says she cannot forget about him. The baby proves that Shawn is meant to be with her. She says that taking vows before G-d knowing they are lies is grounds for an annulment. Shawn says she can't even consider an annulment. She asks about the baby. Legally, he says, it is hers and Phillip's. He keeps repeating that she has to forget about them and that he is not leaving Mimi.

Bo tells Hope he will prove he didn't tamper with the evidence. Hope says if he can't, the marriage truly - and this time we really mean it - be over. She says she can't believe his word and goes over why based on past experience. They go back and forth over the evidence switching and the camera malfunction and she says that the only plausible explanation is that he did it but he outright denies it. She says there's nothing he can say to convince her and she will go through with the divorce unless he can prove he didn't tamper with the evidence. While she has forgiven him she doesn't think he could raise another man's child - particularly Patrick. He says that just as his non-biological father loved him, he will love this baby. Hope reiterates - you forgot already, didn't you? - that he has to prove he didn't tamper with the evidence. He says that he will and that he will not lose her.

Maggie and Alice come by to tell Hope they heard the news about the baby. It's a blessing, says Alice. Hope thinks that Zack had a conversation with G-d and the baby was sent to Hope. Alice tells Hope that the baby needs a father - and Hope mentions Patrick. Oh, dear Patrick. Hope says if there is to be any hope with Bo... well then there will be three parents for the baby, says Maggie. Hope brings up the evidence tampering test. Alice says she will get exactly what she needs from Bo.

On a very old looking commercial plane, en route to Cincinatti, Kayla tells Patch that there has to be some clue of how his memory was robbed there. He thinks there's not going to be much there and suddenly Kayla worries that it may be a bad idea to go. Patch is starting to really believe that someone took his memory deliberately - and he thinks he knows why. Close-up on concentrating Kayla. Patch thinks perhaps he had some knowledge that was worth wiping out. It seems to be consistent with Stefano DiMera. Stefano had a talent for making people appear dead whereas they were not. (Including himself?? Gloved Hand?) They discuss Benji, Stefano's son. Stephen's casket was exhumed - they hope it's empty. As they begin their descent Kayla exudes confidence in their ability to solve the mystery there.

Kayla and Patch wander around outside of a bad looking bar - this was his hang-out. He has been coming there for as long as he can remember but they don't have to go inside. Kayla says she wants to go inside - they might find evidence. Gloved Hand waves and a thug approaches and says "I got it - I know what to do." Everyone recognizes Stephen - er, Nick. Patch introduces Kayla. He gets dragged away for some celebratory shots and suddenly Thug guy hits on Kayla, and then tells her that Patch, er, Nick is a womanizer. Seeing this, Patch gives him a good punch, and Thug staggers back only to find a bottle to break and use as a weapon. Gloved Hand watches. Gloved Hand better be on a good Frequent Flier Mile program. The fight rages on and Patch beats him down and tells him to get out - as he leaves he warns Kayla to stay away from him. Patch gets a warm welcome back from the guy at the pool table. Patch asks if Kayla is alright and she asks what the guy knew. Outside, Thug tells Gloved Hand to do his own dirty work next time - and to watch out when he finds out what GH is up to.

Billie comes into Bo's office. She is mad that ding dong Chelsea hasn't shown up for Community Service and that she could go to jail for contempt of court - Bo thinks this might be the wake up call she needs. Bo tells her about his quest to find who tampered with the evidence and says he needs to go check out the evidence room. He sees officer Michaels and tells her he has some questions. Billie soon comes after him and tells him she thinks she knows who did it. Curious look on the officer's face. Billie clarifies saying she has suspicions that it has to be someone on the inside. The officer says she didn't see anyone there. Bo asks for a list of all visitors to the court and jailhouse that day and she says she will help though the odds are against him - but she believes that it wasn't him. It's like that Chris Rock joke about people coming to console you after they rob you the previous evening. "I heard you got robbed." Yeah you know I was robbed because it was you that did the robbing! Bo swears he will find the person who did this. She's right in front of you, duder. The evil officer goes to make a phone call - she calls Gloved Hand and tells GH that she is going to need more money - cash. She tells Gloved Hand to be ready to stop Bo in his tracks.

Patch insists that the Thug was just someone who had it out for him. A strangely dressed woman comes into the bar and tells "Nick" to give her a kiss. Kayla pulls her off and asks who she is. She bleats, "I'm his wife." And who is Kayla, anyhow? Freeze Frame on Nick...Patch... er... Steve.... and Kayla.

Posted by Gordon on July 26, 2006 7:27 PM
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pliz tell me more wat wil happen with the relationship of belle and shawn

-- Posted by: julie vanessa at August 8, 2006 6:43 AM

hey its new fun friend, i would like to tell me what will happen to shawn and belle relationship

-- Posted by: julie vanessa at August 8, 2006 6:46 AM

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