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Days of Our Lives: Don't Drive Without a Helmet

As EJ and Sami talk, the Gloved Hand continues to watch from a distance. Many theories are running loose on internet forums and chat rooms as to whom the gloves belong to. My own theory? I intently paid attention to him as a child in the 80's and was disappointed when I heard he wasn't on the show anymore - and his initials are SD. Not Sorin Davidescu, that's my father. He continues his counsel from yesterday. Sami says she has dreamed of being with Austin since she was a teenager, and how can she tell him the truth when it will destroy everything they have worked for? They go back and forth but then EJ suggests they try to figure out who it is and they run down some names. In theory only three people know all the information on the note and they are Abe, Lexie, and Tek. She thanks him for being a friend. In truth, he has traveled around the world and back again. She promises to be there when he needs help.

EJ thinks the person who wrote the note to Abe might have also written the note to her. She dismisses this notion and says that she doesn't even think she deserves Austin due to the horrible things she has done. EJ says that while she can't change the past she can change the future. She thinks Austin will leave her when he finds out. EJ says that if he had the opportunity to be with her he wouldn't hesitate for a second. Perhaps a nanosecond. EJ suggests perhaps Austin isn't the one she is to be with if revealing the truth would cause such a rift. Sami complains that Carrie seems to be everyone's first choice - the Gloved Hand continues to watch. She theorizes that if she tells the truth either Austin will forgive her, or he will abandon her and she will be left alone and miserable for the rest of her life. EJ says she will never be alone. EJ leaves and Austin comes in

Austin clarifies what he meant by what he said by Carrie's bedside. He says a part of him had hoped they would get together but he is glad they are friends. He says he loves her and always will. She asks what they should do. He says he didn't say what he said to break up her marriage. He reminds her that marriage vows are for life. He respects her marriage vows and what he said was in gratitude that she was alive. Carrie says she knows she heard him say he wished she would come back to him. He says he dreamed of a life with her but she chose Lucas. She says she can't explain to his satisfaction and she doesn't understand how he forgave her for cheating on him. She says that he deserves someone that will treat him better and she understands why she is with Sami. After he says that his feelings for her will not ever change, Carrie asks him if it really is a good idea to marry Sami given his feelings. They go back and forth on the matter but Austin insists he loves Sami - just not the same as he loves her.

At an 'impromptu' breakfast Chelsea guilts Max by saying that she had a good time but almost a great time - alluding to the lack of sex. She thought he was a bad boy in the fast lane but he always seemed to have some excuse to not have sex. He says that it wasn't an excuse, he genuinely did not want her to get pregnant. Chelsea looks to the window in time to see Stephanie looking at them. He asks if she wants to see anyone else and she once again says no with fingers crossed. Max asks Chelsea if she is ready to settle down - she is not but they can still have fun. He goes to use the facilities as Chelsea decides to overcome the urge to have a drink from her fun flask. Max's phone rings and Chelsea silences it. Max asks Chelsea if she is ready to go and a bunch of envelopes fall out. They're letters from the Community Service board and they are all unopened - so Max opens them. She asks if she could be in trouble and he says that she really could be. She has a week to comply or it's jail for her. He says she will go to jail if she doesn't get her stuff together. She thanks him and says he may have saved her life - and they colorfully snog.

Shawn tries to comfort Belle, saying things will work out when he gets back - Belle corrects him - if he gets back. Belle leaves and Mimi arrives and they agree that the surrogate should meet Phillip. Mimi asks Shawn about the Bo/Hope/Patrick situation and Shawn says that a part of hope will always love Bo. Mimi makes a parallel to their situation and Belle steps in to say she hopes that Mimi doesn't feel the same way that Phillip does - and where is he, anyhow? Mimi asks Belle how she can't see that the babies will do nothing but bring Shawn and Belle together. Belle gets a really bad feeling. They return to the Belle / Phillip flat and find no sign of Phillip. Shawn says he probably took a drive to clear his head. Shawn's phone rings - it's Stephanie, his cousin. He had no clue who she was. She asks to speak with Belle and tells her the news. Belle tells everyone the bad news.

We see a slight rewind, with Phillip driving at a maddening speed, full of anger. He gets something in his eye and ends up crashing the car. Stephanie finds him and tries to talk to him. She calls for help and does a brilliant job describing what happened. She tells Phillip that if he can hear her, not to move or even try to move. Stephanie tries to call Max but is frustrated that he doesn't answer. She tells him to hang in there as EMTs arrive. She tells them everything that happened and who it is. Gasoline drips near a broken sparky wire. More workers come to try to get him out of the car while the wires spark on. She tells them they should be aware that he has a prosthetic leg - he wanted to be the first driver with a prosthetic leg to race. Stephanie calls Shawn. Belle soon arrives and, dramatic piano music playing, says she notices smoke. Stephanie restrains her and tries to calm her down. Stephanie goes to get Max to let him know what happened and Belle continues to panic. She goes for the car but Shawn stops her and tells her she can't put their baby at risk. The truth comes out in his voice as Mimi stares. Stephanie goes to the pub where Max and Chelsea are just leaving and Stephanie tells him everything that happened. It's hard to tell if he's more upset about the car or the person who was driving it. The latter wins as he asks his condition.

Back on the track Belle continues to cry and try to get to Phillip, who is now gurney-strapped. She wants to tell him she feels guilty. Shawn tells her that he just lost his little brother in an accident and he doesn't want to lose her or the baby as he loves her. Shawn has great timing, doesn't he? The freeze frame should have been on Mimi's reaction to Shawn's love declaration but is instead on Belle. Go figure.

Posted by Gordon on July 20, 2006 2:36 PM
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