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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Back to High School Mentality

Chelsea and Abby arrive at the garage in search of Max. Chelsea is immediately befuddled as to where Max could possibly be. Detective Abby Holmes deduces that he must be with Stephanie due to a number of clues. Chelsea says she is worried that Stephanie is making a move. Abby points out that she only seems to care when someone else seems to be interested - Stephanie is only a friend who is helping him. Chelsea is lucky that Stephanie isn't interested. Chelsea oddly asks if she thinks Stephanie is still a virgin. Abby recalls overhearing from her parents that she wants to wait until marriage. Chelsea says she wants to go through Stephanie's things and find out more about her. Abby tells her not to as it is wrong. Chelsea says it is not that big of a deal. She finds a copy of Wuthering Heights - bought it a month ago. She says Stephanie must be a slow reader. Chelsea says Stephanie has all sorts of good qualities. Abby says that the only way that Chelsea is going to lose Max is through flirting with other guys. Chelsea finds a notebook that has "Max Brady" surrounded by hearts and asks if she is still being juvenile now. There's nothing to the doodles, says Abby. Maybe so, but Chelsea writes "WHORE!" on Stephanie's locker. Abby tells her to erase it but Chelsea doesn't want to. They go outside.

Stephanie grabs a humongous cup of coffee for herself and warns Max that they're not getting any sleep that night. No innuendo - it's the coffee. She thinks that Chelsea is crazy, and doesn't deserve Max. If Stephanie had a guy like Max she would not treat him the way Chelsea treats Max. Max asks about the guy that she was interested in - key word being was. She says he's interested in someone else. Max asks what is wrong with the guy - he should ask himself. Stephanie says Chelsea reminds her of Sami - quick denial from Max. He is glad there is only one Sami Brady in the world - just give her time, Stephanie says. Max tells her sad little life story and all the bad things that happened to her. Stephanie said they have had their share of bad things happening but they haven't reacted in this way. He says that people all react differently. Chelsea hasn't had good influences, really. Stephanie says that Chelsea doesn't seem so insecure when she's throwing herself at other guys. Max says it is a defense mechanism - she was right to think Chelsea is jealous of her. They exchange compliments and Stephanie says meeting him has helped her. She had always dreamed of her parents getting back together and now there was a real chance of that. He asks if she believes in fairy tales and happy endings. She remarks that he must as well for being still interested in Chelsea. Zing. He suggests they go back to the car. They come back and find the lovely message. Who could have done this? "You have to ask?" asks Stephanie. He apologizes and gives her a big hug. Abby and Chelsea come in to erase the childish message only to see Max and Stephanie hugging.

Repeat - Austin goes to check on Carrie. Rehash of everything EJ said yesterday. EJ asks if she is listening to him. He says she needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. Repeat of yeseterday's dramatic revelation - Carrie says she made a huge mistake, Austin looks on. She goes on about rushing the wedding and only marrying him because she thought she was pregnant. Eye-roll from Austin. Lucas says they moved up the wedding date but the pregnancy wasn't the only reason for getting married. Ever since talking with Lexie, Carrie has been getting more upset. She needs more time to think about everything. He says they will take things slowly - spend some time in Italy, get to know each other better and get closer - and then come back and talk about adoption, and everything will be fine. Carrie has a bad headache - and Lucas goes to get some aspirin. Austin walks in (where was he?) and they look at each other.

EJ asks what the worst thing that can happen - she will lose him entirely. He thinks that perhaps there will be seperation but he will eventually forgive her. Flashback to the last time that Austin rejected her and said "I'm not marrying Sami today or any day and I don't care if I hear the name Sami Brady ever again." She doesn't want to hear this again but EJ says that her future lies in her hands and she needs to make a choice - tell him and suffer a little, or don't tell him and suffer forever. Sami wonders if perhaps the note giver doesn't know anything and is basing his notes on educated guesses. EJ asks if she is ready to take this kind of risk. There could be another note on the way, after all. There is, in fact, a note that gets put into an envelope by Gloved Hand. Alas, Lucas couldn't find any aspirin - so he proposes going to the drugstore. He asks Austin to look after Carrie. Austin offers her tea and then tells Carrie he knows what she said, and is sorry. Carrie feels like a total failure. EJ tells Sami she has to find the courage to do it. She says she can't. Turned the best night of her life into the worst. Flashback to Lexie saying she is free to tell the truth. Sami says she is a monster and Austin will never forgive her. Carrie feels stupid for not knowing she was pregnant, and now she knows she will never be pregnant - and she has to stop feeling sorry for herself. Austin asks about their adoption plans. Carrie says this is so but she now feels the marriage was a mistake. She's not sure if she would have married him had she known she couldn't have children. He asks if she wishes she had married him. There's no point, she says, as she is married and he is engaged and nothing will change that. A note slips under the door. Lucas sees Gloved Hand scurrying off and shouts, "What are you doing?"

Kayla says that Steve belongs with her. That's what she believes, he says. Life in Cincinatti is the only one he can relate to. Nothing in Salem is remotely familiar and he doesn't want her to put her life on hold - and he thinks its best they go their seperate ways. He doesn't want to hurt her and thinks it is time to say goodbye. She says she doesn't want to say goodbye and they can start over. Patch says that someone did this to him on purpose and she says yes, to break them apart. She wants to fight but isn't sure it's what he wants. He agrees. She says that when she thought she lost him the only thing that kept her going was Stephanie, and trying to get involved with another man just didn't ever work out. She will always love him no matter what, for the rest of her life. He apologizes that he is afraid he will not be able to return the love. They go back and forth and Kayla says he sounds like her husband that he is. He says she has to go. She begs him to come back to Salem but he won't budge. Outside, the car remote doesn't work, and neither do the keys, which she throws down in sadness and cries - and we freeze frame here.

Posted by Gordon on July 28, 2006 2:09 PM
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This one episode I watch it was about when abby wonders why max does not want to see her anymore shes like what happen between me and max why is that girl mimi going out with him she all says in her one minded mind and chelsea says hey I Love nick wonder if he loves me so they go see nick hes like I love u I think thats what he says on that episide and um even chelsea and abby read his e-mail and so on well bye I miss those days!!

-- Posted by: charlene at January 20, 2007 3:06 PM

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