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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Viva Las Vegas! (Not for Sami)

For some reason this looks to be an especially slow week. I think it is safe to say that by the end of the week Patch isn't going to realize he's Patch, Bope aren't going to make up, Lexie won't manage to go through with her threat of exposing Sami's scheme which won her Austin, Jack will continue to be alive (and given that he recently upped his contract we can expect he will continue to do so for awhile), Abe will continue to act menacingly towards Lexie and Tek but not quite do that lovely thing called doing anything, and Lucas will continue to badmouth Sami while not actually taking action to remove her from their lives.

I could be wrong, of course.

The episode opens nicely enough with Bo running Hope into the hospital and getting her onto a bed. He's a good husband, even if she already signed the divorce papers. The nurse assures Bo that her vital signs are good, which is apparently a good thing. It wouldn't be DOOL without some drama so of course guess who else comes to visit dear Hope? It would have to be Patrick Lockhart. Bo and Patrick exchange some rather unpleasant words, each telling the other to get out of there. Bo telling Patrick to "Get a life" was classic.

Lucas, Sami, Austin, and Carrie seem to quibble a bit about whether one can consider Jack and Patch coming back the way they did a good thing. Sami, convinced that Salem weddings are jinxed, pleads with Austin to elope and go to Las Vegas. Austin, sensing that this might make things actually happen, adamently refuses.

Stephen may not know who he is (or at the very least he knows who he thinks he is and it's not Patch) but what he does know for sure is that he wants some soda pop. If Salem is in the midwest as it is purported to be shouldn't he refer to it as just plain 'pop' and not 'soda pop'? Anyone?

Jack doesn't want much out of life anymore other than to die with dignity and to see Jennifer and Frankie end up together. It's too bad he had to walk into the wedding last week and make the whole thing invalid. Meanwhile, Max is trying to convince Frankie that he should be spending more time with Jennifer.

The episode ends with Jennifer contemplating the man that she loves that she thought was dead, contrasted with the man who has not (yet) faked dying or lay dying endlessly with whom she clearly cannot be - at least so long as she remains wed to the first man. In one of the best DOOL Freeze Frames ever we have Jennifer with Jack and Frankie in either corner. It would certainly make for a good desktop wallpaper.

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 26, 2006 4:00 AM
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