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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Wedding Crashers

Is this Days of Our Lives, or Star Wars? The classic line "I have a very bad feeling about this" makes an appearance as Lucas is viewing a half empty cup, thinking something bad is going to happen if Sami comes to the wedding. Will must have similar thoughts too because as Sami helps him put on his tie he asks her to consider not going. Will thinks her future with Austin is "doomed." Sami wants clarification. Will says that he's sure if she marries Austin, something terrible will happen. She imagines her wedding being interrupted by Lexie who tells all, causing everyone to turn their backs on her, including Will - he never wants to see her again. Panicked by this imagined scenario, Sami tells Will it will never happen like that - and Will tells her to calm down. Obviously he didn't watch what was going on in her imagination.

Abe Tek and Lexie are at the wedding - a bit awkward. Lexie has a flashback which reminds us of why exactly it's so awkward. Lexie once again swears revenge. Meanwhile, she tries to win Abe back by pointing out how happy Jennifer and Frankie are, and how they have loved each other for years. As Sami arrives, Tek pulls her aside to tell her that her secret will be exposed in front of everybody.

Everyone seems pretty happy about the wedding except, of course, for Abby. Kayla tells Bo that she hopes that he and Hope will find the happiness that Frankie and Jennifer have. "From your lips to G-d's ears" Bo says.

Flashbacks all around as Hope remembers standing at the altar with full on mullet and beard Bo, and Kayla remembers the ring going on her finger when she wed Patch. Hope smiles at Bo as the priest explains the wedding ceremony, while Kayla thinks of the "best of Kayla and Patch" which caused her to want to get some fresh air. Chelsea and Abby disagree whether Hope and Bo's exchanged looks are a good thing or not. People like to talk during weddings. Alice tells Abby that Jack will always be in their hearts just as Tom is in their hearts. He's in our hearts too, at least twice an episode. Frankie and Jennifer exchange vows and put on their respective rings, and the priest pronounces them husband and wife. That should be enough, right? Jennifer tells Hope to not give up... hope... because her and Bo's vows will be forever.

Jack and Patch arrive at a seemingly random church - or is it? Jack reminds Patch that this is where he married Kayla. StevePatchNick thinks he's only putting off seeing his wife which, in a way, he admits to. He just wants to say a prayer, maybe light a candle or two - clearly a good way to get inner peace in Salem. Jack keeps hoping that seeing something will make Steve remember everything - maybe telling Steve this is where he was buried will help. "That creeps me out" Steve says. Steve goes to wander around while Jack wonders about the weird coincidence that there's a wedding going on and his wife's preferred flowers are on the door. It's not too long before he hears music coming from the church and oh! It's music his wife loves, too. Will the coincidences ever end? He cracks open the door to the church and sees Jennifer standing at the altar with Frankie. Just as it seems that the important part of the ceremony is over and Jennifer is to kiss Frankie, Jack walks into the church. Jennifer almost immediately sees him.

Kayla steps outside to the cemetary area (cemetarea?) to gaze sadly at her husband's tombstone. She suddenly turns around and gasps - she can't believe it! Of course, given that lately the people who are not believed to be making appearances aren't actually who we anticipate, we can already guess during the opening theme that it's not going to be Steve. It's actually Roman, wondering how she is doing. All things considered, not that great. If only Steve were still alive... She actually takes the time to look at Zack's grave and mourns for him as well. Kayla wonders why Steve had to be taken from her so soon. She imagines him approaching her and assuring her that he is still there. She snaps out of it and suddenly hears a voice saying "I'm still here!" She continues to stand there crying at the grave when Steve approaches her from behind asking if she is alright. Kayla recognizes his voice and turning around, faints in his arms. Steve looks at her and sounding like he finally recognizes her says, "Kayla..."

The whole church is full of chatter as they realize it's Jack. Jennifer is shocked beyond words. Super cool freeze frame with Jack in one corner. I have to wonder what kind of technology is used to make these freeze frames.

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 21, 2006 2:26 PM
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