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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Tell-All Special

Remember what happened yesterday? Don't worry, the entire set of pre-theme scenes sums it up pretty well : Hope is pregnant (Bo immediately assumes by him), Jack wants to die in the hospice (and everyone begs him not to go), and Lexie wants to tell everyone the truth about what happened.

Bo asks FancyFace if she isn't excited about the pregnancy - he thinks it's a sign from Zack that he wants them to work things out. Having just had a pair of flashbacks to her intimate moments with Patrick and Bo, Hope announces that it's not that simple. Where's Maury when we need him? Patrick thinks it may be his. Billie posits that if it turns out to be Patrick's baby that Bo will be devastated. Not as devastated as Patrick's face was when Bo gave him a nice punch after Hope makes the speculation that it might be Patrick's baby after all. After everyone else clears out, Hope apologizes for dragging Patrick into the whole mess. Billie tries to comfort Bo by telling him it could very well be his. Bo says that a new baby could, if it is Patrick's, ruin their relationship. Patrick assures Hope that either way things will work out whether it is between he and Hope or Bo and Hope. Hope pages a nurse and indirectly tries to figure out who impregnated her by finding out how far along she is. Alone, Billie thinks to herself that if it is Patrick's baby she may have a chance to be with Bo. That's right, she actually THOUGHT IT TO HERSELF and didn't talk it out loud by herself. As luck would have it, the tests were inconclusive. Go figure.

Sami tells everyone that Lexie is just being spiteful and trying to ruin things for them because she's miserable and guess who joins the peanut gallery? Kate and Will of course! What could this all be about? A flashback reminds us that Sami blackmailed Lexie to have Carrie not choose Austin. On the side, Lexie tells Kate that when she tells everyone what she must tell, Sami's life will be over. Shockingly enough, Kate is pleased with this knowledge. Will wants to know if it's really bad, and of course Lucas pokes her to admit the truth. Austin chimes in that if she has done something wrong then it would be best to hear it from her. Oh, if only he knew.

Lexie blames herself for what happened between her and Abe. Well yes, you cheated on him. Kate tells Will that no matter what, she loves him. Sami asks Austin to please promise he will try to understand. I love you, he says, but until she comes clean he can't promise a thing. Lexie asks Carrie if he would still be with Lucas if she could have healthy children with Austin. She responds that she may have wanted to be with Austin but now she was perfectly happy with Lucas.Sami suddenly feels something in her eye so she runs to another room to talk to the mirror. Curiously, a Sami that is wearing different clothing appears and tells her that it's all over for her. How rude, different clothing Sami! She insists to different clothing Sami that there must be a way to stop Lexie. Frying pan? Only in her weird imagination. Different clothing Sami suggests getting right out of Dodge.

Best line of the episode? "This is taking a ridiculous amount of time!" That was Kate. Who agrees? Sami keeps saying she is going to tell everyone what happened but keeps on stalling. Lexie pushes the issue - "Are you going to tell everyone or should I?" Sami says she is going to tell the truth. After stammering and stuttering, Lexie says that Sami has been blackmailing her. Everyone wants to know - Will pronounces that he particularly wants to know.

Walking out on a family, or protecting them? Jennifer says if Jack leaves now it would hurt them worse than anything. Frankie is understanding, yes, but why should Jack change his mind now? Of course, it's all about Patch. Jack thinks it was part of G-d's plan to keep him alive long enough to at least bring Patch back. Best line? "What kind of man would I be to stick around for that?" Jack asks, referring to his impending demise and everyone's sorrow over it. Frankie's answer? "What kind of man would you be if you didn't?" Of course the retort is golden. "A dead man." Dead men tell no tales, according to a lot of pirates (including those of the Carribbean.) The pleading continues. They want him there, because he's so clearly a precious gift so long as they have him.

Abby refers to Frankie as Husband #2, a replacement husband. After reprimanding her for saying this, Jack insists that all he wants is for Jennifer to be happy. Abby insists he's obviously leaving because he doesn't want to see Frankie and Jennifer together. Everyone insists again and again that they want him to stay. He finally agrees. Jennifer thanks Frankie for being so supportive.

Steve tells Kayla that if Jack goes, he has to go to. Oh, Kayla doesn't take this too well. She impresses upon him the importance of staying but he can't bring himself to. It's because of that little memory loss problem, really. Steve says that he's not her husband anymore, at least legally. Kayla insists that she can't let him go. He finally agrees. Phew.

There seems to always be an advertisement for "Passions" at around what I call half-time. Why is that? I would guess they are trying to remind you that if you have nothing better to do with your life come two o'clock, you may as well watch Passions. Sorry NBC, I get my DOOL on my DVR.

The episode ends with Lexie telling Sami that it's time for her to admit why she blackmailed her. Double freeze frame time!

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 28, 2006 2:32 PM
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between abe's erectile dysfunction and hope's irregular menstrual cycle, i feel as if i know WAAYY too much about these folks' reproductive organs, haha.

and btw, you're doing an awesome job, gordon! really enjoying your updates. fun stuff... :)

-- Posted by: adair at June 29, 2006 9:19 PM

Thanks, adair! Your comment was the highlight of my night and greatly appreciated. I more or less just watch the episode and work within a text file, going up and down and add to each storyline. I think it gives it a nice cohesive feel so you can see all of what's going on with Sami at once, Bo all at once, etc. :)

-- Posted by: Gordon Davidescu at June 30, 2006 1:31 AM

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