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Days of Our Lives: Passing the Blame Game

Jack and Abby share a loving father / daughter moment. Jack is profusely sorry, of course, for everything he's done. He's so sorry that the thing he needs most is a tall glass of water. Only, instead of getting water he gets a nice visit from a very young JJ. Abby is sure there's a cure because, you know, there's lots of information on the internet. Left alone, Jack gets up just in time to look out the window and misinterpret a hug between Frankie and Jennifer.

Kayla wants to tell Patch everything, to help him remember who he is - but first, she wants to know the truth about where he was. Of course, the problem is that he doesn't exactly remember. I would wager that the memory is going to come back in patches of flashbacks (no pun intended there) slowly over the next few weeks. It'll be like when Doonesbury had the Iran Contra Affair puzzle a number of years ago. The first full flashback reminds me a bit of Memento - he woke up in a seedy motel room - feeling so hung over yet not hung over that he had to go for drinking right out of the ice bucket, which looks suspiciously like a blue popcorn bucket. The good news is that he found 'his' wallet with $500 and a Cincinatti driver's license. The bad news is that he immediately lost the cash when he was ambushed all of a sudden and then found himself in a hospital, wondering who he was. He was so thankful to the hospital that he started working there - and that's where he was ever since.

Frankie, ever the optimist, is convinced that things are doomed for he and Jennifer now that Jack is back. Chin up, Frankie. Just because the woman you were at the altar with recently can't really marry you due to her husband coming back from out of nowhere doesn't mean things are doomed. He says he won't 'stand in the way' if she wants to be with Jack. Jennifer insists she stands by her wedding vows, even if Jack is back. They engage in a possibly adulterous kiss. Naughty Jennifer!

Naughty Jennifer, after kissing her nothusband, asks if Frankie will please bear with her for these next few weeks.... however long... while they take care of Jack. Frankie assures her that if she needs anything he will be there. They hug - and it's misunderstood. I wonder if it's a coincidence that Jack suddenly announces to everyone that he wants to go back to the hospice to die?

Speaking of things being doomed, Sami must things will be doomed if she doesn't get the gang out of Salem and to Vegas for a quick wedding. Lucas, who was surely called Negative Nancy at one point in his life, thinks Sami is up to no good. He can see it in her eyes. Did Lucas see Rent? He has absolutely no data to substantiate this and of course, Austin doesn't appreciate his crazy accusations. Sing it with me Ghostbusters style: when you think Sami's doing something wrong / in your neighborhood / who you gonna call? / Lexie Carver! Okay, the song doesn't quite work as well as the original but that is who he calls. Alas he reaches her answering service but of course, she will inevitably check it.

Austin asks what Lexie even has to do with anything. Obviously the answer comes in the form of a flashback which... if you watched yesterday's episode, you have already seen. No matter. At least it's not like the flashback of Sami and Dr. North arguing over lying about Lexie's test results. I think we seriously saw that at least six times. Post-flashback, Sami tells Austin she is so glad he trusts her. Lucas tries to get Sami to "fess up". Austin is so fed up with him that he asks him to leave.

Shawn is convinced that it's Bo's fault that Hope is in the hospital. Hope wants to know what Patrick and Bo talked about. Obviously the subject matter was Hope - and how Bo said they were getting back together. Meanwhile, Bo and Shawn rehash the whole story up until now from the night Zack got hit. Have you ever noticed what happens when Bo gets really angry? He always raises a hand and says half sentences and then gets a sort of grimace. Shawn decides to tell Bo that he knows what it's like to lose the love of his life. Bo makes his priorities clear to Shawn, lovewise. Hope, Shawn, and Zack came first. Shawn insists that his actions make it clear that this is not the case.

You wouldn't believe it but Mimi and Phillip are both bothered hearing Shawn say that he knows what it's like to lose the love of of ones life for their own reasons. Mimi runs off to a supply area to have a flashback of Shawn saying it. Phillip is convinced her running off means that she wants Shawn as well. Actually, she ran off so she could decide she wants a divorce. Rash but understandable given the circumstances.

Patrick, on the other hand, is having happy memories of more intimate times with Hope. He then basically asks Hope if it meant as much to her as it did to him. We don't get to hear an answer, alas. What better time for a nurse to come around to announce that her symptoms were all indicative of pregancy?

To cap off the episode, Lexie makes an appearance just as Lucas and Carrie are about to leave. Lexie tells them that they will all want to hear what she has to say. Don't you?

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 27, 2006 2:28 PM
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