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Days of Our Lives: Kate Finds Out More About Sami

Shawn, looking at Mimi's wedding rings, flashes back to the fight they had in yesterday's episode. Bonnie comes over, ostensibly to see how Shawn is doing, and is full on enraged when she finds out what happened. She nearly bursts down the door and when she sees that Mimi is packing her luggage to leave Shawn asks what she is smoking. With Belle and Phillip over, Shawn tries to eplain the misunderstood overheard bits of the conversation he had with Bo. As Belle goes in to talk to Mimi, Phillip warns Shawn to stay away from Belle. Shawn tries to explain that he only meant that Belle was an important part of his past and he would never try to split them up. "Belle wants another child with you - doesn't that mean she wants to be with you?"

The solution for asking for a divorce? According to Bonnie, unasking for it. She makes a compelling argument for her trying to work things out. "Do you want Shawn - or do you want Belle to take him away from you?" Belle, coincidentally, is at the door - but Bonnie doesn't think it's a good time to talk. Rather, she should get some rest. Alone, Mimi gets a nice sigh out. Back out, Bonnie comes back and explains that the whole problem is hormonal - but Mimi cuts right in to apologize and to say she is tired of lying. She feels she should have done it a long time ago. But first, there is a round of mutual apologies. Shawn insists she is the only one for him and gets on his knees and asks if she will still be his wife. The rings seal the deal, and the lying goes on. Belle and Mimi both receive phone calls - both from the hospital - good news all around. Mimi's egg was a 'keeper' - and she even did air quotation marks.

Sami is working from a cookbook called "Make him Beg For More". Lucas comes in and is intrigued by the smell up until he finds out it was Sami that was cooking. He says that Sami is full of surprises, which is really his way of summarizing everything that happened to them in yesterday's episode. Sami presents them all with orange juice, giving them all about a shot full. I think she only squeezed one orange to get that little. As Austin and will leave to tend to their business, Lucas is left alone with Sami and that means one thing - more apologies from Lucas. Immersed in conversation, nobody notices that breakfast gets burned in the oven - good thing everyone made reservations at the pub, quite the popular place. Sami decides to make a mysterious phone call.

Kate, Caroline, and Roman meet at the pub for breakfast to plan out the wedding. Roman is quite happy for Carrie. Lexie comes in to "borrow" Roman - she asks him to talk to Abe since he won't talk to her. She is relieved that he agrees. Kate, meanwhile, is still stewing over Lexie's lack of more information on Sami. She is so convinced that she goes out to talk to her, but Lexie pretends to have an eyelash problem and walks away. Lexie's phone rings - she left it behind. It turns out to be Sami. Pretending to be an answering service, Kate listens as Sami asks why Lexie didn't tell everyone the truth, and asks about it in way too much detail for a message to someone who already knew the truth.

At the pub, Austin, Will, Lucas, and Kate sit and discuss the breakfast mishaps. Austin asks Kate to try to be good for once and not say anything rude to Sami. Meanwhile, Sami sees Lexie and asks if she got her message - which she wouldn't have, of course. Wouldn't Lexie wonder why her phone says that she had a two minute phone call from Sami? I know I check my received calls now and then. Lexie tells her to drop the subject and leave it be. Kate, with Sami eavesdropping, asks what is really going on to cause her to protect Sami. Lexie tells her to mind her own business for once in her life.

Roman is quite happy that he will be walking Carrie down the aisle - and that she and Lucas are happy together. Off to the side, the gloved hand continues to be creepy.

Patch is at the pub too, with Kayla - he says they need to have a serious talk. He's worried that things won't be the same anymore between them but is willing to hear about more memories to try to make things better. She says she knows she has her husband back. The first thing is that Kayla wants Patch to see Stephanie - about whom Patch wants to know everything. Fortunately, Kayla has a wallet full of photographs. Kayla says Stephanie has an unusual profession and after she tells him, he agrees. What it is we may someday know but it's not going to be today. Of course, calls to her don't reach her.

Max and Frankie are having breakfast as well, Max being ever the gentleman by referring to Jennifer being with Jack at least until he "kicks the bucket." Seeing Chelsea and Abby walk in, Frankie asks Max if he and Chelsea are together. Sadly, over at the Chelsea & Abby table, a similar discussion is taking place only Chelsea is saying they're not together. Chelsea says that you have to make a man work for your affection. That's going to really get you far, Chelsea. Frankie, meanwhile, thinks that Chelsea is playing games with him - he's right! Max is convinced this is not the case and that Chelsea is not that sort of person. He is so convinced that he brings Chelsea - alas, she wants to be free to see other people. Abby tells her that she will be sorry that she did this.

Shawn and Phillip, buddy buddy once more, are sent off to get sperm samples. Belle and Mimi discuss how happy they will soon be to be mothers. Back from donation, Shawn thanks Mimi for happy thoughts. TMI, Shawn, TMI. Menacing Gloved Hand makes its most shocking move yet when it switches the lids of the petri dishes in which Mimi and Belle's eggs are sitting. Gloved hand makes rock 'n' roll fist pumping action - switch to a sudden Mimi and Belle freeze frame. Anyone want to bet that gloved hand belongs to a woman? That's why I have been referring to it as just a hand and not a hand belonging necessarily to a man.

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 30, 2006 7:13 PM
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haha, i joked a while back that 'gloved one' is actually jan spears, furious that lexie totally forgot about her laying there alone in a coma all these months. but now, who knows?!

and yeah, TMI in large doses lately...(but i do love it so)
let's recap:
-abe's E.D.
-hope's irregular menstrual cycle
-shawn and philip's happy-go-lucky banter after the sperm 'donation.' that was

-- Posted by: adair at July 1, 2006 12:01 AM

The return of Jan Spears would be one of the greatest things that could ever happen. And if she returns with Tony and Bart in tow ... oh nellie, we've got ourselves a summer!

-- Posted by: mac at July 1, 2006 11:09 AM

you guys let sami get away with too much. Why would she want her sister leftover in the first place. There is not enough men in that town they have to share mens.When shawn and Belle going to wroke up to the fact that shawn is the father of Belle baby. not phillip. Phillip and mimi they needed to hook up with each other. Mrs.Mimi when shawn find out that's his baby he is going to leave you.Mimi always talk about tell Shawn the truth but she should tell him the truth that his baby. When he do find out he is going be one mad young man.His grandfather know and will not tell him kate know she is a evil woman. those are some cold heart people on days. Chelsea if she killed Zack she should go to jail she is spoil and bo that all he did were spoil her from money to his car knowing she didn't have driver license. Bo were paying Chelsea to like him. I hear that Billy may not be Chelsea mother. Hope is, Chelsea hate hope. Chelsea need Bo to take a belt to her that chick is out of control. Lexie and Abe needed to go there way they Lexie done cheat on Abe twice with his own son that not Abe son. That Abe son son.
and Lexie known it. Abe is a fool a big fool. when is he gone open his eyes and see that not his child that is grandchild. HELLO!

-- Posted by: Nancy Lee at July 3, 2006 6:04 PM

does patch remember that he can play the harmonica?

-- Posted by: janet at July 3, 2006 7:34 PM

Is there really such a cookbook called:
"Make him beg for more"?


-- Posted by: Kathy at August 21, 2006 11:34 PM

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