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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Gloved Man Strikes!

It's a night out at Brady's - and Kayla wants to get in a word with Steve. Steve tells her that they're not going to leave because Jack is staying, and Kayla says this is good news for all of them - maybe his memory will be jogged? Maybe, says Steve, but she shouldn't get her hopes up. Did the same couple walk by again? Kayla is a bit disappointed that Steve doesn't remember the first wedding - she retells the whole story of losing her hearing and being able to speak. Flashback to his helping her speak again. It must have been the healing power of the mullet. Kayla then takes Steve to the prison cell where she then explains all of their three weddings and how she ended up being in labor during the trial.

Flashback to Patch helping with the delivery in the hospital - nothing like a man in scrubs wearing a patch. As she continues to explain, Steve gets super confused. He thinks she is making this up. She doesn't want to scare him off and can't guarantee a non-crazy future but she knows they can be happy together. They both think each other are being a hardship on each other now but neither really is. Kayla remembers holding Patch as he lay dying. Perhaps the mullet wasn't strong enough. Kayla invites Steve for a drink but he has to get back to Jack. Kayla says she has enjoyed the trip down memory lane but Steve laments that it has been only a one way trip as it were. She kisses him good night and he suddenly flashes back to a kiss they shared many years ago. Kayla can tell he remembered something.

Jack likes to talk to himself, it seems. Then again lately everyone has been talking to themselves at one point. Jennifer again expresses thanks to Frankie for being supportive, who reminds her that he needs his family. Jennifer wishes there were something they could do. Frankie says Jack will always be in their hearts. Jack insists that so long as she has Frankie in this world he will be able to rest in peace. He suddenly feels a strange sharp pain - Jennifer administers some medication. He's shaking all over the place and in pain and they debate how many pain killers to give him. Jack promises not to die unless Jennifer is by her side. Frankie insists she lay by him if it will help him sleep, so she does. She remembers their wedding and plenty of cuddly moments like the one they are now having. What's the song playing? "Never let go"? Hmm.

Shawn runs after Mimi, wanting to talk. Mimi insists he obviously just settled for her when he couldn't have Belle. "I am not the love of your life!" she says at least three times, in case he doesn't get it. Alone, Mimi cries over a photo and tells not really there Sean that he should be with Belle and their baby.

Phillip is still irked with Belle, but more so with Shawn for saying that Belle is the love of his life. When Shawn comes "crawling back" what will she do? "You are the father of my child," she says, not realizing she is only correct in opposite world. Shawn comes out of nowhere (but not on a tire swing) and asks to have a word with Belle, and there is some funny wordplay between Belle and Phillip over where she will be and when. Shawn tells Belle Mimi wants a divorce and would she please help? Belle doesn't think she can help. Ulterior motive? No, she insists he is the only one who can show her he loves her. As they talk and Shawn tries to explain what he meant by the love of his life, Phillip enters from behind and curiously is not noticed by either. He apologizes post-Shawn-partum.

Shawn goes back to the apartment to tell Mimi that he's not giving up and she finally comes out to say they do need to discuss their future. Mimi is adamant that he obviously wants to be with Belle. Then (again out of nowhere) she blurts out that he can't trust her and that she's nothing but a fraud. Shawn is confused - what? She tells him that if he knew her he would realize she's worse than a monster, and it's too late for them, and for the marriage. She storms out.

Lexie says that Sami has been blackmailing her. Hemming and hawing of course. Everyone pokes for answers - and the gloved hand is outside. More poking, more prodding. Sami flat out says that it's Lexie's fault that her marriage is over and Sami does not need to take the blame for it. We see the gloved person again with a mobile phone. Just before she can tell all the phone rings - gloved person? Sami says all she was trying to do was to force Lexie to be faithful to Abe - and that was all. But she wasn't the one who revealed them. Guess who's on the phone? It's not G-d though Lexie calls out that name. Sami says she only cares what Carrie, Austin, and Will think. Kate insists that everything will be over for her as soon as Lexie comes back.

Who knows what Lexie is being told on the phone by gloved man? She doesn't want to go along with it at first but then she says that she obviously has no choice. Coming back, Kate tries to press more out of Lexie but she says that for once, Sami was telling the truth and there was more to be said. What does weird leather gloved man have on Lexie to push her to do this? Kate doesn't believe it, but Lexie adamantly stands by what she said. Lucas is also incredulous, and as Lexie excuses herself Kate and Lucas whinge about the expose being no big deal. Austin isn't even all that mad at her and he understands why she did it, he tells her. Will tells Sami he is proud of her. Lucas apologizes - "I guess I was wrong. Maybe you have changed." Now that the secret is out, they can have the biggest and best wedding in Salem - and the bill can go to Kate!

Alone, Lexie is distraught and talking to herself. After she enters the elevator alone we see the gloved hand once more, apparently attached to a business suit. Gloved business suit person apparently likes to be a peeping tom as he checks in on Austin and Sami exchanging a kiss.

- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 29, 2006 3:44 PM
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The power of the mullet....HA! Love it.

-- Posted by: Jane Hiler at June 30, 2006 11:31 AM

With a mullet and a patch, Steve is truly unstoppable.

-- Posted by: mac at June 30, 2006 11:54 AM

Does anyone else totally hate Sami's dress she was planning to wear to the wedding?

-- Posted by: amanda at June 30, 2006 2:38 PM

I don't know the first thing about fashion, but it seems like they often throw Sami into stuff that doesn't work to her advantage.

That being the case, at least she isn't stuck in Belle's mom jeans ;)

-- Posted by: mac at June 30, 2006 2:50 PM

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