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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Chelsea Gets Sentenced

You know, it really is absurd that the family Zach was staying with has gotten off without even a mention. I mean, who lets a five year old boy run around outside in the dark? Hope isn't even a little bit angry with them? Another thing that really bugs me - and why I've given up on Hope forever - does Hope really think that Chelsea ran over Zach on purpose? That brat is annoying and bad news, but clearly she didn't *want* to kill her little brother.

Not that I'm not *thrilled* that the trial was super-quick (because really I am) but wasn't it almost too quick? They didn't even try to find the disc before sentencing her! The community service and revoked license was actually an appropriate sentence, which means this can't be the end of things, because when are things ever appropriate on this show?

I think Melissa Reeves fixed her hair somewhat. I still miss the overall blonde, but at least those tacky brown streaks are hidden. If she's going out, she might as well go out in style.

Kayla Brady looks like a grown-up Mimi! Loves it! How dramatic of a re-entry was that? Caroline calling her up, the slow pan up to her face? And I enjoyed the lame excuses of why she hasn't been around for, uh, years.

I hate how Lexie swallows all her words. She has a problem with saying her l's, I think. It always sounds like she's concentrating so hard just to get the words out right, that she's unable to really pay attention to her acting. And she and Tek kissing? Gag. I used to think they had good chemistry, but no more, no more. Did you hear those scary squirrel noises they were making?

Jack's seizure? Yowza! Who knew Matthew Ashford had it in him? I'm fully impressed. Does Patch really not know he's Patch or is he purposely hiding his identity? Man, I think he looks *good* either way. Bo, you've got some competition.

Oh, Billie. "Haven't you heard of hands-free cellphones or turning it off while you drive? That's what I do!" Don't you just love when the writers throw in a public service announcement now and again?

I can't believe they made Mimi lose the baby. Can't my girl cut a break? And they're trying to make me like Belle again, with all her crying and feeling bad for Mimi. It ain't gonna work. Because I know tomorrow she'll be right back to seducing Shawn on the roof in her silk bathrobe.

That Kate Roberts is such a gem. I get conflicted sometimes because Sami's my fav, but when her schemes don't involve the Samster she's tough to beat. You know Billie is secretly happy she has a mother who does insane things to help her out. If it gets her to Bo, she'll take it.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on June 12, 2006 8:37 PM
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I can sort of see why Hope is so angry. True she didn't do it on purpose but when your child dies I think reason goes out the window for awhile and you want to find an outlet for the anger.

-- Posted by: vampire bear at June 13, 2006 12:11 AM

definitly...something is up with the speedy trial. i was preparing myself for a summer-long snoozefest! it all ended so quickly. it can't possibly be this simple.

glad you agree about the family zach was staying with. it's bugged me from the very beginning that NOTHING was said of them! don't the writers know how obsurd that is?

before judi evans came back to the show as bonnie (remember when she played adrienne back in the 80s?), i used to get her mixed up with kayla (whose last name is also evans)! i doubt that any of this would come into play with mimi, but they all DO look alike, for sure.

YUCK to the whole teXie situation. and yes, every time they make out, she makes that weird rodent squeaking noise! pretty revolting...

poor mimi. that really sucked, but i figured the writers wouldn't let her catch a break. she's gotta milk that whole, "if only i told the truth..." thing for another 3 months or so.
and belle can just quit with her sympathy. she's beyond annoying! my latest prediction is that she'll (of course) be mimi's surrogate mother, and then she'll flip out and become so consumed with carrying shawn's baby that she won't want to give it up!

-- Posted by: adair at June 13, 2006 1:04 AM

It would be interesting albeit improbable if Mimi asked Sami to be the surrogate. That would be great karma there.

-- Posted by: Vampire Bear at June 13, 2006 4:43 PM

TEXIE is hot! The noise making thing is something Renee has done in almost all of her kissing scenes. It has nothing to do with Tek. She did it with Brandon, shoot, she even does it with Abe -- whom she has NO chemistry with. I guess that's her way of showing how "good" the kissing scene is to her. But if you have a problem with it...tell the director to tell Renee to tone it down (But I can tell you the director must like it -- otherwise he would have told her to do so -- and who knows he may be the one telling her to make those sounds). Overall, in terms of look and acting...Tek and Lexie "hands down" have better chemistry than she has with Abe.

-- Posted by: SB at June 14, 2006 11:04 AM

Abe and chemistry?! LOL WOOOO HOOO HOO HOO!

Sorry. That killed me.

Moving on ...

I have a legal question: Can a judge actually end a trial like that? Just sorta throw his hands up and half-ass the conclusion? Did he have a 3 o'clock at the Salem Pines Golf Course?

And finally: For any long-timers out there, could you help me get a sense of the ages of some of these people? I figure Mimi/Sean/Belle/Phillip are all in their early 20s; Sami/Austin/Lucas are in their late 20s/early 30s; Bo/Hope/Billie are in their late 30s/early 40s. Am I right?

And if I'm right, how friggin' old is Kate? And doesn't she have 12 kids?

-- Posted by: mac at June 15, 2006 1:36 AM

Kayla is a whole lot prettier than Mimi or Farah Fath. I hear that they're replacing Mimi soon-I just hope it's someone actually pretty and without the whiny and constantly bitchy see saw voice. How gross is Shawn for sleeping with that?!

BTW, has anyone noticed what's happened to Christian Alfonso-I can count the bones on her neck! She was my idol when I was a kid in the '80s-now she scares me.

-- Posted by: Francesca at November 19, 2006 10:40 PM

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