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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Salemites Get Some

"Chelsea looks pretty good in that gray dress," my brother says to me. I guess I'll have to give him that; I think she heard my pleas to please eat a cupcake (or four) and she did. *But* what went on with that dress was totally unforgivable. First of all, she went to a coffee shop to "party a little"? Since when do people dance at Starbucks? No. And I mean it was dirrrty dancing. That dude was clawing at that jersey skirt; I had to avert my eyes. Then Abby was forced upon another guy who gave her some lame line ("So - what about it - you and me?") and started to makeout with him? It was wrong, all wrong!

But it was deep - oh, so deep - when there were those parallel scenes between Abby hooking up with the random and Jennifer getting hot and heavy with Frankie. Oooo mom and daughter both gettin' some play. Again - wrong!

I shed a little tear for Billie when she realized Bo thought he was kissing Hope and not her. Pretty much the worst hooking up scenario ever. Shudder. Bo's still a dude, though, and doesn't miss an opportunity to get some. So...he does. I like it!

Hope acted shocked when Patrick admitted his long-standing attraction to her; whyyyy do they always make chicks so dumb in these matters? Oy. He confesses that now he knows her marriage is ending he doesn't think he'll be able to "control" himself. Um - ew? Skeletor (I mean, Fancy Face) doesn't share my ick-factor and goes for it.

Gosh, these people have lots of sex. Feisty teenage boys shouldn't watch this show. They might start getting the wrong idea about the real world...

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on May 3, 2006 11:22 PM
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