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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Sami and EJ Sittin' in a Tree?

Oh, John Black. "After all this time...she wants tea..." Scrunches up his face, raises his chin and comes back into the living room carrying a full tea set. Gotta love him. But then..

Hella awkward moment. Marlena to John: "I wasn't crying about North, I was remembering how I lost Roman's baby." Man! JB just *saved* you from one of the creepiest people to grace Salem and you have the nerve to stab him in the eye with that? You coulda just said "I was thinking about my miscarriage" without slamming him with "Roman's". JB kept making the most creepy smiles/faces while Marlena was blabbering about the baby. Rough waters ahead. (BTW: Roman looks HIT. What in hell is going on with him??)

"Don't try to stop me; I'm running away." Oh, Chelsea. We all used that line on our dads when we were, like, seven. You've gotta find some new material. Although Bo's lil coy smile in response was kinda hilarious.

So Carrie is convinced she knows EJ Wells (btw, why is he so orange??) but he says unless she's been in London recently then she couldn't. She comes back with: "I have been to other places in Europe...I lived in Israel for awhile.." Uh. Carrie. FYI. Israel does not = Europe. No wonder your company got razed to the ground, smarty. Anywho, this dude definitely has some agenda with the sisters. And Sami is about to add him to *her* agenda of "To Do's".

Mac, I have a feeling your CPS fantasy will come true. That secret ain't never gettin' out. Aren't you a little sad about Mimi's hair though? Lately it's gone from edgy to trashy real fast; we can't have Belle looking better than her. Ugh.

Lucas needs a haircut in the worst way. I realize I should still just be happy that he shaved the goatee, but please hand the guy some scissors; he looks like he's about to start selling used cars at any minute.

Aw, Bo and Hope kissing. It's kinda cute - and you know it.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on May 31, 2006 1:01 PM
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Mimi's definitely moving into Flock of Seagulls territory. It's sad, because with minimal effort she could blow Belle 'MOM JEANS' out of the water.

Completely unrelated point: I will pledge my undying loyalty to this show if Heather Mills McCartney appears in a dream and tells Phillip that racing cars isn't really what she had in mind.

-- Posted by: mac at May 31, 2006 3:05 PM

Regarding the naked orange man, I turned to Michael today and said, "How could he have just gotten outta the shower and still have all that makeup on?"

Regarding hair, how could Jen do her hair like that the day after her daughter called her a slut? It looks like she just got up from three hours in bed (or in the backyard) with Frankie.

-- Posted by: Scottie at May 31, 2006 5:52 PM

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