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Days of Our Lives: Phillip Gets Lucky

Welp. Today sealed the deal. Alex North ain't goin anywhere for a long while. The pure - and almost sort of embarrassing - joy that the actor is getting from this role has reached such heights that I'm quite certain he's around to stay. He has taken every effort to turn himself into the ultimate archetypal villain. I kept thinking today that he was about to break into song, like I was watching "Oliver" or something and he was Fagin, doing a little dance in his den. At this point, he's just missing the top hat and a cane.

Why are the fantasy sequences always fifteen to twenty times more interesting, exciting and fulfilling than what's happening in real time? And so much gets done in such a short span of time! In Lexie's head today, she pictured what would happen if she told Abe about Tek, and he punched Tek and killed him. (One punch? Can I hire that dude as my bodyguard?) But - aside from the fact that I'd be sad if I couldn't look at Tek anymore - why couldn't that have just happened? Instead, Lexie chickens out and no one knows about any of the blackmailing. And even though Marlena is this close to remembering things, John somehow lets Alex whisk her away to be drugged again. What the fug is his problem? I think all that hair dye is clouding his judgment.

Yowza. Mimi and Shawn were getting hawt and heavy today, no? It's been awhile since we've been treated to their couch romping, so I partially forgave its gratuitous nature. But the music that Shawn chose to put on while they got busy? That was unforgivable. Apparently it did the trick for Belle, though, who heard it through the vent and decided to jump Phillip and - what? - make another baby?! I think she heard about Ms. Spears and decided that she, too, had to have babies that were only 3 seconds apart. Good thinking, smarty.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on April 26, 2006 2:09 PM
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What would it take for Philip and Belle to name their second child Sean Preston? The pop culture repercussions would be astounding.

-- Posted by: mac at April 26, 2006 8:13 PM

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