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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Mimi and Shawn Get It On

Well, today we were treated to yet another day of Mimi and Shawn making awkward getting-it-on sex noises. What's odd is that when we're actually watching them make out they're really pretty quiet, but when we scan down to Belle eagerly standing near her vent, they suddenly morph into porn stars. And why are they never, ever actually in the bedroom? It's always on the couch or up against the wall or the counter. All that being said, the two of them actually have pretty kickin' chemistry and I usually end up feeling a little bit like a desperate housewife, living vicariously through my stories and eating bonbons.

Why did the earth start to shake while Chelsea was stuck? I feel like the construction workers gave some excuse yesterday, but I missed it and now I'm just supposed to go with the flow. Something about a gas leak? But why would that make the ground move? Man, I love seeing her all dirty and near-death. And Bo just made it all the more enjoyable when he shoved a sweatshirt on her face to - keep out the fumes, I presume? Whatever. It's just great to have that mealy little mouth covered up.

How creepy was it when Sami and Austin popped up behind Lucas and Carrie holding two parrot stuffed animals as an engagement gift? And then Sami made them do this awkward dancing/kissing thing. Don't make me squirm, Sam-o, you're better than that. When the photographer mistook Sami and Lucas for being together and vice versa with the other two, I really thought Lucas' head was going to explode. And then Mimi et al showed up at the pier ("You're all here to celebrate a honeymoon together?" "You're all here to celebrate an engagement together?") and made the same mistake again and... woah. Awkwardness times pi.

Where, for the love of God, are Alex, Marlena and - most importantly - John Black?! Am I really supposed to be okay with leaving them at the wedding and be worried about Hope's waterlogged wedding ring instead? Um. Nice try.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on April 11, 2006 2:51 PM
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