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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lexie Grows a Conscience

Whew. Okay. So after a two day hiatus from watching and posting (let's just say there was an unfortunate incident involving my finger, a chisel and a bathtub drain) I happily returned to my couch, my TV, and my good friends in Salem.

So it looks like Lexie's lump scare (which hasn't been resolved one way or the other yet - duh) has set into motion an attempt on her part to put things right in her fugged-up life. She has yet to bust Sami, but it's on the horizon and my most favorite schemer is definitely worried. I could just see the little wheels turning under that most enviable head of hair. Previews for tomorrow's episode show Alex trying to work with Samster and I'm honestly a bit worried. But she wouldn't stoop that low. Right? Right?

I think maybe Chelsea ate a burger yesterday because she looked a little bit better. Or maybe all those cuts and bruises just suit her. How great was Bo's explosion at her? You could totally tell that wasn't just Bo the pretend guy, but Peter the actor freaking out as well. Um, because how annoying must she be to work with day in and day out? He probably kept asking for another take just so he could yell even louder the next time. Lucky duck.

What is up with this ridiculous Patrick storyline? He used to be a conman and then met a hot chick on the island but then she died and it was his fault and people back in Salem are on the hunt for him? I don't know if I can even honor it with a comment. Just - that island, with Lockhart and Fancy Face both on it, needs to be swallowed by a volcano set off by Tony DiMera. Didn't that happen once? Let's make it happen again, guys.

Lexie's line to Marlena: "Unless you've suddenly become a heroin addict then Alex is drugging you." Quite enjoyable. Oh - and a sidenote. Does anyone ever notice that Alex North alllllllways wears a turtleneck? Sometimes it's a mock, but it's always there. Yick. Shudder. Creepy Magoo.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on April 20, 2006 2:36 PM
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He loves wearing turtlenecks because he's actually a living corpse. Below the neck he's nothing but a skeletal mess with a few breathing tubes and some molding clay to aid in his faux visage.

Ugliest. Actor. Ever. Should NOT be allowed on the television! Smilez!

-- Posted by: Sharon at April 20, 2006 4:13 PM

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