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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: I Think These Guys Need a Vacay

Was Friday's episode for real? For my own sanity and faith in the show, I'm choosing to believe it was a joke. Because there were just countless instances of insanity and absurdity that - even for Salem - were uncalled for.

1.) Chelsea's conversation with the chick in the police station who was waiting to be taken into jail. So ridiculous. First of all, the girl inexplicably had dirt all over her face - I'm presuming to look scarier - but it ended up just looking like makeup from the "Thriller" video. And how big/socio-economically diverse is Salem really supposed to be? Do hoodlums like this one, who supposedly has been jailed numerous times, just wander the streets at all hours? And why did Chelsea continue to talk to her? No one in their right mind (and I realize this is begging the question that Chelsea is sane) would spend more than 10 seconds even looking at that drowned rat. The whole scene was just neverending and painful.

2.) Patrick's upclose shot while thinking about Alma. He kept trying to cry, but then he'd decide not to, but then he would decide to try again, and then he just ended up scrunching up his face and looking sad. I can't imagine what that guy thought when he watched himself on TV the next day. I see a pint of Ben and Jerry's in his future.

3.) Bo and John's scene in the police station. These two should really not act together - it's just jarring. JB thinks he's a stage actor and is unable to tone down anything he does to match whoever he's playing opposite from. Bo's all normal and talking like a person and suddenly John will scream "BUT SHE NEEDS YOU, MAN!" and the whole thing just crumbles. Plus, his dye job is becoming ludicrous. Please, would someone just let this man go gray? It would be handsome and dignified, I swear.

4.) Mimi and Belle's blatant conversation about Shawn while he was 3 feet away. I love that now it's just completely out in the open that Belle is trying to steal him away! I mean - what? I know I'm supposed to hate Mimi for keeping the Claire secret, but if they want me to feel that way they've got a lot to change. I heart Meems and her chunky highlights and Belle and her Mom jeans are quickly surpassing Chelsea as the most disposable items in Salem.

5.) Hope stumbling upon a letter from Alma to Patrick, buried underground? And it hadn't decomposed? And I'm supposed to care what it says? Ha.

6.) Sami and Alex North teaming up? No! And keeping Lexie's biopsy results from her to let her maybe die from cancer? Man. This is crossing a line even for Salem.

7.) Alex's black mock turtleneck. I. Can't. Take. It. Anymore.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on April 22, 2006 9:01 PM
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Your review is hilarious. I laughed out loud. AND I agree on all points. I tivo Days and skipped 3/4s of this episode because I CAN NOT BEAR the Chelsea/convict thing or the "Alma means soul" story. Please. Some. One. Help. Me.
PS. Is there anyone who can't easily break into the hospital records? Shouldn't they at least be password protected?

-- Posted by: jlou at April 23, 2006 9:54 AM

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