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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Fancy Face Ain't Feelin So Fancy

Today kinda bummed me out.

Of course, John didn't kill Alex. How could I have even dreamed of it over the weekend? Shame on me. Belle awkwardly stepped in front of Alex to stop her dad from shooting, but how ridiculously anti-climactic was the whole thing? My regularly scheduled programming was interrupted by a breaking news story, so I missed when Roman 'n crew captured JB. How'd he let that happen? I hope my brother's right and he has to play dress up again and hitch a ride on their honeymoon cruise ship. Maybe then I'll be happy again.

As much as Hope makes me want to hurl at times, I really hated what happened to her today. Especially after that montage of she and Bo in the 80's under a waterfall and then playing with a teddy bear at Christmas. It sorta thawed my icy heart a little. Chelsea - in her hideous safari top from Gap '96 - pretending to be Bo on email agreeing to the divorce? How could they do that to me? I had to turn around on my couch, look out the window and pretend I was somewhere else. It's gotten bad when you want to escape from escapist television.

Does anyone else think Salem is going a little overboard with proving their technological savvy? Yes, yes, we all know about cellphones and Blackberries and that thing those crazy kids all use - email. So please give us a little credit for knowing how to use them. Because seriously - Shawn, mid-wedding, using his cell to call Belle who just happened to be wearing an earpiece? And Chelsea writing her deep, horrid secrets on a LiveJournal? And Hope asking for a divorce through email? It's just getting awkward, guys. Please stop.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on April 3, 2006 3:16 PM
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