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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Drink Up, Lexie

It's true! Drunk Lexie really *does* kick sober Lexie's ass. Did you see those tears? Whew! Although I'm fairly certain she did not produce those all by herself. Last week on "America's Next Top Model" the contestants had to cry for a photograph and Tyra put this special, scary glycerin stuff on their bottom lid and then man, did those chicks cry. So, yeah. I think that explains the sudden explosion in acting ability, but who cares? Lexie was taking names and I loved it.

I can't lie. I got some real enjoyment from that way back flashback of Bo and Hope from when I was - probably not born yet. I mean, there was some serious hair going on there. But then I felt sort of sad when they suddenly came back to the present and there was this awkward upclose of Old Bo. Eek.

Where's Patrick taking Hope? Is he gonna try and get with her? Is that what she wants? I can't even tell anymore. I don't think I want that, but we really do need to move things along I'd handle it.

Billie, you should *not* have cut your hair. I was feelin' you a month ago, but something went terribly wrong at the salon and frankly, I'm not sure you deserve Bo anymore.

The "dirty dancing" contest at the club that Tek's friend arranged in order to get Austin and Carrie together? And Lucas just stood there and watched Austin grope and grind on Carrie? That was just...stupid. And how did Sami get the cops to come in and break it all up? Apparently once you side with Alex North you, too, will gain unstoppable powers. Hmm. Note to self...

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on April 28, 2006 9:26 PM
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