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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Jacko Makes A Cameo

Okay, okay, so yesterday I suggested Jennifer look into devil possession or something, and I guess she heard me? Because she had this very creepy moment today where the ghost of Jack - actually the ghost of twenty Jacks - show up at the church and she has a conversation with him (them). Oh, I can't even write about it. I was just afraid. And I guess what came of it all was her catching the bouquet at Mimi's wedding and reading that as a sign from Jacko? Oh yippee skip, Frankie and Jen can finally tie the knot!! Yawn.

I was really hoping that Marlena was pulling a cool trick when John, Abe and Alex were gathered in her room and she was amnesiac again. Maybe she was playing dumb for Craggy Face, and would do one of those neat-o secret code things with John where only he knew she was faking. But alas, no. Once again, her mind is gone and I'll be forced to watch the same, recycled conversations unfold for three to six more months.

Alright, this happened yesterday and I didn't mention it, but I was reminded of it again today and I realized what a stellar moment it was. Carrie and Austin and Sami and Lucas were all yelly and screamy and Lucas turns to Sami and goes, "Sami, what do you care? You could have, like, any guy, but you want to come between us! You don't even leave Salem if you don't have to - you don't even leave your apartment!" Wow!! Did he just make up that line? Because it was awesome and I can't imagine someone on the staff actually came up with it. Sneaky chap.

-Amy Maloof

Posted by Amy on March 24, 2006 8:56 PM
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