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Chuck Fodder

Who Is Your Favorite "Chuck" Character?

The NBC poll has Chuck with a narrow lead over Sarah. Now Chuck and Sarah are the leading characters, so it really comes as no surprise that they would be positioned as one and two. What is surprising however, is the number three character. I thought it would be Morgan, but Casey is leaving him far behind. This can be contributed to both the excellent development of John Casey and the fantastic job that Adam Baldwin has done in portraying the character. What I find strange, is that fact that Bryce Larkin is on the list. If I recall correctly, we've seen him in several episodes, but never for any real length of time. Larkin (according to the NBC forum it's Larkins) is also apparently more important than the Nerd Herd who received the dubious honor of being placed in the "other" category. If "Chuck" is going to survive for any length of time, it must strengthen its supporting cast. Two of the most popular shows on television are Prison Break and Heroes, and they're strong because their supporting cast is loved as much, and sometime more so, than the lead characters. Now I may be biased (in fact, I'm sure I am) and our resident TV Fodder Heroes blogger Connie might beat me if she reads this, but Chuck and Sarah are no less thought out and developed characters than Hiro Nakamura and Peter Petrelli. The Nerd Herd and good old Morgan however, don't enjoy the same success when compared to West, Ando, and the creepy Haitian. NBC needs the supporting cast to step up, and to do that, they need to give them a chance. I honestly don't think Chuck and Sarah can carry the show by themselves.

Posted by Ozzy on January 22, 2008 8:24 PM
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