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Chuck: Chuck Versus The Marlin

casey.jpgChuck Versus the Marlin is the first "Chuck" episode to have connecting storylines. That means all the secondary plots were woven into the main plot. This was masterfully executed, just right touch of comedy and action.


Jeff and Lester are filming the cleavage of the Pita Palace delivery girl. Chuck walks by and starts to reprimand them, but he is interrupted by Awesome who comes to ask him for some advice. Chuck flashes when he notices a hidden bug near by. He takes it and tells Awesome that they will chat later. Chuck walks towards the storage room and sees Jeff and Lester fiddling with the vent. He finds Casey and tells him about the bug. Morgan asks Chuck to loan him the new Call of Duty video game. Chuck says no and asks Morgan about Awesome's whereabouts. Awesome asks Chuck for his blessing in marrying Ellie. He then gives Chuck the wedding ring for safe keeping. Casey visits Sarah at the Weinerlicious and shows her the bug. They contact the General and the Director who inform them that the model of the bug is apparently being used by Fulcrum. Chuck puts Awesome's ring in his locker at Buy More. Big Mike walks in to the Buy More the next day and sees that all the products are gone, including his stuffed Marlin. Lester and Jeff are worried about the police presence in the Buy More. Big Mike walks by with police officer Conway (Mark Derwin) and threatens them. Chuck walks in and Morgan fills him in on what happened. Chuck runs to his locker, but the ring is gone. He gets a call from Awesome who has decided how to pop the question to Ellie. Chuck tries to stall him. Big Mike and Officer Conway have all the Buy More employees in a line. Mike asks Chuck to find Casey who is missing. Chuck calls Casey who tells him to leave and find Sarah and himself. Chuck finds Sarah and Casey at a hanger with all the Buy More products. They however, have not seen the wedding ring. They inform him that they did not plant the bugs and that it was probably Fulcrum. They look at some video footage from the Buy More which shows Jeff and Lester turning on the store cameras after they had been turned off by an infiltrator. The pair thought they were turning them off. They are shown stealing Big Mike's Marlin which contains the transceiver that is used with 29 bugs planted at the store. Sarah and Casey tell Chuck that if Fulcrum finds out he is the Intersect, the CIA/NSA will move him to a secure underground location forever. Chuck and Casey return to the Buy More to find Jeff and Lester thumb wrestling. They take the two to the back and interrogate them. It turns out that they attempted to turn off the Buy More cameras to steal liquor from Big Mike's office. They confess to hiding the Marlin at Chuck's apartment. Sarah is at hanger, talking on the phone with the General. The General tells her that they have decided to move Chuck ahead of schedule. Casey and Chuck are searching for the Marlin. Ellie walks in and tells them that Morgan took the Marlin from the apartment the night before. Conway and Big Mike question Morgan who denies knowing anything about the Marlin. Conway and Big Mike interrogate Chuck next. They leave him in the office with Big Mike turning up the heat (literally) to make him sweat. Morgan tells Casey that he broke into Chuck's locker and took the Call of Duty game. He went to Chuck's room to play it, but found the wedding ring. He mistakenly assumed that Chuck was going to propose to Sarah. The Pita Palace girl arrives with another delivery. Chuck overhears her from the office saying "29 deliveries". He remembers the 29 bugs and makes the connection. Unable to leave Big Mike's office, he climbs through the ceiling and finds the hallway vent where Jeff and Lester's video is hidden. He takes it and watches the video, noticing that the girl leaves a bug after she delivers the food. He emails the video to Sarah, right before Conway and Big Mike walk in. Casey is up next for questioning after Chuck. Outside, Morgan tells Lester and Jeff that he hid the Marlin at the Weinerlicious. The Pita Palace girl, named Lizzy, overhears this and walks away. Lizzy goes to the Weinerlicious and fights with Sarah who won't letter have access to the freezer. Lizzy points a gun at Sarah. At the Buy More, Morgan finally realizes that the ring is for Ellie and not Sarah. Chuck asks him where the ring is. Morgan says he placed it in the Marlin at the Weinerlicious. Awesome calls Chuck and tells him that he needs the ring for tonight. Lizzy locks Sarah in the freezer and talks the Marline. Chuck shows up and sees the Marlin broken in half. The ring and transceiver are both missing. He tries to free Sarah by shooting the freezer lock with a gun, but Conway appears and takes him away. Casey frees Sarah from the freezer. In Conway's car, Chuck flashes and realizes that Conway is not a cop. Sarah and Casey contact the Director and General. They are ordered to take out Lizzy. They are also informed that Conway is a CIA agent and that Chuck is no longer their concern. Casey tells Sarah to go find Chuck while he looks for Lizzy. On the roof of a building, Conway is waiting for a helicopter to take Chuck to "safety". Sarah finds them and she exchanges a teary moment with Chuck. The two confess feelings for each other. As they're about to leave Lizzy shows up and shoots Conway. She is wearing the wedding ring and starts to shot at Chuck and Sarah as they flee. Sarah and Lizzy finally square of on the roof. The two fall off into a dumpster, with Sarah getting the upper hand. Big Mike walks into the Buy More the next day and finds his Marlin back in place. He also sees that all the stolen merchandise has been returned. Awesome and Ellie have been up all night. Without the ring, Awesome proposes, but Ellie has fallen asleep. At the dumpster, Chuck and Sarah are looking for the ring. They finally find it and race home. Chuck gives Awesome the ring and waits outside with Sarah. Awesome pops the question and Ellie says yes. Chuck goes inside and congratulates them. Casey shows up and reminds Sarah that eventually Chuck will have to be moved.

The Good

The best "Chuck" episode so far. The writing was great, the jokes were awesome (pun intended) and the action was just right. If all the episodes could be like this one, all us "Chuck" fans would be in heaven.

The Bad

I am happy to report that we can finally leave this section empty.

The Ugly

There was plenty of shameless promotion for the new Call of Duty video game. We all know that advertising pays the bills, but this was just too blunt and obvious.


You bought the fish on Ebay? What did you use as bait, PayPal?

-Morgan to Big Mike

Posted by Ozzy on January 26, 2008 12:01 AM
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