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Chuck Fodder

Review: Chuck Versus The Crown Vic

vic.jpgLet's take a look at the main plotlines for Chuck Versus The Crown Vic.

Chuck and Sarah Romance
Throughout most of the episode, Sarah gives Chuck the cold shoulder. Chuck confronts Sarah about their kiss. He asks her if it meant something, or did she kiss him because she thought they were going to die. Sarah tells him that it was a mistake. During their mission, Chuck gets jealous when Sarah goes undercover to seduce the evil, money printing, philanthropist. At the Buy More Christmas party, Chuck buys Sarah an alarm clock. She broke hers at the beginning of the episode. The two shake hands and agree to be friends. A drunken Jeff holds a missile toe over their heads, but Chuck and Sarah don't kiss. Instead, they decide to dance.

Chuck Versus The Crown Vic
Lawn Kirk (I doubt that's how you spell his first name) is the mastermind behind a money printing operation. He poses as a wealthy philanthropist who is sentimental to the troubles of Thailand. Chuck and Sarah pose as a couple in a fundraiser held by Kirk at a casino. Chuck mistakenly loses $100,000 of CIA money and Kirk takes a liking to Sarah and invites her to his yacht. Sarah leads Kirk on and things are getting a little steamy. Morgan, who is having lunch with Anna and her parents, sees this and calls Chuck at Buy More. Chuck runs over to the marina and finds Casey. Chuck flashes when he sees some crates being loaded onto Kirk's Yacht. Casey and some feds storm the boat, only to find the crates contain medicine being sent to Thailand. Casey and Sarah accuse Chuck of lying about having a flash. The next day Chuck receives a picture from Morgan on his cell phone. Morgan is with Anna and her parents on a yacht. The background of the picture shows the same crates that Chuck noticed earlier. Chuck flashes and asks Casey and Sarah for help. The three storm the yacht, but Kirk manages to fire a missile at the boat with Anna and Morgan. Chuck finds the guidance system and shuts down the missile. However, the missile is programmed to return home in the event of shutdown. Reluctantly, Casey gives Chuck the co-ordinates to his beloved Crown Victoria that is parked nearby. The missile blows up the car.

Now for some of the secondary plotlines

Morgan meets Anna's parents
Morgan suspects that Anna is cheating on him because he saw her get into another man's car. When confronted, Anna reveals that the other man is her father. She explains that her parents are in town. Morgan wants to meet them and Anna agrees. Lester tells Morgan that he should not behave like himself during the meeting. Morgan ends up making a fool of himself in front of Anna's parents. At the Christmas party, Anna tells Morgan that she also has trouble being who she really is in font of her parents. The two leave the party for a more private environment.

Buy More gets ready for the holidays
The Buy More crew plays a gambling game with a dradle. Lester repeatedly cheats and takes everyone's money. Big Mike tells Jeff not to spike the eggnog this year. Lester tries to portray himself as a Jew and constantly reminds Big Mike to say holidays and not Christmas.

A good episode all the way around. We see a continued increase and emphasis on Buy More and Nerd Herd activity. This usually means more comedy and lighter moments. It was nice to see a direct connection between the spy story and the Buy More story, with Morgan doing the double duty this time around. I am a bit disappointed that Ellie has been relegated to the same status as Awesome. We rarely see the two anymore and I wouldn't be surprised if the two were phased out from the show sometime in the future. Click HERE to watch Chuck Versus The Crown Vic and let us know you opinions and thoughts.

What is the exact make and model of Casey's car?

Posted by Ozzy on December 4, 2007 8:39 PM
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