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During the episode "Chuck" Versus the Sizzling Shrimp, we witnessed the initial seeds of the Morgan, Awesome, and Ellie love triangle. Yes I know it's early, yes I know some of you think I'm nuts, but it will happen. Bet the farm on it. It might take a season or two though. Let's be honest here, it took Clark Kent a season and a half to get out of his loft and ask Lana out. Patience is an obligation for us viewers. Nevertheless, as long as it takes, it should happen. We should have every confidence that Josh Schwartz can pull of a love triangle with this trio. After all, as creator of the O.C. Josh is used to writing about love triangles, love squares, love octagons, and even love circles. If there is someone who can pull this off, it's Josh Schwartz. The question is not if, but rather why should he develop this story arch?

"Chuck" has a certain kind of viewer. This viewer is called a Nerd. (as is the writer of this article) This Nerd is probably between the ages of 18-30. This Nerd has hated people like Captain Awesome his/her whole life. You know the type I'm taking about; athletic, popular, attractive, and basically awesome. This Nerd wants once, just once, to see his/her fellow Nerd (aka Morgan) come out on top. Ok, maybe this is a bit of a stereotype, but it does hold some merit. A large portion of "Chuck" viewers do fall under this category, and they would love to see the above scenario.

The Proverbial Light Bulb

If the love triangle does come into fruition, then there better be some closure dammit. Nothing is worse for a TV audience when a story line is dropped as if it never existed. If you're not going to see this to the end, then don't start at all. We Nerds posses a good memory and shouldn't be messed with.

Posted by Ozzy on November 1, 2007 5:46 AM
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