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Chuck Fodder

Reviews: Chuck Versus The Truth

truth.jpgUnknown Location A man called Whitney is tied to a chair. We see another man asking Whitney questions. The man has poisoned Whitney with a truth serum that later becomes a deadly poison. The man tells Whitney that he has 3 hours to get him some codes or he won't give him the antidote.

Hotdog Shop
Chuck and Sarah are in a storage room at the hotdog shop. They are making up stories to tell Ellie about their pretend date. The manager tries to get in but the door is locked. Sarah unbuttons the top of her blouse and straddles Chuck. The manager unlocks the door and thinks they were fooling around.

Nerd Herd Desk, Buy More
Lou (Rachel Bilson) makes her appearance. She asks Chuck to fix her phone. The two hit it off right away. Morgan eve drops on the conversation and accuses Chuck of "Mind Cheating".

The Street
Whitney is dying from the poison. He finds a necklace with the codes under a mail box.

Sushi Restaurant
Sarah, Chuck, Ellie, and Awesome are having dinner. Awesome comments on how Chuck and Sarah have been taking their relationship slow.

Outside the Restaurant
The two couples are outside when Whitney stumbles by and collapses on the sidewalk. Ellie checks on him and asks for an ambulance. Chuck is proud and yells out Ellie's name. The man who poisoned Whitney is nearby and he hears this. The ambulance comes and they get Whitney inside but he drops the amulet into Ellie's pocket. Ellie passes Whitney's wallet to Chuck to check for ID. The ambulance drives away as Chuck "flashes" while looking at the ID card.

Opening Credits

Bartowski Residence
Chuck is worried about Ellie and Sarah calms him down. Awesome thinks that Sarah and Chuck are taking his advice and proceeds to give Chuck a pep talk. Ellie walks in and explains that Whitney is dead. Ellie and Awesome go to sleep. Chuck tells Sarah he hates lying to Ellie. Sarah says they should sleep together to strengthen their cover.

Casey's Place
Sarah and Casey are being briefed by the General. She says that Whitney was involved with a nuclear weapons program until he disappeared with the activation codes.

Buy More
Morgan walks in looking tired. He tells Chuck that Big Mike is forcing him to help Harry Tang's wife pick out a wedding anniversary present. Chuck says that this is a perfect opportunity to get dirt on Harry. Lester and Jeff are listing in from a distance.

TV Section, Buy More
Harry's wife wants to buy Harry a plasma TV. She tells Morgan to keep it a secret and then she hugs him. Lester and Jeff are recording the event.

Nerd Herd Desk, Buy More
Lou shows up and gets her now working phone from Chuck. They flirt for a bit until Sarah interrupts. There is an awkward moment before Chuck is forced to admit that Sarah is his girlfriend. Lou leaves very upset.

Chuck, Casey, and Sarah are looking over Whitney's body for clues. They find something but we don't know what it is yet.

Bartowski Residence
The man who killed Whitney is disguised as a cop. He is interviewing Ellie.

Sarah discovers an electronic bug behind Whitney's ear.

Bartowski Residence
The man slips on a similar bug behind Ellie's ear.

Casey finds out that the drug used to kill Whitney is called Pentothal. First it forces the victim to tell the truth and then it kills them.

Bartowski Residence
The man asks Ellie to sign some something. When she clicks on the pen a gaseous version of Penethol comes out and infects her. The cop leaves just as Awesome shows up.

Patio, Hotdog Shop
Chuck and Sarah prepare for their "date" that night.

Plaza Parking Lot
Chuck runs into Lou. She tells Chuck that she likes him, but won't do anything as long as Sarah is his girlfriend. Sarah watches them from the Hotdog shop.

Employee Lounge, Buy More
Lester and Jeff present the video evidence of Morgan and Mrs. Tang to Harry.

Chuck's Bedroom, Bartowski Residence
Chuck is dancing like a Nerd when Sarah walks in. She is wearing a skimpy outfit and the two get into an argument. Casey is listening in from his apartment, and the mystery man is in the building courtyard listening to Awesome and Ellie.

Ellie's Bedroom, Bartowski Residence
Ellie and Awesome are talking. Ellie is acting strangely. She starts yelling at Awesome. Chuck and Sarah can hear her from their room.

Chuck's Bedroom, Bartowski Residence
Chuck and Sarah discuss their relationship. Chuck asks if he can date other women. Sarah says she knows he likes Lou. Ellie comes in starts embarrassing Chuck in front of Sarah. Awesome drags her out.

Bartowski Residence
Casey walks in looking for some milk. He is carrying an empty carton that is actually a device for hunting bugs. Ellie passes out and Casey finds a bug behind her ear.

Chuck is worried about Ellie. Sarah and Casey show up and Chuck demands that they do something. He snatches the bug from Casey's hand and tells the mystery man that they have the codes.

Chuck is talking to Ellie who is in a coma. Awesome comes by with Ellie's lucky sweater. Chuck finds the necklace and "flashes".

The mystery man walks into the room where he thinks Ellie is, but it is Sarah in disguise. Casey and Sarah corner the man who offers them the cure for Ellie. He also threatens to poison them if they don't give him the codes. Chuck runs in with the necklace but bumps into a cart and the poison falls from the man's hand to the floor. Everyone is infected. The man grabs the necklace and flees. Casey and Sarah manage to take the antidote from the man and want Chuck to drink it. Chuck refuses and gives it to Ellie.

Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are sitting around with a defeated attitude. The poison is really making them tell the truth to each other. Chuck spots the mystery man's cell phone on the ground. He picks it up and "flashes". The mystery man's name is Reardon Payne. A former gymnast turned nuclear arms dealer.

Reardon's Hideout
The trio uses the cell phone to find Reardon's hideout. They confront him and he almost fools them into drinking something other than the antidote. Chuck saves the day with his comic book knowledge and Sarah shoots Reardon in the knee. They find the antidote and the codes. Before they drink, Chuck asks Sarah if there could ever be anything between them. She says no.

Movie Room, Buy More
Chuck, Casey, and Sarah are being debriefed by the general. Tang barges in looking for Morgan and his wife. In order to keep their cover a secret, Casey tells Tang that he is being recruited into government service. Tang falls for it completely and agrees to move to Awahoo for his new post.

Employee Lounge, Buy More
Big Mike tells Morgan to send the plasma to a new address. Harry Tang has left Buy More. Both men confess that they are happy to see him go. Big Mike says he had an affair with Mrs. Tang for 6 months.

Hotdog Shop
Chuck walks in and tells Sarah that they should break up. He is tired of trying to fool everyone, including himself. He walks out and Sarah gets a call from Casey. She tells him that she has been trained to withstand Pentothal.

Lou's Gourmet Deli
Chuck and Lou sit down together. Sarah sees them from across the plaza. She has a sad look on her face.

The End


Her hair looked like liquorish. I want to chew on it until I make myself sick.
-Morgan describing Lou

I don't have time for this. I'm a very busy man-boy.

Posted by Ozzy on November 14, 2007 2:32 PM
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