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Chuck Fodder

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Alma Mater

mater.jpgChuck gets in touch with an old college professor who works with the CIA. Morgan plans a rebellion under the Harry Tang regime, and Bryce Larkin is not such a bad guy after all. Combine all of these elements and you should get a fun, action packed episode. Unfortunately, this is the second episode in a row that Chuck has failed to deliver. Where is the fun? Or more importantly, show me the funny! A comedy drama needs to be not only funny, but have good comedic timing. If you take away the humor, all you're left with is the drama, and in this case, the drama is not nearly strong enough. The action sequences were good, but nowhere nearly as strong as in previous episodes. The Stanford flashbacks were really well done. Just a bit more comedy and a lot more Nerd Herd are all it takes to push "Chuck" into the spotlight.

This is the complete rundown of Tang's new lunch break rules.
-No swearing
-No expectorating
-No fornicating
-No drugs (including Red Bull)
-No personal calls on the clock
-No Green Shirts fraternizing at the Nerd Desk
-No eating or drinking on the show room floor
-No leaving food in the refrigerator over night
-No swinging from the rafters


How am I supposed to move appliances with the sweaty shakes?
-Morgan about not being allowed to drink Red Bull

No offense, but I'd rather get hit in the produce section again than go back to that place.
-Chuck talking about Stanford


Chuck's student card has 09/092003 as date issued. Chuck started college in 1999. Even if his card was replaced during his school tenure, the date doesn't change.


What is the name of the bald actor from Night Court who was seen during the Morgan Lester TV contest?

You can watch full episodes of Chuck on the NBC website.

Posted by Ozzy on November 6, 2007 8:00 PM
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