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Chuck Fodder

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp

shrimp.jpgChuck and Morgan are at Buy More discussing the "evening with Morgan" that's supposed to take place later that night. Morgan has big plans including Chinese food. Chuck however, forgets to tell Sarah this. When Sarah shows up, she learns that Morgan is feeling somewhat neglected by Chuck of late and agrees to go. In China Town, a man walks out from the Chinese consulate towards his car. A van pulls up and masked men jump out. They drag the man into the van and drive off. Sarah, Chuck, and Morgan are out walking in China town with Morgan revealing the evening's plans. They consist of dinner, the movie "Enter the Dragon", and Morgan's dark addiction, fireworks. Chuck refuses the fireworks, claiming he has a desire to keep all his limbs. The trio arrives at the restaurant only to discover that it is closed for a private party. Not to be denied, Morgan takes them down a side alley where his dishwasher friend keeps a key. The three walk into the kitchen and Morgan goes to the cook to place an order. While he is away, Chuck notices a waitress with a tattoo. Intersect kicks in and Chuck discovers that she is Mei Ling Choi, Chinese intelligence. Chuck and Sarah are at Casey's where Casey gives Chuck some files to read over. Chuck asks if it can wait because Ellie and Morgan are expecting him. Casey says that the mission should be his first priority. The next morning Ellie is in a bad mood as Chuck enters the kitchen. She explains that she not only felt hurt by Chuck not showing up last night, but she is even more upset that he left her with Morgan. Chuck apologizes and lies. He says Sarah wasn't feeling very well because of a Spastic Colon. Ellie reminds him that tomorrow is their version of Mother's day. At Buy More, Chuck tells Casey he couldn't find anything in those files. Casey tells Chuck they are going on a stakeout and Chuck gets all excited. He asks if he should bring anything. Casey tells him to just bring the Intersect. Chucks gets upset and claims he can do more. He offers to make a mixed tape. Big Mike appears and tells Casey he wants all the green shirts in his office. In Big Mike's office, all the green shirts are gathered. Big Mike tells them that they have been slacking off and that sales are down. He has decided to start a 24 hour sales competition with first prize being an iPhone and last prize is getting fired. Morgan does a bit of complaining. Morgan approaches several customers only to be rebuffed due to his ridicules sales pitch. He even offers to buy a customer's shirt, claiming it looks good with his beard. Big Mike says he's the worst salesman he's ever seen. Morgan goes to Chuck and asks for help, saying his job in on the line. Chuck lies and says he has a date with Sarah. When Morgan inquires about the next day, Chuck explains that he has Mother's Day with Ellie. Morgan does some more begging and Chuck relents and says they can get together after he's with Sarah that night. Sarah, Chuck, and Casey are in a car staking out the Chinese restaurant. Chuck orders a sizzling shrimp delivery to the car and Casey gets upset. Chuck uses the name Carmichael again. A limo pulls up to the restaurant and local crime lord, Ben Lo Pan comes out in his wheel chair and gets in the limo. The three then see Mei Ling come out, get on a motorcycle and follow the limo. They decide to follow Mei Ling. The limo arrives at a building and Mei Ling drives into an alley. She gets out but Chuck spots her pulling out pistols and tells Casey and Sarah that they are army intelligence. He thinks that she is going to kill Lo Pan. Sarah and Casey decide to stop her and tell Chuck to wait in the car. Morgan walks into the house and Ellie tells him that Chuck is not home. Morgan admits that he has trouble at work, but Ellie blows him off. Back in the car, Chuck is having a great time playing with shrimp and listening to music. Sarah and Casey walk in to the building and find that it's a club. They knockout the doorman and walk in just as Mei Ling is coming in from another entrance. A gun fight ensues between Lo Pan's men, Mei Ling, and Casey and Sarah. In the middle of the confusion, Lo Pan sneaks out in his wheel chair. Chuck spots Lo Pan wheeling himself outside and helps him to his limo. Lo Pan's men bring out the kidnapped man from the Chinese consulate and throw him in the trunk. Mei Ling comes out shooting but the limo get away. She then tells Chuck that the Lo Pan is a member of the Chinese triad. The man in the trunk of the limo is her brother, and she was trying to rescue him. Sarah and Casey come out and Mei Ling runs away. Chuck tells them what happened. Says he blew it. The next day in the courtyard, Casey and Sarah explain to Chuck that Lo Pan kidnapped Mei Ling's brother in response to an arrest of a triad captain back in China. Mei Ling has come to rescue her brother without her government's permission. They also tell Chuck that they can't get involved. Chuck is upset to hear this. At Buy More, Morgan is looking at the sale competition chart and sees that he is in last place. Jeff and Lester let him have it for a bit before they reject his plea for help. Chuck gets a phone call from Mei Ling who says she is watching him. She tells him to help her because the triad will kill her brother in nine hours if they don't rescue him. During the call, Morgan tries to ask Chuck for help but is blown off. Casey walk by and Chuck tells him they should get a hotdog. At the hotdog shop, Chuck asks Casey and Sarah if they would help rescue Mei Ling's brother if she defects. Casey agrees but Sarah asks why the sudden interest. Chuck confesses that he got a call from Mei Ling at the store. Sarah and Casey rush off to look for Mei Ling. At Buy More, Chuck apologizes to Morgan and offers to help. Morgan says he can't because he's working a double shift. Jeff tells Chuck that there is a shipment of hard drives he needs to sign for in the basement. Jeff then bumps in to Casey who is looking for Chuck. In the basement, Chuck finds Mei Ling who points a gun at him. Sarah and Casey show up and a stand off ensues. Chuck convinces all parties to agree to work together if Mei Ling defects and they help her rescue her brother from the triad. That evening, Chuck and Ellie are getting ready for Mother's Day. Chuck gets a phone call from Casey telling him to come over to his apartment. Ellie tells Chuck to go because she needs to do a few hours of cooking. At Casey's the four are going over their plans of sneaking into Lo Pan's mansion and rescuing Mei Ling's brother. They need access to the mansions security cameras and it turns out that Chuck used to install that same brand for Buy More. He reluctantly agrees to come along but asks to be home by 8pm. Casey, Sarah, and Mei Ling sneak into the mansion and Casey manipulates the wiring to give Chuck a feed of the cameras in the truck. At Buy More, Morgan again begs Lester and Jeff for help, and even offers half his pizza if he gets the prize. Back at the mansion, Casey, Sarah, and Mei Ling are making good time with Chuck's help from the van. But Chuck loses the video feed and the three walk into a trap in Lo Pan's office. The three along with Mei Ling's brother are taken outside to a van. On the way Casey uses his hidden microphone to tell Chuck to go home. Feeling responsible, Chuck decides to follow the van. Chuck follows them to the Chinese restaurant, where the four are thrown into a walk in fridge. He disconnects a call from Ellie, and then spies Morgan's fireworks dealer. Back at the house, Ellie leaves a sad message for Chuck. She says she doesn't know what got into him. Morgan walks in and the two have a bonding conversation. They talk about Chuck and also about Morgan's job. Morgan says that he is going to quit Buy More tomorrow. Back in China Town, Chuck lights some fireworks and Lo Pan's men rush out to investigate. Chuck sneaks in during the confusion and frees his friends. Casey, Sarah, and Mei Ling take out the guards, while Chuck spots a fleeing Lo Pan and grabs his wheelchair before he can get away. Chuck comes home to a very disappointed Ellie. They talk and Ellie tells him that she understands everything. He's in love with Sarah. She tells Chuck not to forget Morgan or her. Chuck asks to reschedule Mother's Day. Morgan walks into Big Mike's office with a letter of resignation. Lester walks into the office and tells him there is a big spender looking for him at the register. Morgan walks out and sees Ellie making a big purchase. She gives him the commission and Morgan tells Big Mike he's not quitting. Big Mike reveals that the competition was all a hoax. Nobody is getting fired and nobody is getting an iPhone. In a parking lot, Mei Ling say goodbye to her brother, and Casey and Sarah tell Chuck he did a great job. Mei Ling comes over and thanks Chuck. Chucks arrives home in the evening to find Morgan. He tries to tell Morgan that it's Mother's Day and he needs to leave. Ellie comes in and says she invited him. They bonded when Chuck was away. Sarah walks in, having been invited by Ellie as well. Chuck explains that Mother's Day is the day their mother died. Morgan and Chuck are sitting outside drinking. Morgan goes on about Ellie, when she walks up behind him. He leaves without looking back when Chuck tells him she's there.

Posted by Ozzy on October 23, 2007 7:40 PM
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